The crest of the UME brown rice vinegar is Kyushu production of high-quality plums,their black vinegar and honey, and rice vinegar in a 1-year pickled, pickled liquid, brown rice vinegar,...

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The crest of the UME brown rice vinegar is

Kyushu production of high-quality plums,their black vinegar and honey, and rice vinegar in a 1-year pickled, pickled liquid, brown rice vinegar, rice vinegar, and honey to blend. Plum of the active ingredient, and vinegar to water is the healthiest beverage. Oyama food first drink type of vinegar beverage in the 35 years of the popular product. Plum black vinegar combined with products that usher in a juice blend product, a taste of and flavor the difference. 3-fold diluted to the lock and hot, of course, soy milk or milk divided by the alcohol also,and vinegar cocktail as tasty as possible. Pickled liquid is vinegar made 1 Year, plum found only in 1 year,total 2 years we spent a lot of time. Oyama food of proud that I had the chance to talk about myself..

Dial down the vinegar and make Oyama food and

Miyazaki Prefecture located in the center of Aya Cho's rich in nature, Showa 5 years from the tradition of fermented foods to build for 70 years old vinegar brewing manufacturer.

Vinegar manufacturing principles

Miyazaki's rich nature, Japan's largest evergreen broad-leaved forest zone in finely honed"Aya of water"was charged from the water is all used, ancient brewing method to brewing as possible. Outdoor giant turtle pot in a time of ferment in the country an example of my die vinegar specific brewing methods.

The tradition of the ancient brewing method

Reviews of vinegar is"traditional brewing method called"Process charged with.Good quality rice and high quality water, koji seeds, vinegar, ground 1/3 embedded cameras just put in a simple manufacturing method.Charcoal put a cardinal number in the fermentation of state management, such as outdated and that the way it is, then one from the tropical sun and,at the time of power it can produce. Camera in Aspergillus,yeast, acetic acid bacteria incessantly activities, and those made with organic acids, and brown rice in amino acids are brown rice vinegar blend into one.

Pesticide-free organic rice

You don't have to worry that the vinegar with the aim of producing,organic farming produced rice (white rice・brown rice)only are used.

This water

The Ministry of the environment of selection selected to be among the Hundred best natural waters chosen for the"Aya of water"to all of the Charged Water, assigned water use.Miyazaki's famous tofu shop in the"Aya of water"is mellow in the body and spread feel to it.

Rare black koji fermentation of vinegar

Brown rice vinegar or white malt of the species in the black koji is used.Their citric acid is generated, and contamination of bacteria, prevent tropical in the brewing of facing on the other hand, koji build,fermentation management is difficult, black malt and vinegar, brewed in the country more.

Traditional methods of

1, the camera 300~500L of brown rice vinegar brewing can be a huge turtle,the size of any in recent years, is bake it a kiln is unlikely.The camera on top of a hill to the Aya factory of the Sunny South to 300 pieces embedded there......

Vinegar health benefits

In recent years, and higher health effect, there was a huge buzz about a black vinegar drink habit is General in the home is also widespread.But really what the health effects might be for those who do not know, but most will not it?Here the vinegar drink can be obtained the effect that we would like to introduce you.

1. Vinegar in the blood line

Vinegar of blood from the effect in addition to vinegar to the abundant amino acidThe body for the blood to flow to that effect. Blood flow improvement can be madeHigh blood pressure or atherosclerosis, such as lifestyle-related diseases prevention can be.

2. Vinegar in relieving fatigue

Vinegar contains citric acid, the tired body to heal.Recovery from fatigue effect is.CM most familiar of the amino acid vinegar is includedThis is also after exercise fatigue, etc will help.

3. Vinegar diet effects

Vinegar is citric acid and amino acids contained inPromotes the burning of fat effect.Of these two nutrients by the basal metabolism active notThe effect of the diet can be expected and used.

4. Vinegar for beautiful skin・beauty effect

Vinegar contained glycine as the amino acid components of theProtect the skin immune function, improve the work that in recent years the study of minute.This immune function of the skin moisture to keep external stimuli from the skin to the important function of protecting them.

5. Vinegar the antioxidant effect of

Antioxidant effects and aging of the body cause oxidation to prevent the effects of it.Vinegar is also and antioxidant that canVinegar is especially this effect is strong, the effect is also high and being.Antioxidant by aging prevention,to improve it.

6. Vinegar in the cold of the improvement

Vinegar contained in the amino acidThe hardened red blood cells to soften the effect.Red blood cells are soft and the limb extremity blood flowCold on the improvement of the effect.

7. Vinegar is constipation

Vinegar large intestine, the work of the active, constipation・improving effect.Medicine in unreasonable and constipation to cure naturally, without the body's activity to enhance the cure ofBear the least side effects no safety improvement can be done.

The crest of the UME brown rice vinegar using easy recipes

Vinegar is only about 1 day 15cc~30cc rule of thumb to drink. Solution for drinking as vinegar, acetic acid contained in the ingredients the throat and digestive system hurt it could 10 times to thin to drink it. Here is vinegar which is delicious and safe to drink how to introduce. ※Depending on the product to swallow your diluted or not. Product handling follow the instructions and drink.

Vinegar cider●MaterialVinegar 30cc / cider 90cc vinegar which cider is divided by the complete.Easily and vinegar which can be taken.

Product details

Raw materials Honey, rice vinegar,rice vinegar, plum
The contents of 500ml
Production Miyazaki
How to save High temperature and direct sunlight please save
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