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Bending by hand, making tin paper | thin tin Kana sauce 7, 5 x 7, 5


Thin tinning | Bending by hand, with tin paper "Thin foil" is thin paper like paper and is a tin (tin) paper that can be freely bent by hand. In the...

Thin tinning | Bending by hand, with tin paper

 "Thin foil" is thin paper like paper and is a tin (tin) paper that can be freely bent by hand. In the area of ​​Toyama Prefecture · Takaoka famous for making castings of traditional crafts A forge craftmaker who makes "tempura" "amen" uses the skill of his skill, I tried it carefully with a hammer and made it one by one.
 Thin and light "thin tin gold". Even though it is a metal, as if folding origami, You can easily bend without putting strength.
 As the thickness is about 0.4 mm, it is thinner than the normal tin plating, It is a tin soul that can be folded like origami. You can cut it easily with scissors and shape it after slender. Fold it like an origami and make it an object, or cut it in any form to make an accessory. Depending on the idea, it is the completion of your original original work.
 Here, "7.5 cm × 7.5 cm" thin tin gold "size, 鎚 It will be a product of eyes pattern "Kana Hana". "Thin gauze" is a metal, but it is very thin and very soft, Please handle with care enough.


What is "shouryu"?

 "Syouryu" has been manufacturing exclusively for "tempura" for temple since its establishment in 1879 Shimatani Yakinikuzobu's own brand. Toyama prefecture · Takaoka city with Shimatani Yuron Studio is a famous place for casting originally. "Takaoka Copperware (Takaoka Yuki)" made in Takaoka City is designated as a traditional craft item.
 In this place, Shimatani Yuri Kobo has created the Buddhist tool "Rin" used in the temple. Today, it is said that there are less than 10 people nationwide, "Ohno craftsman." There are three skilled craftsmen in this workshop, squeezing the plate by "striking with golden ice", adjusting the roundness, I am making an amp by tuning the sound.

 Production scenery of Okinawa
 "This is" Suzumi "was born newly from this" kicking with gold "technology.

The birth of "Suzumami"

 Using skilled craftsmen's skill cultivated by "Ohin" making, "Takaoka, it seems like a forge craftsman, and makes a new product that can be used in life" That idea is the source of "Suzumami" birth.
 The product named "Suzumami", as its name suggests, can be bent freely as thin as paper It is a new tin made vessel. By tapping rolled, tin plate of only 0.7 mm repeatedly with gold, Not only can you attach a pattern, you can have strength to withstand repeated bending. Born from skilled skills cultivated through long years of manufacturing, It became a product unique to forged gold craftsmen.
 The tin plate rhythmically beaten by a skilled craftman is made of fibrous metal layers overlapping in multiple layers, The degree of metal fatigue by folding is decreasing. "Suzumami" born by "tapping with golden" technology. The pleasure of using themselves is the pleasure of "Suzumami". Bend freely even though it is a metal, please enjoy a new feeling that extends with a sudden.
 Although it is a metal, it is a mysterious "Suzumi" that bends with a light power. After bending and folding and using it in the form of your preference, You can restore it if you extend it with a special "roll" etc. Then challenge again to make another form. It is attractive that you can use it while changing it as many times as you like.

Thinner such a "tin gaze"

 "Thin gutter" is only about 0.4 mm thick. It is thinner than usual tin sliced ​​so it really can fold like an origami. You can also cut easily with scissors. After slender cutting, make it in your favorite form and accessories and chopstick rest.
 Depending on the idea, "thin tin garter" changes the form to various things. Why do not you make your own original work?

Also a gift

 "Thin tin garbage" is perfect for gifts. Besides gifts such as birthdays and anniversaries, It is also recommended for new buildings, celebrations for moving or wedding gifts. "It's boring for common things ..." "I want to give you a bit of commitment" People looking for are very popular.

Suzukami | product lineup

 "Suzumami" has five kinds of sizes in all, three patterns of eyebrows. From the list below you can choose your favorite one.

Size / Specification

 Size: 7.5 x 7.5 (cm) Material: tin (rolled) Producing countries: Japan (Shimatani Yuri Kobo) ※ "Thin tin garbage" is metal, but very thin and very soft, please be careful handling.