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FUTAGAMI | casting fork 【middle】


Beautiful form, smoothness of brass casting.Dishes that you care to love carefully We introduce "casting fork" which can enjoy the unique texture of beautiful form and casting skin from the...

Beautiful form, smoothness of brass casting.
Dishes that you care to love carefully

We introduce "casting fork" which can enjoy the unique texture of beautiful form and casting skin from the "FUTAGAMI" cutlery series, which has brass casting skin and made use of it. Brass is used for possession. It is finished without painting as it is the casting skin. While feeling rough and smooth, the unique feel of casting is firmly familiar in hand, you can use without slipping. The part which touches the mouth directly is silver plated. Please enjoy the contrast of brass and silver, the glossy feeling when included in the mouth, and the smooth touching of the casting surface when taken in hand. This item is medium size of "casting fork".AFoundation fork · large(W 24 × D 190 × H 17 mm)ASmall casting fork / small(W 13 × D 133 × H 12 mm)

Familiar with people and places, brass

"FUTAGAMI" was founded in 1897 (Meiji 30), a brass living goods brand launched by a brass casting maker "Nijo" in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Brass which has been used in various fields such as architecture and hardware of furniture from long ago because of its strong corrosion resistance and its good color. The texture of the material is soft, glossy and elegant, and it has a long history as a material for arts and crafts and buddhist materials. The more you use it, the more oxidized the surface, the unique taste comes out, the material that will become familiar with people and places. "Cutlery series" of "FUTAGAMI" cherishes this unique texture of brass, it is made without painting etc as it is.
After casting, I expressed it as expression so as not to impair the state of the surface (casting skin) of the casting as it is removed from the mold as much as possible. Characteristic and characteristic of brass, characteristics, texture, chemical reaction of metal and sand mold which occurs when casting is utilized as it is. Moreover, since it is not performing oxidation prevention by color stopping and clearing etc., the texture deepens and matures to the extent used by aged deterioration, and it becomes familiar with the life.

Lead-less brass material of original formula

According to the Food Sanitation Law, when making dishes with a copper alloy material such as brass, the lead content must be 0.1% or less, there is regulation to coat with copper, tin or the like. For that reason, in the "FUTAGAMI" cutlery series, use proprietary blended "leadless brass" material to control processability, strength, tint and so on. Also, the part that enters the mouth directly is coated with silver. This silver plating is proved to be antibacterial against bacteria in the moisture, it is sanitary and beautiful coating without metal odor. Because the tip is thin, the lightness when put in the mouth, the vividness of the mouth feel by silver coating, etc. are also very impressive.
The contrast between brass and silver is beautiful, simple and waste-free design. Feeling when holding it in hand is very smooth. There is also a rough and rustic feeling unique to brass casting, it is becoming difficult to slip while being familiar with the hand firmly. Looking beautifully, familiarly taking in the hands "FUTAGAMI" cutlery series. While I love you, I want to keep treating carefully, it is the dish of my lifetime thing. Please also have a gift for those who are important.

Product Details

size W 16 × D 145 × H 10 mm
Material Brass / silver plating
Country of origin Japan (Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture)
※ The polishing cloth is attached.

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