Beautiful form, the smoothness of the brass casting surface.Tableware that want to use is carefully admiring Utilizing possession of the brass casting surface, from the cutlery series of "FUTAGAMI", will...

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Beautiful form, the smoothness of the brass casting surface.
Tableware that want to use is carefully admiring

Utilizing possession of the brass casting surface, from the cutlery series of "FUTAGAMI", will introduce the "soup spoon" to enjoy the texture of the beautiful form and the casting surface unique. The possession use the brass. Remains of the casting surface, has been finished without painting. Zaratto to smooth casting surface unique feeling while is, hands firmly familiar, you can use without slipping. Silver plating has been applied to the part that touches the direct outlet. Brass and silver contrast, glossy feel of the time, including the mouth, Please enjoy the touch of smooth casting surface when further taken in hand.

Adapt to people and places, brass

"FUTAGAMI" is, 1897 (1897) founded, it is the brass of household goods brand brass castings maker "two-up" was launched in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Corrosion resistance is strong, brass that from the goodness of color, have been used in a variety of fields, such as hardware architecture and furniture from the old days. Soft texture with the material, gloss and elegant, also has a long history as a material, such as arts and crafts and Buddhist. And as the surface is oxidized you use it, out of a unique flavor, it is a material that will familiar to people and place. Cutlery series of "FUTAGAMI" is, cherish this brass unique texture, have been made as it is not such as painting.
After casting, so as not to as much as possible to impair the state of the surface (casting surface) of the casting of the remains removed from the mold, was expressed as a facial expression. Brass unique flavor and characteristics, texture, even such as a chemical reaction between the metal and the sand mold that occurs when you cast has been taking advantage of it. Because the addition is not performed is such as by preventing oxidation color stop and clear, texture is deepening matured enough to use by aging, you familiar with the life.

"Leadless brass" material of its own compounding

On the Food Sanitation Law, must be a material if the lead content of not more than 0.1% to make the dishes in the copper alloy materials such as brass, there is a regulation that to be coated with such as copper and tin. For this reason, in the "FUTAGAMI" cutlery series, using the "lead-free brass" material of its own formulations, workability, strength, control and color. In addition, where it enters directly to port, it has been coated with silver. The silver plating, antibacterial for bacteria in the water has been proven, it is sanitary and beautiful coating without metal smell. Because the tip is thin, light of when placed in the mouth, very impressive as well, such as vividness of the mouth feel with silver coating.
Beautiful brass and silver contrast, lean design simple. Feel when held in the hand is very smooth. Brass casting surface There is also a rustic feeling was unique Zaratto, while familiar to a tee in hand, making it even less likely to slip. Beautiful view, nicely pick up familiar "FUTAGAMI" cutlery series. Admire while, want to continue using it important, it is the life tableware of things. Please by all means to such a gift for loved ones.

Product Details

size W43 × D130 × H15mm
Raw materials Brass / silver plating
Country of origin Japan (Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture)
※ cross for polishing it comes.

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