What is Organic Sannen (Three Years Matured) Nanko Ume? The home for Kishu Nanko-Ume is in Tanabe City and Nambu Town in Wakayama Prefecture. Even among the authentic products of...

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What is Organic Sannen (Three Years Matured) Nanko Ume?

The home for Kishu Nanko-Ume is in Tanabe City and Nambu Town in Wakayama Prefecture.

Even among the authentic products of Kishu, the 3 Years Matured Nanko-Ume have received a rare organic JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards) Certification.

In Takeuchi Farm, in order to deliver plum safely and securely to the costumers, we use wood vinegar which made from natural things as a repellent and using garlic, fish and oyster as foliar application for pickling process.

We soak it with mineral salt and dried it thoroughly under the sun.

Organic Sannen Three Years Matured Nanko Ume

This is the traditional sour umeboshi (with 18% salt content).

Please enjoy the simple, delicious, authentic taste of traditional old fashioned without chemical seasoning.

Organic Sannen (Three Years Matured) Nanko Ume

We have this barrel as the 5kg package.

Organic Sannen (Three Years Matured) Nanko Ume

Three years matured Umeboshi contains 18% of salt, umeboshi is preserved food made by traditional recipe.

It takes more than three years of process, from soaking the raw plums in mineral salt, drying it under the sun, to mature the plum inside of the barrels until it’s get completed.

Because it is matured for three years, you can taste a unique flavour which consist of mildness and richness in sour and salty flavour.

It’s really recommended for you who loves Umeboshi to try to eat the traditional Umeboshi rather than eating the umeboshi that already got seasoned with honey or chemical seasonings.


Get To Know Umeboshi, The Japanese Salted Plums
What is umeboshi? Umeboshi is a pickled plum that has a sour and salty flavor.
Because of its excessive benefits, umeboshi are loved by Japanese people even now.
Let's get to know umeboshi and learn how to eat it deliciously!
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-Reason of Being Matured -the fading sharp taste of salt and its special mildness flavour-

The umeboshi that just got dried up taste really salty, but over the process of being matured, the sharp taste of the salt will vanish and the sourness of the sour plums will get mild.

If you try to eat and compared the taste between the two, the difference is very clear.

On the other hand, the unique umami and rich flavour of plum is making an appearance.

The salt and plum taste will melt and combined into one rich flavour that you can taste the mildness of umami flavour besides the salty flavour.

The flavour couldn’t be obtained with just one year.

The longer maturation period is, the tastier it gets.

The one year, two years and three years long of maturation period resulted in different flavour each from each.

Please try to taste the difference of the flavour that you wouldn’t get in a market.

Additive free Three sannen Nanko Ume

Customer's Testimonies

The saltiness has fade and I can taste the umami flavour fairly well.

Since unnecessary additives were not used, it was safe to eat.

As the plums was matured for 3 years, saltiness has fade and it’s dominated by umami’s flavour.
Because of the good service and correspondence with the store, I will use this service again.


The skin is quite thick that it has solidity.

I was looking for plums that could stand in sensitivity of cold, sannen umeboshi is a good choice so I ordered it.
One of it is quite large, the skin is thick with solid flesh. It tasted really sour.
I am eating it as a raw food as it is, but it is very sour, so I make it to Ochazuke, or sometimes enjoy it with brown rice tea and it is delicious every day.


There is no doubt that the most delicious Umeboshi is a traditional recipe Umeboshi.

Although I always eat Ryujin plum, Takeuchi Farmer and Umeboshi at Kiwa no Sato seem to have a very good reputation so I tried both of it.
Both were delicious.
Both of them are hard to compared to, but Takeuchi Farmer's large grain of Umeboshi was the best for me.
I will repurchase again.


The good taste of saltiness of sannen umeboshi.

This certain flavour indeed a flavour of umeboshi.
I already repurchased it.


Affordable price even though it’s organic cultivation.

I heard from my acquaintances that there’s a rumour that people use a lot of pesticides for planting plums, since then I have decided to not eat Umeboshi too much.
However, this pickled plum is organic but I think that it is very good and also has the best price.
I also liked the taste. I will repurchase.


The Rare Safety-Certified Sannen Umeboshi

Organic JAS Certificate

【 Delicious Nanko Ume officially certified by JAS 】

Organic JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) Certification

The agricultural crops are produced in the field, where the soil was made by natural compost, more than two years before planting, without using chemical products, fertilizers and pesticides.

