Special cultivation Minami Takashi 3 years aged Umeboshi 1kg (Takeuchi Farm produced by Tanabe City, Wakayama prefecture · South Takuma of special cultivation) - kawashima the japanstore

Special cultivation Minami Takashi 3 years aged Umeboshi 1kg (Takeuchi Farm produced by Tanabe City, Wakayama prefecture · South Takuma of special cultivation)


Minami Takashi - 3 years aged - What is The main places of Kishu Minami Takumi are Wakayama Prefecture "Tanabe City" and "Nambu Town". This Umeboshi is a 3 -...

Minami Takashi - 3 years aged - What is

The main places of Kishu Minami Takumi are Wakayama Prefecture "Tanabe City" and "Nambu Town". This Umeboshi is a 3 - year - old pickled plum, rare special cultivated in Kishu. In Takeuchi Farm, in order to deliver safe and secure plum to customers You can use wood vinegar liquid etc. ingested from natural things as a repellent, We use those pickled garlic, fish and oyster each as leaf scattering. I pickled it with plentiful mineral salt and dried it thoroughly in the sun.
It is an old-fashioned sour plum. (Salt content 18%.) Please enjoy the traditional simple and delicious, authentic taste without chemical seasoning additive.
 Three years aged Umeboshi is 18% salted, it is Umeboshi which will be preserved food made by traditional recipe. It takes more than 3 years to salake the raw meat plum, sun dried, packed in plum barrels, aged and completed. Because I am matured for 3 years, salt caddies took off, mellow in sour and salty It is a taste that you can feel. For those who like plums that do not season with honey or chemical seasonings, love old-fashioned sour plums It is a dish you want to eat by all means.


Reason for aging - mellow acidity with salted salt - characterized

The pickled plum pickles stand out salty, but by aging over the years, Salading "Kado" is taken out "Mildness" comes out. When I compare it with eating, I am satisfied with the difference. Salt and plum are familiar, and the original umami and mellowness is felt even in the salty. It is characterized by a deep flavor not in a year. The longer the maturation period is, the tasty as one year, two years, three years I can not do this taste without matured. Please try to taste the difference in taste not on the market.

customer's voice

Salty is missing and the umami felt fairly Since unnecessary additives were not used, it was safe to eat. As I was matured for 3 years, salty was missing and the umami felt fairly. The shop's correspondence was also kind, so I will use it again.

Your buyer (30s · female)


Flesh is hot and there is a response to eating If I was looking for improvement due to coldness etc., I ordered pickled plums for 3 years, so I ordered it here. One is large grain, the flesh is hot, there is a response to eat. It is very sour. I am eating it as a raw food as it is, but it is very sour, so I make it to Ochazuke, or go to brown rice tea and drink it and it is delicious every day.

Megane-sama (30s · female)


It was very delicious with old-fashioned Umeboshi There is sticking to Umeboshi. Although I always eat Ryujin plum, Takeuchi Farmer and Umeboshi at Kiwa no Sato seem to have a very good reputation so I tried both. Both were delicious with old-fashioned Umeboshi. Both of them are hard to put on, but Takeuchi Farmer 's large grain of Umeboshi was the best for me. I will repeat again.

Dear roomin (30s · female)


Konjiri called Umeboshi It is delicious because it is a large grain and salt is solid and it is three years old. This is Kanjisan called Umeboshi. I purchased again.

Mr. kobeaiko (50s · female)



Proved safety and three years of special cultivation aged Umeboshi

Special cultivation is agricultural products produced by making chemical synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers under 50% of the guideline. This product is also produced so as not to use pesticides and chemical fertilizers to the minimum line It is shipped as plum of safety and security.

Recommended for "Umeshicha tea" to drink when fasting or when your body is not feeling well

During fasting, Umeboshi of aged three years is recommended after fasting. It is said that Umeboshi which does not add and is matured for three years is good. During fasting it is possible to eat Umeboshi if it is a small amount as salt supplement! Also, you can use it for Umeshicha tea, which is said to be good if you drink during fasting.
Recommended for Umeshicha tea at such time ■ When your stomach is in bad shape ■ When I get tired ■ Is it a cold? When I thought, it was a cup at once. ■ Hangover, when you drink too much, a bit dense ■ Improve your constitution with a cup of tea ceremony every morning ■ In the summer, in the summer. In cold weather in winter. Those who feel the energy shortage.How to make 梅 番 茶茶 material: Three years aged umeboshi 1 grain, Natural brewed soy sauce (1 drop to 3 drops) Ginger (1 drop of squeezed juice ~ 2 drops)  Bancha (recommendation for 3rd year old tea in organic cultivation) ① Tear off Umeboshi and put it in a tea room. ② Take a few drops of natural brewed soy sauce. ③ I will do a few drops of grated ginger. ④ Finally completed by pouring big cups.


Three years aged Umeboshi can not be mass-produced

Three years aged Umeboshi can not mass produce, there is a limit on harvest volume. Immerse the plum with its small crop yield, sun dried in the sun, and aged in the ume barrel. There are plums that can be made at the end of a disturbing work, the number is limited.


Introduction of special cultivation Kishu south high ome · producers

It is Mr. Takeuchi Farmer who sticks to Minami Takumi at Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, home of Kishu Minami Takashi plum. Since plum is the whole processed fruit, we are working on a motto of safety and security. In order to prevent the damage of insects, in addition to natural repellent such as pyroligneous fluid, fish, crab, garlic, turmeric etc. We pick up good things for picking people, ferment them and make homemade liquid fertilizer. "Things that are in nature are something naturally" Ome will harvest in the morning "freshness first", and will ship within that day. Umeboshi, try jam, make plum wine, juice.
 Wakayama prefecture Tanabe City is influenced by Kuroshio flowing into Kii Channel Throughout the year the change in temperature is low, and it has a mild climate. Moreover, it is most suitable for plum characteristics because rainfall is large and sunshine time is long. Medium-quality soil is necessary to cultivate high-quality plums, which absorb much calcium during the growth period. "Tongyeong stone" which is often found in this area is made of calcium carbonate, It is a medium-quality soil containing plenty of calcium required for plums. In the best place for this plum making, Takeuchi Farm garden sticks to organic and special cultivation We grow high-quality plums. From cultivation to harvesting, boxing, shipping are consistently performed at Takeuchi Farm, by hand.
Unlike the one harvested in the blue as it is ripening on the trees, it is easy to get scratched if you use the aircraft, We are chosen by hand to 2 large and small standards.
 Even among the plums of stickiness, to each grain selected more carefully We deliver it to our customers with full heart.


Special cultivation Minami Takashi - 3 year aged - attention point

 ■ Raw materials: special cultivation Minami Takumi (Tanabe City, Wakayama prefecture) · Salt ■ Contents: 1000 g ■ Preservation method: After opening, refrigerated necessary