Bunk strainer teapot andShiga・Shigaraki ware of Zi pottery is one of the hand-made tea, and delicious brew from one Cup for the teapot. Tea strainer, the outer lid and inner...

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Bunk strainer teapot and

Shiga・Shigaraki ware of Zi pottery is one of the hand-made tea, and delicious brew from one Cup for the teapot. Tea strainer, the outer lid and inner lid of the two-stage specifications, and the finer tea leaves in the sink through without,from the straining off. The pot is the plump and rounded lovely shape. In the tea leaves and inflated,the tea's aroma to easy to pull the crown. Also, this pot of tea, choose the type of no. Tea is, of course, Sencha and hojicha tea, coffee and used all purpose pot. "I drink only tea, you want to" slowly "their only relax time" then feel free to use and teapots. The Tea Leaves of the flavor and the aroma, the relaxation of tea time coffee / tea makers and complimentary bottled water are provided.


Tea pot vary in tea flavor

Tea flavor,use the teapot more. Pot, is responsible for all large tea leaves and inflated, 馥郁 (The Well)was that the tea aroma exudes this. Then, I strained out the Tea Leaves of the flavor to be extracted.
Tea flavor of the last drop of concentrated. At the same time, this drop is squeezed out without pot in the left, the remains of the tea from the tannins are eluted and astringency, and to produce. Bunk strainer teapot,the strainer off and in order to themselves.

Bunk strainer one

Bunk strainer teapot, the body and outer lid,inner lid(strainer)of the 3. it consists of. Outer lid of the spout side and a strainer on one side, and by hand carefully opened the fine hole is filled. This hole,the tea leaves had dammed it.
Tea first, the trainer of the hole in first leaf from the strain after the outer lid of the half on tea strainer hole the strainer is manufactured from fine tea leaves to prevent from strained off,poured into the Cup and mechanism. Twice over by the strainer can of tea, the flavor is fully extracted, and the mellow tea aroma and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Use the tea, you do not choose. All-purpose pot

Bunk strainer teapot,so the tea does not choose. Tea is, of course, Sencha and hojicha with tea, coffee and various types of tea delicious brewed you can.

Delicious way to brew

Pot the appropriate amount of hot water, put the pot body warm. Warmed between about 250cc of hot water and bring to a boil,bubbling up from earlier into the pot of hot water and discard. The leaves of the large tea, the tea spoon heaping 1 Cup fine tea is 中盛 1 teaspoon (approximately 3g)to the pot. It just pour in boiling water. The lid leaves a large tea from 3 to 4 minutes,fine tea from 2 minutes before and after waiting,it then pour into the Cup. Black tea, dark tea leaves, the amount of capacity,the waiting time to the liking, please adjust.
Tea about 6 g(tea spoon about 3 tablespoons) into the pot, and once about 80℃in cold or hot water. 1 minute wait and the tea leaves are open, so that the timing of the yunomi please pour in. At this time, in the pot of hot water(tea)is to make the throttle cut, 2 decoction for 3 decoction for delicious. Sencha is about 70℃of hot water is the most balanced taste can now be enjoyed by more users than ever before. Hot water (about 90 ° C strong) once the temperature of hot water and tea cups on it, about 10 ° C of hot water temperature, and hot water(80 ° C) put in a pot to 10℃lower,about 70 ° C hot water and more.
Hojicha,Genmaicha, a tea spoon 3 cups (about 6g)of tea leaves to the pot and put hot water to rapidly pour out. Hot water to stretch it more,the aroma of good tea to enjoy. After about 30 seconds, wait for the yunomi please pour in.
This pot using paper filters without a direct Cup in the coffee can. Medium and coarse grind coffee for use 7 ~ 10g(coffee beans for a spoon 1 Cup of minutes), put, pour boiling water and cover. About 2 minutes after the outer lid,inner lid, and the top is lightly spoon mix, cover the lid tightly with the lid down, 3 ~ 4 times lightly in a circular motion and shake well. (The lid and stir if you re the lid to close) either way in the mix, and again 2 to 3 minutes and wait for the Cup (about 1 cups)and poured into ready. Iced coffee, medium, or coarse grind for coffee (about 10g~) use, for the first time from a spoon mix well so that after about 5 ~ 8 hours put it in the fridge ready.

Careful craftsmen work and hand made in Shigaraki

"Two-stage strainer teapot"as,Zi pottery of Shigaraki tradition, air craft mechanic by the delivery of most reliable, courteous handwork, one piece at a time, enjoy them. Here is the"My Cafe pot"as an example, its manual processes to introduce.

Zi pottery of Shigaraki Ware can be / my cafe pot if you

At the workshop, where, using the shape from the body and the molding. Then, the sharpener do the work. Strainer body to adjust, and also by cutting the larger body will suit.
The handle to the body only after the holes in the work. Fine hole by hand, carefully open the can. Open holes after the molding operation is complete.
The molding of the kiln, put in the 750℃, and unglazed will do. Then, in a variety of colors of glaze to paint,again 釜入 it. 1230℃high temperature baking finished.

Zi pottery tradition of energy Arts BA introduction of

Zi pottery Shiga Prefecture 設楽町 you,Shitara Ware Manufactory. Zi pottery of the pottery, the skill of the High traditional craftsman by one by one, carefully hand-made.

The traditional energy Arts BA (Shitara bake small items the traditional craftsman) ─ 小西啓 Shingo/head

In 1951,Shiga Tanuki's born. Of the six ancient kilns of Japan Earth, Shigaraki is the pottery most of the heavyweights(font・change・Brazier・pot)based on the degree of the land, the Edo of old by generations of knick-knacks, utensils hand carved ancestry, born in the early childhood family learning,a tea made of his receiving. In 1969, the late・Katayama 辰之助 Mr. under the 1994"Zi pottery"inheriting the family head and. In 1999, small the traditional craftsman certified.


Bunk strainer tea pot product specifications

<Details> ■Size: width of about 140mm×diameter of about 100 mm×height about 120mm ■weight: about 380g ■Capacity: Approx 270cc ■material: ceramics・glaze・water-soluble ceramic ■country of origin: made in Japan ※the size works by a little different. <Notes> ・On a product-by-product basis, and hand-made, the subtle flavor differences. ・Over an open flame, oven, such as heating of the Please avoid. ・Add boiling water to the pot with the body is very hot, so be careful. ・After use, as soon as possible to the outer lid,inner lid(strainer) and rinse.
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