Black Rice Vinegar

"Yamadai" 2 Years Aged Black Rice Vinegar, Japanese Drinking Ume Rice Vinegar Mixed with Honey, 500ml - Made in Japan


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"Yamadai" Aya Ume Black Rice Vinegar

Yamadai Aya Ume Black Rice Vinegar

We blend high quality ume plum with our own black vinegar, brown rice vinegar, rice vinegar, honey, and liquid from one year of rice vinegar fermentation.

A healthy drink in which the active ingredient of plum is dissolved in vinegar. Dilute it 3 times and divide it with soy milk or milk. Enjoy it on the rock or hot. You can also enjoy it as a vinegar cocktail with alcohol.

Oyama Foods' first drinkable black vinegar drink, a popular product for over 35 years. It is also a pioneer of products that combine plums with black vinegar, and there is a clear difference in taste and flavor from products that are blended with fruit juice.

It took a total of two years to make the pickling liquid, one year for making black vinegar and one year for pickling plums.

Enjoy the proudly presented work of Oyama Foods.

The "Yamadai" Rice Vinegar Maker, Oyama Foods Ltd.

Yamadai Aya Ume Black Rice Vinegar

Located in the rich nature of Aya Town in the central part of Miyazaki Prefecture, Oyama Foods Ltd. is a long-established vinegar brewing manufacturer that has been lasting for more than 80 years. They have been making traditional fermented foods since the fifth year of Showa period (AD 1930).

The Philosophy of Vinegar Manufacturing

In Miyazaki's abundant nature, "Aya's famous water" which is honed in the Japanese larch forest area is used for everything from brewing to mixing. All using the traditional brewing method.

Fermentation is done outdoors using huge turtle pots. It is a unique brewing method that has only been done by Yamadai vinegar in Japan.

Traditional Ancient Brewing Method

Yamadai vinegar is prepared by a process called "old style brewing method". It is a simple method of simply putting in 1/3 of the body of the turtle pot in the ground, then adding good quality ingredients like brown rice, water, koji, and vinegar starter culture in it. After that, bincho charcoal (white charcoal/bincho-tan) is put in, and the fermentation state is monitored with a five-yen coin. Furthermore with the old method, they let the vinegar naturally develop with the sun and the power of time.

In the turtle pots, koji starter culture, yeasts, and acetic acid bacteria are constantly active, and organic acids produced by them and amino acids in brown rice melt into raw rice vinegar.


Organic, Pesticide-free Rice

We are using only rice (white rice and brown rice) produced by organic farming, aiming to make vinegar that you can use safely.


Specialty Water

We are using "Aya Town's famous water" chosen by the Japan's Ministry of the Environment as one of the 100 most prestigious waters in Japan as the water for making all products. This water, which is also used in Miyazaki's famous tofu store, has a mellow taste.


Vinegar With Rare Black Koji

To make whole grain black rice vinegar, we use black koji, which is the progenitor variant of white koji. Black koji produces citric acid by itself, prevents contamination by various germs, and is suitable for brewing in tropical countries. On the other hand, it is difficult to make and maintain koji fermentation.

Vinegar brewing with black koji is unique in Japan.


Traditionally-made Turtle Pots

The turtle pots used to make this rice vinegar are huge. One turtle pot can brew 300 to 500 litres of raw rice vinegar. Because of the size, nowadays these pots are rarely produced.

Up to hundreds of turtle pots are embedded in the southern side of the Aya factory on the hill which has good sunlight.


Black Vinegar Health Benefit

Yamadai Aya Ume Black Rice Vinegar

In recent years, black vinegar health effects have become a popular topic, and the habit of drinking black vinegar has become widespread in ordinary households. However, most people don't know in detail what kind of health benefits black vinegar actually has.

Black vinegar is known to help the blood circulation flow better, so it also helps with multiple things like fatigue recovery, constipation prevention, diet, and beauty effects. Other than that, black vinegar also contains a high amount of antioxidants.

Recipe Using "Yamadai" Aya Ume Black Rice Vinegar

Take about 15cc to 30cc of black vinegar a day as a guideline.

If you drink the undiluted solution as it is, the acetic acid component contained in vinegar may damage your throat and digestive organs, so it is recommended to dilute it about 10 times.

Here, we will introduce how to drink black vinegar deliciously and safely.

* Some products may be diluted to make them easier to drink. Please drink according to the product handling instructions.

Vinegar Cider

Vinegar Cider
・Aya Ume Black Rice Vinegar

 How to Make

Dilute the vinegar with cider. Then pour over ice.

Product Detail

Quantity 500ml
Ingredients Honey, Black Rice, Rice Vinegar, Ume
Storage Guide Please keep away from direct sunlight and don’t put it in high temperature and humidity.
Product Origin Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

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