Agricultural products which don’t have organic JAS mark but displaying only ‘organic’ mark on its products is prohibited by law.

The sun, clouds and plants are the trademark of JAS. It’s represents the food that is produced by the power of nature.

It is common to use pesticides and fertilizer for plum cultivation.

It is because plums that are beautiful in appearance, plums without spots are preferred.

If the plums look bad and has spots and stains, no one wants to buy it.
So, will it taste different between ordinary cultivated plums and organic plums?

Plums raised without using agricultural chemicals and fertilizers have a strong taste, resulting in delicious pickled plum.

Three-year aged umeboshi of Takeuchi Farm gets organic JAS certification.

Registration accreditation body inspects that production conforming to the JAS standard of organic foods is being carried out and only certified companies can affix organic JAS marks.

Agricultural products and processed foods that do not have "organic JAS mark" and only displaying the mark of "organic" are prohibited by law.

The ‘organic JAS mark’ assures you that the foods produced by the power of nature without relying on chemical substances such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Our pesticide-free plums,
has strong flavour and delicious taste.

We recommended you to consumes "Umeboshi bancha" to drink when fasting or when your body is not feeling well.

It's recommended for you to consumes 'Umeboshi Bancha' when fasting or when your body is not feeling well

Sannen Umeboshi is recommended after fasting.

Organic Umeboshi in Takeuchi Farm does not use pesticides, fertilizers, chemical additives.

It is said that Umeboshi which does not contain any chemical additives and is matured for three years is good.
During fasting it is recommended to eat Umeboshi in a small amount as salt supplement!
Also, you can consume it as Umeboshi bancha, which is also said to be good if you drink during fasting.

Benefits of Umeboshi bancha:

  • ・ When your body condition is not good
  • ・ When you feel tired
  • ・ When you catch a cold
  • ・ Hangover, when drinking too much
  • ・ Improve your physical constitution with a cup of tea ceremony every morning
  • ・ To overcome/counter-measure for summer heat and cold weather in winter.
  • ・ Those who feel the energy shortage.

How to Make Umeboshi Banca
  • ① Tear off Umeboshi and put it in a tea.
  • ② Mix with a few drops of natural brewed soy sauce.
  • ③ Add a few drops of grated ginger.
  • ④ Ready to consume with big cups.

Three years aged Umeboshi can not be mass-produced

There is a limit to the amount of crops to cultivate without using pesticides and fertilizers.
Immerse the slightly harvested organic plums, dried in the sun, and aged inside the ume barrel.
There are limited number of plums that can be manufactured until the end of long process.

Takeuchi farm ume

Organic Kishu Nanko Ume 【ripe type】
Manufacturer Introduction

Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture is home of Kishu Nanko Ume.

It’s build by a Farmer called Mr. Takeuchi.

Since plum is the whole processed fruit, Takeuchi Farmers are working on a motto of safety and security.

In order to prevent the damage of insects, in addition to natural repellent such as pyroligneous liquid, they use natural ingredients such as fish, crab, garlic, turmeric and so on, ferment them and make home-made liquid fertilizer.

"Things that are exists in nature are something naturally happened".

Unripe plum will be harvested in the morning with category "freshness is number one", and will get shipped within the same day.

Please try to make Umeboshi, juice, jam and wine from the plums.

organic unripe plum

Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture is blessed with a temperature climate with just a little change in temperature throughout the year due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current.

Moreover, it is most suitable place for plums to grow because rainfall precipitations is high and the daylight hours is long.

Medium-quality soil is necessary to cultivate high-quality plums, which absorb much calcium during the growth period.

"Uridani Ishi" is a stone which is common in this area is made of calcium carbonate and containing plenty of calcium necessary for plum.

In the best place for the plum to grow, Takeuchi Farm is cultivating high quality plums sticking to organic and special cultivation.

From cultivation to harvesting, boxing, shipping is consistently performed at Takeuchi Farm, all manually by hands.

Organic raw plum

Because it is maturing on the tree, because it’s harvested while still unripe, it is easier to get scratched if we’re not doing it carefully, so we have carefully sort it by hands with two size standards, large and small.

organic unripe plum
We determined to make a commitment in our plums quality, we deliver the plums to our customers with our whole heart, with more carefully selected plums one by one.
Organic raw plum

Product's Details

Product's Name Organic Nanko Ume Grade A - 3 years matured
Raw Materials Organic Nanko Ume (produced by Tanabe City, Wakayama prefecture)
Netto 5 kg
Storage Method After opening, put in refrigerator
sannen ume
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