What is The 3 Years Aged Nanko Umeboshi? The main places where you can find Kishuu Nanko Umeboshi are Tanabe City and Minabe Town in Wakayama Prefecture. This Umeboshi, even...

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What is The 3 Years Aged Nanko Umeboshi?

The main places where you can find Kishuu Nanko Umeboshi are Tanabe City and Minabe Town in Wakayama Prefecture. This Umeboshi, even among the ones produced in Kishuu, are considered rare and special due to its 3 years maturing process. In Takeuchi Farm, in order to deliver the best Umeboshi, they use naturally resourced wood vinegar as a pest repeller and uses pickled ingredients such as garlic, fish, oysters, and others as a foliar spray. Nanko Umeboshi is pickled with salt that is very rich in minerals and then sun dried.


Nanko Umeboshi is a traditional sour Umeboshi. The salinity is about 18%. You can savour the simply delicious authentic taste without any chemical additives.


The 3 years aged Umeboshi is a preserved food that is made using a traditional way. It takes 3 years to pickle the raw plums, sun dry, and preserve them in barrels until they mature. Because the Umeboshi is aged for 3 years, you can taste the saltiness of the Umeboshi. It is a taste that delicately combine both saltiness and sourness. This Umeboshi is highly recommended for people who love traditional sour Umeboshi without the additional seasonings of honey or any artificial taste.

The Reason for Long Preservation
-Special Taste of Delicate Saltiness-

The pickled Umeboshi has a prominent salty taste. But after aged for month after month, the sharp taste of the saltiness will be reduced and the Umeboshi will have a more delicate taste. If you compare the taste of regular Umeboshi and Nanko Umeboshi, those points will be noticeable.

You can also taste the umami that originates from the sourness of plum itself after the salt and plums have incorporated for a long time. Furthermore, The special taste will not be found in Umeboshi that only aged for one year. It won't be possible unless the Umeboshi is aged at a long amount of time. Not one, not two, but three years of maturing.

Don't hesitate to enjoy the different taste of Nanko Umeboshi that is not available in every marketplace.


Messages From Our Customers

The sharpness of the salt has disappeared and I can gradually feel the umami taste. I can eat it without worry because this doesn't use any additives. Due to the 3 years maturing process, the sharpness of the salt has disappeared and I can gradually feel the umami taste. The staff in the Umeboshi store is also very kind. I will definitely buy this again.

Anonymous Customer (Around 30 years old, Female)

The fruit flesh is very thick, there's a sensation when I bite into it. When I don't feel so good because I'm sensitive to the cold weather, I tried to search for the solution and 3 years aged Umeboshi came up so I bought it. The ume is in pretty big size so the fruit flesh is very thick, there's a sensation when I bite into it. It is very sour. Though I can eat it just with rice, because it's very sour, I ended up eating it with ochazuke or putting it inside my tea. I enjoy eating it everyday.

Mei (Around 30 years old, Female

Since it is a traditional Umeboshi, it tasted so delicious. I have a specific taste in Umeboshi. Though I've always eat Ryujin Umeboshi, in the end I bought Umeboshi from Takeuchi Farm and Kiwa no Sato because I heard they got great reviews. Both are traditional Umeboshi so they're very tasty. It's hard to tell which one is tastier, But personally, I think the big size Umeboshi from the Takeuchi Farm is better. I will buy it again.

Roomin (Around 30 years old, Female

Now this is the taste of Umeboshi. The big Umeboshi have a very noticeable salty taste. Because it is made in 3 years, it is very delicious. Now this is the taste of Umeboshi. Definitely will purchase again.

Kobeaiko (Around 50 years old, Female)

3 Years Aged Special Umeboshi That is Safe to Eat

The special maturing process is done with less than 50% of the standard guidelines for chemical synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizer. The Umeboshi itself is also produced without artificial chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizer. It is a safe and delicious Umeboshi that will be delivered to the customers.

We Recommend Umesho Tea
For After Fasting or When You Feel Unhealthy

We recommend consuming 3 years aged Umeboshi after fasting. The 3 years aged Umeboshi is considered beneficial for your health because it has no additives. During fasting, it is good to eat Umeboshi as a salt supplement. It can also be used for Umesho tea that is good to drink during fasting period.

We recommend Umesho Tea during this time:

■ When your stomache doesn't feel good
■ When you're tired
■ When you feel like you're about to catch a cold
■ When you are hungover
■ Every morning for excellent health
■ When you have summer heat fatigue or cold in the winter
■ For when you feel you don't have enough energy

How to Make Umesho Tea

Three years aged Umeboshi, one piece
Naturally Distilled Shoyu (Soy Sauce), 1 to 3 drops
Grated Ginger, 1 to 2 drops
Bancha Tea(We Recommend Organic Three Years Aged Bancha)

How to Make
① Tear off the Umeboshi and put it in a cup
② Put a few drops of naturally distilled shoyu (soy sauce)
③ Drop a few pinch of grated ginger
④ Lastly, pour in the tea

The 3 Years Aged Umeboshi
That Cannot Be Mass Produced

The 3 years aged Umeboshi cannot be mass produced. There is a limited amount on how much people can make it. The maker has to pickle the plum, dry them, and let them mature in plum barrels. Making this Umeboshi is a tedious work so the numbers of ume produced are very limited.


The Manufacturer Who Made 3 Years Aged Kishuu Nanko Umeboshi

Takeuchi Farm specializes in the cultivation of Nanko Ume. It is located in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture. Ume or plum is a fruit that is processed in its entirety, so Takeuchi Farm holds the motto of safety. In order to prevent damage to the insects, the farm uses natural repellents that they make from wood vinegar. Takeuchi Farm also uses natural homemade liquid manure that is made from fermented fish, garlic, turmeric and other ingredients that are good.

Organic green plum is harvested in the morning because they believe freshness is the best. And then on the same day, they ship the plums. You should try making your own Umeboshi, fresh jam, or umeshuu with this fresh plums.


Tanabe City in Wakayama Prefecture is blessed with a warm climate with little change in temperature throughout the year due to the Kuroshio Current flowing into the Kii Channel. Furthermore, the place is suitable for the characteristics of plums because of the heavy rainfall and long sunshine hours. To plant good quality plums, medium soil is necessary and absorbs a lot of calcium during the growing season. The “Urida Stone” often found in this area is made of calcium carbonate, so the soil contains a lot of calcium necessary for plums. Takeuchi farm is cultivating high-quality plums with a focus on organic and special preservation. From cultivation to harvesting, boxing, and shipping, the Takeuchi Farm has consistently done the job manually.


Unlike the plums that are still green, the plums that are ripened in trees are easy to get scratched when selected using automatic machine. Therefore people in Takeuchi Farm select their plums by hand using standard of two sizes: big and small.


From the selected plums, the best ones are picked again and delivered to the customers.


Product Details

Ingredients Specially cultivated plums(Product of Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture)・Salt
Quantity 500g
Storing Guide Refrigerate after opening
特別栽培南高梅 3年熟成

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