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FUTAGAMI | casting tray 【circle】


Enjoy heavy feel of brass, texture peculiar to casting From "FUTAGAMI", I will introduce the tray making full use of the brass casting surface. You can enjoy the heavy feeling...

Enjoy heavy feel of brass, texture peculiar to casting

From "FUTAGAMI", I will introduce the tray making full use of the brass casting surface. You can enjoy the heavy feeling of brass and the unique texture of cast skin. As for the surface as it is the casting skin, the reverse side is shaved and gives the luster, finishing it with easy handling weight. It is also attractive to gradually change to a tasty expression as time goes on. There is no doubt that elegant appearance and distinctive presence will shine in space. You can enjoy it not only as a tray but also as an interior of the room.

Familiar with people and places, brass

"FUTAGAMI" was founded in 1897 (Meiji 30), a brass living goods brand launched by a brass casting maker "Nijo" in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Brass which has been used in various fields such as architecture and hardware of furniture from long ago because of its strong corrosion resistance and its good color. The texture of the material is soft, glossy and elegant, and it has a long history as a material for arts and crafts and buddhist materials. The more you use it, the more oxidized the surface, the unique taste comes out, the material that will become familiar with people and places. The casting tray of "FUTAGAMI" cherishes this unique texture of brass, it is made without painting etc as it is.
After casting, I expressed it as expression so as not to impair the state of the surface (casting skin) of the casting as it is removed from the mold as much as possible. Characteristic and characteristic of brass, characteristics, texture, chemical reaction of metal and sand mold which occurs when casting is utilized as it is. Moreover, since it is not performing oxidation prevention by color stopping and clearing etc., the texture deepens and matures to the extent used by aged deterioration, and it becomes familiar with the life.

Change the atmosphere of the room to a fine one, the presence of brass

The surface of the tray cherishes the texture of the casting skin and expresses brass as it is. The texture of brass casting is smooth, there is also a rough and rustic feel unique to casting, and you can feel the tastefulness to the extent you use it. This casting skin changes as the years go by, and it turns into a face with more and more taste.
On the other hand, in order to make the tray easy to handle, the back side is scraped and finished. When the tray is turned inside out, the back side is shiny, slick and smooth texture. When put in the table or the room, although familiar with the space, its presence is outstanding. It changes the air in the place to a higher quality one. Of course you use it as a tray, as an interior ◎. Even if you place it on a shelf or table and put it into a small storage, it will entertain your eyes. While loving, I want to continue to care, "FUTAGAMI" casting tray of the skin. Please also have a gift for those who are important.
"FUTAGAMI" casting tray has two kinds of designs. This item is "circle" of circle type.AFace casting tray / horn

Product Details

size φ 240 × h 17 mm
Material brass
Country of origin Japan (Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture)
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