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"Yamadai" Pure Rice Vinegar 500 ML - Rice Vinegar Made From Organic Rice


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Yamadai Pure Rice Vinegar

Yamadai Pure Rice Vinegar

Using a traditional method, this rice vinegar is made with only organically cultivated rice from Kyushu. Then, it is fermented over six months with good quality water from Aya Spring in Aya Town, a water source that is acknowledged by The Japan’s Ministry of Environment as one of Japan's 100 Remarkable Waters.


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The "Yamadai" Vinegar's Maker, Oyama Foods Ltd.

Yamadai Pure Rice Vinegar

Located in the rich nature of Aya Town in the central part of Miyazaki Prefecture, Oyama Foods Ltd. is a long-established vinegar brewing manufacturer that has been lasting for more than 70 years. They have been making traditional fermented foods since the fifth year of Showa period (AD 1930).

The Philosophy of Vinegar Manufacturing

In Miyazaki's abundant nature, "Aya's famous water" which is honed in the Japanese larch forest area is used for everything from brewing to mixing. All using the traditional brewing method.

Fermentation is done outdoors using huge turtle pots. It is a unique brewing method that has only been done by Yamadai vinegar in Japan.

Traditional Ancient Brewing Method

Yamadai vinegar is prepared by a process called "old style brewing method". It is a simple method of simply putting in 1/3 of the body of the turtle pot in the ground, then adding good quality ingredients like brown rice, water, koji, and vinegar starter culture in it. After that, bincho charcoal (white charcoal/bincho-tan) is put in, and the fermentation state is monitored with a five-yen coin. Furthermore with the old method, they let the vinegar naturally develop with the sun and the power of time.

In the turtle pots, koji starter culture, yeasts, and acetic acid bacteria are constantly active, and organic acids produced by them and amino acids in brown rice melt into raw rice vinegar.


Organic, Pesticide-free Rice

We are using only rice (white rice and brown rice) produced by organic farming, aiming to make vinegar that you can use safely.


Specialty Water

We are using "Aya Town's famous water" chosen by the Japan's Ministry of the Environment as one of the 100 most prestigious waters in Japan as the water for making all products. This water, which is also used in Miyazaki's famous tofu store, has a mellow taste.


Traditionally-made Turtle Pots

The turtle pots used to make this rice vinegar are huge. One turtle pot can brew 300 to 500 litres of raw rice vinegar. Because of the size, nowadays these pots are rarely produced.

Up to hundreds of turtle pots are embedded in the southern side of the Aya factory on the hill which has good sunlight.


Health Benefits Of Rice Vinegar

Yamadai Pure Rice Vinegar

It is said that white rice contains only a small amount of vitamin B complex and low nutritional value. However, fermenting white rice and processing it into vinegar produces 15 kinds of amino acids and more than 70 kinds of organic acids. In particular, rice vinegar contains a lot of citric acid. Rice vinegar’s health benefits have become apparent in recent studies.

1. Benefit for Diet

Originally, it is said that you can reduce weight with vinegar. Rice vinegar is certainly no exception.Amino acid and citric acid contained in vinegar have a function to help burning fat, thus these elements give the high benefit for diet.

2. Fatigue Recovery Effect

It is said that the abundant amount of citric acid contained in unrefined vinegar decomposes lactic acid and saccharides, and restores fatigue.

3. Prevent Kidney Stone

Rice vinegar contains high concentrations of citric acid that restrain the growth of kidney stones. Kidney stones are considered to be common in men over the age of 40, but it is said that drinking rice vinegar for prevention is effective.

4. Hypertension Prevention

The nature of vinegar is said to be useful for the prevention of hypertension. Although there is no immediate effect, it is also expected to improve the condition of high blood pressure by regular consumption of vinegar.

Easy Recipes Using Rice Vinegar

Like most vinegars, rice vinegar is not usually not suitable for drinking directly as it is because it has acetic acid. Although, depending on the product, some vinegar may be diluted to make it easier to drink.

Still, vinegar is common for cooking. If you don’t know what to do with your vinegar, we will introduce a couple of recipes using rice vinegar.

Lightly Pickled Cucumber and Eggplant

Lightly pickled cucumber and eggplant


1 piece
1 piece
・Red chili pepper
1/2 piece
1/2 teaspoon
・Soup stock
3 tablespoons
・Rice vinegar
1 tablepspoons

 How to Make

Cut the cucumber and eggplant in one-bite size.
Put cucumbers and all seasoning in plastic bags, tie the plastic's mouth so that the air in vinyl can escape, and pickle them for 15 to 30 minutes.
When they had pickled, then it's complete. This is a simple and convenient recipe when you want to eat pickled cucumber and eggplant easily.



Mixed vinegar ingredients

450 grams
・Rice vinegar
4 tablespoons
4 tablespoons
2 teaspoons


Proper amount
as you like
・Salmon roe
2 tablespoons
(dipped in soy souce/shoyu)
2 pieces
・Mitsuba (Parsley;
East Asian wildparsley)
Proper amount
as you like

 How to Make

When the rice is finished cooked, mix the "mixed vinegar ingredients" and make sushi rice.
Cut the crab into one-bite sized pieces.
Cook the eggs, cut them into small pieces resemble string.
When the ingredients are mixed with "mixed vinegar ingedients," the it's complete. Enjoy your chirashizushi by yourself, with families, or with your beloved ones!

Customer's Review


My kid loves it!
The acidity is not strong, so my kids can eat it without any resistance, which is helpful....(Female - 30s)


Mellow and deep taste
A mellow and deep pure rice vinegar. The color is beautiful golden and the scent is not strong. I use it for various dishes....(Female - 40s)


Great taste from great ingredients
Probably because it is made from carefully selected ingredients, it is delicious without any unpleasant taste....(Female - 40s)


Not too strong and has a pleasant taste
Yamadai's vinegar, which is becoming a staple of our home, is not too strong and has a pleasant taste. I'd like to use this a lot because it's the summer when vinegar is delicious to consume....(Female - 30s)

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Product Detail

Quantity 500ml
Ingredients Rice
Storage Guide Please keep away from direct sunlight and don’t put it in high temperature and humidity.
Acidity 4.5%
Product Origin Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

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