KAWASHIMAYA Japan Domestic Pure Honey 250g - Preservatives-free, Additives-Free, Unheated Pure Honey 100% Produced by Japanese Native Honey Bees

KAWASHIMAYA Japan Domestic Pure Honey 250g - Preservatives-free, Additives-Free, Unheated Pure Honey 100% Produced by Japanese Native Honey Bees


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100% Pure Natural Honey Collected by Japanese Honey Bees

Kawashimaya Japanese Bee Honey

This authentic Japanese Honey is a precious honey collected by Japanese honey bees in the lush mountains of Kochi Prefecture. The honey is called "Wahachimitsu" (和蜂蜜, meaning Japanese honey) and collected by Japanese native honey bees, Apis cerana japonica. Now, this kind of honey is only available less than 0.1% of the honey sold in the market. The rarity makes this honey often called by phantom honey.
Compared to Western honey bees (Apis mellifera) that are generally bred by beekeepers, the amount of nectar collected by Japanese honey bees is about one-fifth.

Kawashimaya Pure Honey by Japanese Bee

Moreover, only about 1 teaspoon of honey can be collected in a lifetime of a Japanese honey bee. It is also due to the fact that the numbers of the bees has decreased due to phenomena and pollution in the natural environment.

Reliable Honey Collected by Japanese Honey Bees in a Pesticide-free Environment

Pure Honey from Japanese Bee

Japanese bees are wild and delicate, and can only live in a clean environment free from the effects of pesticides. The honey produced by Japanese honey bees is highly safe and the nectar is collected in a land rich in nature. Of course, you don't have to worry about drugs or antibiotics. This is unheated raw honey filled with the natural blessings of Japan, collected by Japanese bees from untouched wild mountain flowers.

Precious Japanese Honey That is Unheated, Additives-free, and Has Active Natural Ingredients.

Pure Honey from Japanese Bee

In Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture and its surroundings, we sell natural Japanese honey collected by Japanese bees, and give lectures on how to keep honeybees and how to collect honey. The characteristic of this honey is that the honeycomb is cut out and the free fall honey is reduced with non-woven fabric, and it is not heated or processed with any additives. Pollen may also be mixed in, leaving the aroma and minerals intact. It has a natural floral scent, so I hope you enjoy the different tastes depending on the seasons and locations.

Safe and Secure Japan's Domestic Pure Raw Honey

Kawashimaya Japan's Domestic Pure Honey

This honey is a natural, unheated, pure honey from Japanese honey bees. The main premise of Kawashimaya's honey is that you can use it with peace of mind. Therefore, we are particular about these four points.

Japan's Domestic Honey

Japan's pure domestic honey is really valuable and only available for less than 5% of the honey market (in Japan).

Completely Additives-free

Many of honey in the market was processed by adding coloring agents, preservatives, sweeteners, etc. Because of that, there are many honey products which we cannot expect to have the original benefits of honey.

Unheated Honey

Honey is generally heated for efficient production. But, when heated above 40°C, the honey's nutritional component can gradually breaks down. Unheated honey is less than 0.1% in the honey market. This honey is the unheated one, so you can have full nutritional component from it.

No Antibiotics Used for Honeybees

Considering the impact on the ecosystem and the impact of the antibiotics remaining in the honey for the human body, we are particular about not using antibiotics for honeybees.

※ Do not give honey to babies under 1 year old.

Kawashimaya’s Pure Honey Collected by Japanese Honey Bees Features

Japanese Honey Bees Honey

* Peculiar flavor refer to some flavor that people don't get used to; unusual flavor that some people like it and some don't like it. For example, natto is widely known as a food who has unusual flavor. Some people love it, some people hate it.

In the natural environment of Kochi Prefecture, which is blessed with the sea and mountains, it is a natural nectar collected from various flowers by the Japanese honey bees, which is a native species of Japan. The nutritious pollen contained in honey is a vitamin-rich energy source. In order to leave this pollen component in the honey as much as possible, the filtration is limited to dust and it is not sterilized by heating.
Each honey is a natural honey that changes from moment to moment depending on the year, time, and place. Please enjoy the colors and tastes of this honey that has unique nature. Unheated, no mixture! Pure raw honey with natural ingredients.

Testimonies from Kawashimaya’s Staff

Testimonies from Kawashimaya’s Staff 1

Honey with deep and rich taste. Recommended for those who are looking for a rich and unique touch in a dish.

Testimonies from Kawashimaya’s Staff 2

Fresh flavor like fruit. When you put it on a hotcake/pancake, it'll be delicious even without butter.

Testimonies from Kawashimaya’s Staff 3

I thought that the unique and luxurious taste would be delicious even for those who are not good with honey.

Kawashimaya's Honey Products

All Kawashimaya's honey products are Japan's domestic, additives-free, non-heated, and antibiotic-free.

