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SONOBE | Mei Boku Bowl / Small (Keyuki)


"Everyday bowl" familiar to everyday table, "Bronze bowl" which brand SONOBE which handles woodwork and lacquerware which are traditional industries of Odawara received the Good Design Award in 1996. Meitobu...

"Everyday bowl" familiar to everyday table,

"Bronze bowl" which brand SONOBE which handles woodwork and lacquerware which are traditional industries of Odawara received the Good Design Award in 1996. Meitobu (precious trees) means wood with appreciation value. Round shape with round shape and bowl with grain of wood are rustic and warm. It is familiar to the hands and combines the beauty of appearance and ease of use. It is a masterpiece produced over time by numerous processes by the hands of craftsmen. Materials are available from Japan, Sakura, and Keyaki. Because it is a natural material, the color of the wood grain and the skin color are not the same and everything is one point. ※ Because we are using natural wood, color, texture changes one by one. Also, due to handmade products some errors will occur in size. Please note. I hope you enjoy the merit of one thing.

Product variation

Bun(Diameter 10.5 × height 6 cm)Bun(Diameter 11.5 × height 6.8 cm)Big and large(Diameter 13 × height 7.4 cm)Sakura Small(Diameter 10.5 × height 6 cm)Sakura · 中(Diameter 11.5 × height 6.8 cm)Sakura · large(Diameter 13 × height 7.4 cm)Keyaki(Diameter 10.5 × height 6 cm)Keyaki(Diameter 11.5 × height 6.8 cm)Keyaki(Diameter 13 × height 7.4 cm)Walnut(Diameter 11.5 × height 6.8 cm)Chestnut(Diameter 11.5 × height 6.8 cm)

Characteristics by material

【Bena】 Characterized by smooth and simple white wood skin. Since ancient times native in various parts of Japan, fruit in the autumn accor. A big tree with a white trunk shape standing firmly. In the winter, protect the mountain secretly, when it was a young leave it is beautifully moe, making the mountain fresh. 【Sakura】 Characterized by finely detailed, glossy wood skin. It is that Japanese cherished blossoms Sakura. Feminine gentle texture somewhat moist. Still there is strength, it will be a tightly durable instrument and tool. * Particularly Sakura has something that looks like a white pattern on the skin depending on the position to cut the tree. (See image below) Please enjoy the expression of different natural woods one by one. 【Keyaki】 Characterized by vivid wood skin with slightly yellowish taste. Speaking of Japanese representative wood trees, it is a key figure. It is hard, strong and reliable good material. From ancient times, it has been used as a tool and instrument to consecrate gifts during a nice event, a rich fruitful life, a gracious occasion to thank for the peaceful days. [If] It has a firm weight and a sense of stability compared with other types. Fine and smooth eyes of the woodland are preferred, and in foreign countries, it has long been used for whiskey brewing barrels and furniture. [Crisp] Chestnut tree familiar to Japanese people from long ago. It is hard and heavy, it combines tenacity and water resistance. It is used for beams and pillars of Japanese houses, and it has been used for many years. [Walnut] Walnut that is more gentle than the walnut used for Western furniture. Elegant and glossy wood grain, I feel a very luxurious feeling.

Points to remember about Mebabu bowl

· Shape and color, wood grain pattern differ by one point. (In particular, Sakura and Keiki may have white round unevenness in color of wooden skin.) * Please refer to the image) · Because of craftmen's handmade products, there are slight differences in size between individual products. · At the beginning of use, there are times when you can feel the fragrance of wood strongly, but it gradually becomes thinner with the passing of years. We would be pleased if you enjoyed the features of these natural materials, thank you for your understanding.

About characteristics of material

This is all medium Sakura size. Particularly the wood grain and color of Sakura are clearly different and will vary considerably depending on where the wood is cut out. Please note that individual products have individuality.

Product Details

size Diameter about 10.5 × height about 6 (cm)
Material Keyaki (domestic)
Country of origin Japan (Sonobe Industry Co., Ltd.)