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My cafe pot (S size) Shika Potter


 What is My Cafe Pot Shiga and Shigaraki's purple pottery carefully handmade one by one, It is a coffee pot that brews coarse ground coffee easily and deliciously. In the drip...

What is My Cafe Pot

 Shiga and Shigaraki's purple pottery carefully handmade one by one, It is a coffee pot that brews coarse ground coffee easily and deliciously. In the drip type using a paper filter, Coffee oil and impurities etc. are cleanly removed, The taste and richness of coffee beans tend to be lost accordingly. In this pot, by making fine holes manually in the outer lid and the inner lid, by making it into two stage strainer, I will filter hard without leaving coffee grounds. Nevertheless, the filter does not absorb the taste and aroma naturally possessed by the beans, It is extracted directly as it is. For people who want to taste full-fledged coffee at home It is a recommended coffee pot. ※ This item is S size (capacity 250ml) will be. * It is a product after receipt of order. If you have many orders, it may take a period of time to ship. In that case we will tell you the standard of shipment. Thank you for your consideration. *


How to brew coffee Various

 There are many different ways of brewing coffee, different tastes depending on how they are brewed. In general, paper drip type and siphon type are popular, Coffee press type, Turkish coffee type etc There is also a way to make more authentic.

Paper drip type

By bringing hot water into contact with coffee powder, the components in it are extracted, Filter it with a paper filter etc. It strains impurities and taste well, To that extent the flavor of coffee oil and coffee, rich, and the rich aroma of coffee It tends to be absorbed by paper. Also, the odor of the paper is transferred to coffee. For that reason, it is said that technology is necessary for delicious brewing, Even if you use quality coffee beans, you may lose the flavor of coffee without technology. In addition, it is necessary to set a paper filter, brewing work is complicated Paper filter fee etc. will also be charged.

Coffee press formula

Put the coffee powder in the pot and transfer the supernatant to the cup. Those using these supernatants are directly extracted directly from the flavor and richness of coffee beans. Some people say that the taste is completely different from the paper drip type. However, it is difficult to brew cups so that coffee grounds (dregs) do not get mixed in, Sometimes the powder in the coffee touches the mouth and it will feel rough.

No paper filter required! Secret of two step filtering

 It is a coffee that has various ways to brew, but it is a way to brew it close to the coffee press method, While it is possible to taste the original taste of beans directly, It will filter out firmly without leaving coffee grounds It is my cafe pot.

It is brewed beautifully without leaving any residue with two steps

My cafe pot consists of three parts: the main body, the outer lid, and the inner lid (strainer). On the spout side of the outer lid and one side of the strainer, there are a lot of fine holes carefully opened by hand. This hole will hold back even fine powder of coffee ground from beans.
 Coffee is first strained from the powder in a strainer hole, Filtering holes on one side of the outer lid also prevent fine powder that could not be filtered with the strainer, A mechanism that pours into the cup with it being strained well.
 By straining firmly twice, without using a paper filter You can make coffee without leaving powder dregs.

I can not get enough of the flavor and aroma of coffee

Paper filter is thin and eyes unnecessarily scoop up the ingredients of coffee scent and umami. But, if this is my cafe pot, I do not have to worry about that. By passing twice the coarse holes from the paper, leaving no residue, On the other hand, coffee oil, flavor, fragrance etc are extracted as they are. Therefore, you can feel the original taste, rich flavor and scent of coffee beans more strongly and directly. If you are using high-quality coffee beans, make a difference with the paper drip method You may feel better.


How to use my / cafe pot


※ We are introducing M size as an example.