Pesticide-free Pure Honey

Pesticide-free Pure Honey

Pesticide-free Pure Honey

Pure honey Produced by Japanese Bees

Pesticide-free Pure Honey

Pure Honey From Various Hundred Flowers

Quantity 250 grams 250 grams 250 grams
Ingredients Pure Honey (from Japan) Pure Honey (from Japan) Pure Honey (from Japan)
Bee Antibiotics-free
Flavor Profile Rich taste and aroma with floral scent Deep and rich taste with unique touch Refreshing taste and aroma with floral scent
Special Features Collected from various flowers nectar that bloom on the fields and ranches all over Japan Rare, pure honey collected by Japanese honey bees in the natural environment of Kochi Prefecture, Japan Collected from a lot of various flowers nectar from remote, natural mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Sweet But Low-Calorie

The sweetest honey in nature is also safe for those who are concerned about calories.

Low-calorie honey

Be Healthier With Pure, Raw, Unheated Honey

honey health benefits

Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals that cannot be synthesized by the body, so it plays a huge role in maintaining good health every day. Its sticky nature also has an antibacterial effect that protects the mucous membranes, especially the nose and throat. But, only unheated raw honey with active enzymes can be expected to have the full heath benefits of honey.
Unheated raw honey, which can be said to be "genuine" in the Japan honey market where production efficiency and cost are important, is said to be rare, only less than 1%.
Honey contains more than 150 kinds of abundant nutrients in a well-balanced manner, including 27 kinds of minerals, 22 kinds of amino acids, 80 kinds of natural enzymes, and more than 10 kinds of organic acids.

Put honey into your daily diet to solve various problems!

For changing seasons and sore throat
Organic acids and hydrogen peroxide increase the barrier power of the body.

For those who are worried about the disorder of life and stress
Honey can help calming down your feeling and stress.

For tiredness care and quick energy charge
Since honey is composed of glucose and fructose, it is kind to the body and is efficiently digested and absorbed.

For those who aim for beautiful skin and diseases prevention
Polyphenols with strong reducing power are abundant in honey. Polyphenols are reducing agents, and together with other dietary reducing agents, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids, referred to as antioxidants, protect the body's tissues against oxidative stress and associated pathologies such as cancers, coronary heart disease, and inflammation.

For light-headedness and dizziness
Iron contained in honey supports the building of a strong body.

For the sickness of the stomach
Oligosaccharides and gluconic acid in honey support the intestinal environment.

Recommended Usage of Pure Honey

Drink Before Sleep

A spoonful of honey before sleep improves the quality of sleep and makes you wake up refreshed. You can add it to warm drinks too.

honey before sleep

Drink With Yogurt for Your Digestive System

Honey that rejuvenates bifidobacteria goes well with yogurt in the morning.

honey with yoghurt

Eat with Toast

Apply to bread toast for a aromatic and energetic breakfast.

honey with bread toast

For Making Sweet and Snacks

Because honey has excellent water retention and moisturizing properties, it's suitable for making sweets and snacks with a moist texture.

Honey For Making Sweet and Snacks

For Cooking and Marinating Meats

Prevents the protein in the meat from solidifying and makes it plump.

Honey for Meats

For Cooking Fish

Honey can be used for preparing fish and eliminating odors.

Honey for fish

For Simmered Dish

Adding honey to the usual Japanese simmered dishes (Nimono, 煮物) will make them have rich and mellow taste.

Honey For Simmered Dish Nimono

Honey in Convenient Pouch Packaging, Makes Life Easier

Kawashimaya's honey is a pouch type. The honey is packed in convenient pouch that makes it easier to use honey, and easier for shipping. It doesn't take up much space for storage and can be closed tightly, so you don't have to worry about liquid leaks.

honey in safe pouch packaging

If you put it directly on drinks and dishes, you can save the trouble of washing spoon/dipper. You can squeeze it to the end and use up without leaving any. Less trouble for disposing empty containers because it's not in bottle.

easy to use honey

Due to the nature of honey, it may crystallize to white due to the cold temperature, but there is no change in the quality and ingredients. If you put the honey along with its container in a pot or bowl filled with lukewarm water and it will return to its original state. If you are concerned about the seal of the container being distorted or peeled off, you can also use a heatpack or hot water bag to warm it.

how to warm crystallized honey

Product Details

Product's Name Japan Domestic Pure Honey Produced by Japanese Honey Bees
Ingredients Pure Honey (cultivated in Japan)
Quantity 250 grams
Nutrition Info (Per 100g) Energy: 294kcal
Protein: 0.2g
Lipids: 0g
Carbohydrates: 79.7g
Salt equivalent to: 0g
Storage Method Please store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity.
Product Origin Japan
Kawashimaya Pure honey Produced by Japanese Bees

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