Ryujin Ume’s Raw Ume Extract 600g (100% Pesticide-Free and Non-chemical Fertilizer Ryujin Ume Use)

Ryujin Ume’s Raw Ume Extract 600g (100% Pesticide-Free and Non-chemical Fertilizer Ryujin Ume Use)


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About Ryujin Ume’s Raw Ume Extract
(100% Pesticide-Free and Non-chemical Fertilizer Ryujin Ume Use)

This is the boiled over time pure 'ume fruit juice' after completely grating and squeezing the pesticide-free and non-chemical fertilizer Green Ume (one of ume variety).

Making the raw ume extract takes a lot of effort and time.
It is because only 20 to 25 grams of raw ume extract can be made from 1 kg raw ume.

As a result, raw ume extract is a precious item enriched with active ingredients of ume (plum).

It is a raw ume extract of 100% purity without using any additives.

Please enjoy a teaspoon of raw ume extract together with a cup of tea everyday!



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The Effects of Raw Ume Extract

Improves Blood Circulation

In the process of making raw plum by heating, citric acid and sugar content in raw ume combined and form a unique ingredients called 'mumefural'.

With this combination with citric acid, it is said that it has an effect to improve the blood circulation.
Since it is a component that is generated by the heating process to make raw ume extract, 'mumefural' are not contained in raw ume or umeboshi.

Recovery from fatigue

The citric acid contained in ume improves the vitality of the body to become and fatigue-resistance body and helps to recover from fatigue.
It improves the vitality of the body by decomposes lactic acid, the substance behind the reason for fatigue.

Help you fill your stomach

Raw ume extract with strong bactericidal action has long been useful for prevention of epidemic diseases such as eating disorder, dysentery, and cholera.

It is said that abdominal pain and diarrhea are effectively cured only by licking a small amount of raw ume extract.
It also works for constipation as it prepares the workings of the intestines.

If you are not good at licking it directly, it is OK even if you drink hot water and drink it.

Costumer's Reviews

It is sour, but I am fine as I get used to it. Since it gets a little harder when I put the residue in a refrigerator, I lick the one attached to the spoon until it is gone.
It has plenty of valuable nutrients, so I would like to enjoy it until the last drop!

Ms. Ume Ringo (40s, Female)

When the product first arrived, I licked it and I was shocked enough to jump up. But now I got used to it.
Anyway, it could heal throat mussels and pain quickly. So I think that it will be indispensable things from now on!!

Ms. H (30s, Female)

This product is thicker, stronger, and have more sweetness than other product I bought elsewhere. I keep drinking it because it can fix my stomach condition into a good condition. Because it is made by concentrating, it is pleasant to have no pesticide / chemical fertilizer.

Mr. I (40s, Male)

While I continued drinking it thoughtfully to improve my blood circulation, I got a nice effect for my stomach too.
Because it is made by concentrating, I choose the pesticide-free product. It is very sour, but I can relax with confidence when drinking it and it is delicious as it is.

Mr. O (40s, Male)

I am trying various products of raw ume extract. This is my first try for organic raw ume extract product.
The effects of raw ume extract include: stomach gastric action, restoration of fatigue, improve blood circulation, but the most effect I felt is for stomach effect.
However, every raw plum extract is the same, they are very sour!! I usually melt the raw ume extract in water and drink it, but this raw ume extract is slightly less soluble and I was a little worried about the sedimentation. But I do not mind bothering to drink it so I will continue for a while.

Ms. K (20s, Female)

Raw ume extract is an indispensable thing in our house. Please use it when you have a bad stomach condition, after coming back from crowd, or at the beginning of catching a cold. I often drink it when I catch a cold and I had my throat swallowed.
Ever since I knew about raw ume extract, I never hospitalized because of a cold. I think that the raw ume extract from Ryujin Ume is better than other companies.

Ms. W (40s, Female)

The Manufactoring Process of Raw Ume Extract

How to make Raw Ume Extract

  • step1

    STEP 1

    Break down the ume and divide it into fruit and seed

  • step2

    STEP 2

    Put the fruit without seed into the press

  • step3

    STEP 3

    Squeeze the ume in the compression

  • step4

    STEP 4

    Squeeze the ume

  • step5

    STEP 5

    Put the ume in a vessel

  • step6

    STEP 6

    Turn on heat to the vessel

  • step7

    STEP 7

    Boil down the ume

  • step8

    STEP 8

    Boil down the ume further

  • step9

    STEP 9

    Raw Ume Extract with condensed nutrition has been made

  • step10


    In addition to the raw ume extract it is also processed into ume ball

About Ryujin Ume

Ryujin Ume are taken from the highest peak in Ryujin Village that is Mt. Gomadan. Mt. Gomadan has the clear stream flowing through the valley of Hidakawa River.

Ryujin Village has The Natural Food Center.

There are about 1600 plum trees in the field of about 3 hectares in Ryujin village, overlooking the clear stream Hidaka River.

They are not using any pesticide or chemical fertilizer starting from preparing soil until the end of the process.

They are only using traditional compost such as momigawa or tree skin.

Even so, the plum trees are always verdant with lots of fruits every year.

The plums that have been raised by the power of nature will be carefully plucked one by one with hand.

The plumps from Ryujin Village have a strong aroma because it grows without pesticide.


The ume that taken from 1600 plum trees will be processed into umeboshi, juice, ume extract, etc.

Everything is made with traditional manufacturing method without using any chemical substances.

Ryujin Ume has produced more than 50 tons of products Aevery year.

If you already know about Ryujin Ume, you couldn't miss an opportunity to taste it again because of its good quality.


Ryujin Ume’s Raw Ume Extract
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Product Details

Name Raw Ume Extract
Ingredients Ume (Japanese Plum)
Origin Kishu
Contents 600 g
Preservation method preserved in cool place
Manufacturer Ryujin Natural Food Centre

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