How to make hot coffee

① Remove outer lid and strainer, and put coffee powder in my / cafe pot. (1 serving / about 7 - 10 g) Please adjust the amount of coffee as you like. Rough grinding is recommended for powder. ② Place a small amount of hot water of 90 - 98 ° C soaked in the whole coffee powder and steam it for 20 - 30 seconds. After steaming coffee powder, then pour a suitable amount of hot water (for one person / about 170 cc). ③ When you finish pouring a suitable amount of hot water, please immediately mix the whole with a spoon.
④ Cover the strainer and the outer lid and wait for the coffee powder to settle for 20 to 30 seconds. ⑤ Hold the lid of the pot and slowly pour it into the cup. ※ Please adjust the time as you like. As waiting time increases, coffee also becomes dark. About hot water of 90 ~ 98 ℃ .... Please add a small amount of water to the boiling water and adjust.

How to brew water-delivered coffee

① Remove outer lid and strainer, and put coffee powder in my / cafe pot. (Estimated for one person / 14 g) Please adjust the amount of coffee as you like. ② Pour water. Please adjust the amount of water according to your preference. ③ Please stir with the spoon etc. so that the powder of coffee adapts to the water. ④ Please keep in the refrigerator for about 5 to 8 hours as it is. Please adjust the time as you like. ⑤ Hold the lid of the pot, slowly tilt the pot and pour it (with the lid closed).

Shigaraki ware handmade by careful craftsmen's work

 Shigaraki ware of Shikaku pottery, including "My Cafe Pot" Traditional Ethics trained thoroughly, each one is made with careful handicrafts. Here, we introduce the manual process.

Shigaraki potter 's Shigaraki ware "My cafe pot" to be made

 In the workshop, we use the rattles, shaping the body and the lid while shaping. After that, I will do the scraping work. Adjust the strainer to fit the body, and also scrape the lid to fit the size to the body.
 After attaching the handle to the main body, punching work is carried out. We will carefully open small holes manually. After completing the hole making, the molding operation is completed.
 Place the molded object in a kiln and bake it at 750 ℃. Then, apply glaze of various colors, put in a pot again. It is completed by baking at a high temperature of 1230 ℃.

Introduction of traditional Ecumenari Shika potter

 Shika Potter is a Shobara-yaki studio located in Shitara Town, Shiga Prefecture. Shizuka pottery pottery is handmade carefully one by one by traditional craftsmen with high skill.

Traditional Ethics (Shitaraki Small Accessory Rokuro Traditional Craftsman) - Keigo Konishi / Honorable

 Born in Shiga prefecture in 1951. In the area of ​​Japan's six old kilns, Shigaraki is mostly a place for making big bowls (pots, strange houses, braziers, flower pots) Born in Edo's old-fashioned households handcrafted small items for generations, I learned family business from childhood and received takumi of tea making. In 1969 he studied under Mr. Tatsunosuke Katayama, and in 1994 he succeeded "Shika potter" and became the owner. In 1999 it is certified as a traditional crafting craftsman.

8 colors to choose from

 For my cafe pot, you can choose from 8 rich colors. Together with the cup etc., please choose your favorite color.

SML is abundant SML

 We offer in 3 sizes of S / M / L with different capacity. Please choose according to the number of people to use etc. (This product is S size)
 · If you would like a size M here>In caseMy cafe pot M size · If you would like L size please click here>In caseMy · Cafe Pot L size 


Product specification of my / cafe pot (S size)

■ Size: about 140 mm in width × about 90 mm in diameter × about 110 mm in height Capacity ■: about 250ml ■ Weight: Approximately 440 g ■ Material: Pottery · Glaze · Glass Coat ■ Producing country: Made in Japan ※ The size varies somewhat depending on the work. · Because each item is handmade, there is a subtle difference in taste. · Avoid heating with direct flame, oven and so on. · Please keep in mind that putting hot water makes the pot body very hot. · When dividing into 2 cups of coffee cup, it may be difficult to get out somewhat when pouring again in order to stop the flow of the pot once. · After use, please wash off outer lid, inner lid (strainer) as soon as possible. Coffee residue (dreg) will become hard, which will cause clogging of the hole and make coffee hard to come out.