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Beautiful form, brass casting, smoothness of the skin.Cherish the love we will want to use utensils Brass and Shine with our hand we"WERE"Cutlery series, from the beautiful form and the...

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Beautiful form, brass casting, smoothness of the skin.
Cherish the love we will want to use utensils

Brass and Shine with our hand we"WERE"Cutlery series, from the beautiful form and the casting surface is textured to enjoy the"casting skin with a fork"will introduce. Hand on the brass used. The colors and Shine of the paint without the finish. From and from the cast surface smoothness, distinctive texture,firmly in the hands of the familiar, without slipping use. Mouth directly touch the parts that are silver plated. Brass and silver contrast,including the mouth and the glossy feel, and even took a hand when the smooth cast surface of the touch enjoy. This item is,"casting skin fork"of small size. Casting skin fork・large(W24×D190×H17mm) Casting skin fork・medium(W16×D145×H10mm)

People and places become familiar, brass

"WERE"is,in 1897 (Meiji 30 years) of its inception, Takaoka-Shi, Toyama brass castings manufacturers"suketsuna"launched a brass livingware brand. Corrosion resistance is strong, the color of good,old architectural and furniture hardware in various fields, such as used brass. Of the material with soft texture, glossy and also elegant, Arts and Buddhist materials such as as long history of. The more you use, the surface is oxidized with a distinctive taste came out, people and place to become familiar with the new material. "WERE it not for"Cutlery series,The Brass their own texture, valuing the painting, such as no one of them.
After casting, remove from the mold or casting surface(casting skin) of the state can only impair not look as represented. Brass unique 持味 and characteristics,texture, casting still occur when the metal and the sand mold of a chemical reaction such as it advantage. Also the color stop and clear such as antioxidant is not of aging by using the most texture depth on the palate to life, and become familiar with you.

The unique formulation of"lead free brass"material

Food sanitation law on,such as brass, copper alloy materials in the dishes if you make the lead a minute is 0. Less than 1% of the material, while copper and tin, such as in the coating of such regulation. Therefore, the"WERE"Cutlery series, the original blend of"lead free brass"materials, workability, strength, color, etc controls. Also, the direct mouth part that is silver coated. This silver-plated moisture and bacteria against the antimicrobial is proven, and the metal smell is also not hygienic and beautiful coating. The distal end portion is thin, the mouth and the lightness of the silver coating, by the mouth that touch of vividness, such as the most impressive.
Brass and silver contrast beautiful, simple and lean design. When you have a feel of the very smooth. Brass casting skin unique of these was the rustic sense there,in his hand was a familiar one, slip also. The views are beautiful,taking your hand and become familiar with the"WERE"Cutlery series. Love them,cherish and continue to use for a lifetime of dishes. The present to the more important one, such as grads.

Product details

Size W13×D133×H12mm
Material Brass/silver plated
Country of origin Japan (Takaoka city, Toyama Prefecture)
※For polishing of the Cross is included.

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