What is brown sugar (brown sugar from Tokunoshima - pure sugar -)Amagi It is brown sugar made from Tokunoshima made from homemade method from no growth pesticide to sugarcane. Carefully handcore...

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What is brown sugar (brown sugar from Tokunoshima - pure sugar -)

Amagi It is brown sugar made from Tokunoshima made from homemade method from no growth pesticide to sugarcane.
 Carefully handcore the sugar cane that grew up in the agricultural chemical cultivation at Tokunoshima in the Amami Islands,I thoroughly boil down the squeezed juice with the traditional recipe and made it. At Tokunoshima the manufacturing process from harvesting to bagging, one by one with craftsmen's eyes and handsIt is firmly judged.
 Additives and preservatives are not used at all.It is soft and delicious brown sugar packed plenty of natural sweetness.Like traditional sugar, you can use it as a seasoning,You can enjoy as it is as a cup of tea. Only high quality sugar cane can be harvested for a limited period of years.Production is also limited for the period from December to April according to the harvest,Please be aware that it may not be possible to arrive until the next season after out of stock


Brown sugar (brown sugar from Tokunoshima - pure sugar -) How to use

You can also use it as a seasoning for cooking and confectionery.If you put one or two pieces of brown sugar as a hidden taste of pork belly boiled or meat and potatoes, curryThe material gets softer, the taste soaks in quickly, the body gets rich and finished.黒砂糖 Compatibility with milk tea and ginger hot water is outstanding,If you melt it and drink it it will be a relieved relief and you can spend the moment of healing.黒砂糖 Calcium, sodium, potassium, vitamin B1, B2Because it contains nutrients such as niacinIt is also perfect as a nutrition for the head of good quality when concentration is lost. This brown sugar made with only juice squeezed from sugar caneWhen licking, rich and fruity sweetness goes inside the mouthIt spreads.While boiling the sugar cane juice with firewood for more than 10 hours,Since we carefully remove the accident that causes bitterness carefully,There is no habit and the aftertaste is neat.黒砂糖




Brown sugar (brown sugar from Tokunoshima - pure sugar -) Producer Hisako Kawaguchi's message

This brown sugar is made from homemade products from sugarcane growing to processing.In order not to mix unnecessary things, cut sugar cane by hand,As soon as I cut it, I squeeze the sugar cane and boil down at high temperature. It is soft and finished because it is made by drinking sugarcane squeezed juice,Including in the mouth slowly dissolves, the taste of old-fashioned black sugar is attractive. Brown sugar we prepared with our heartfelt desire for the health of each and every one.Please enjoy it by all means.Hisako Kawaguchi

Raw materials of brown sugar (brown sugar from Tokunoshima - pure sugar -)


Black sugar sugar cane juice 100% Manufacturing process of pure brown sugar without additives from Tokunoshima

· Manually reap the sugar cane that grew strongly with the grace of the sun.If you use a machine, the soil will also be clapped together,The sugar content of sugarcane also falls when washing the soil. To prevent this, all sugarcane used in Tokunan Sugar must be croppedIt will be carefully harvested.黒砂糖 · Squeeze the sugar cane with a squeezing machine.Whether you can squeeze the taste and nutrition of sugar cane with chitin,Work while adjusting the hardness of the roll · Reduce juice squeezed from sugar cane with firewood.It is work while removing lye (aka) and impurities.I will cook pine, oak tree, sugar cane crushed lees with fuel with direct flame.黒砂糖While carefully adjusting fire with the sense of craftsmen, 10 hours from morning till 8 o'clock in the evening, slowlyI will do.黒砂糖 · When boiling down for about 10 hours, moisture evaporates and a sweet scent peculiar to black sugar starts to drift.In the meantime, you can continue to take polite attention.黒砂糖 Delicious brown sugar without bitterness is completed as you repeat polite ac pick.Cool and consolidate the kettle when it reaches moderate water content.黒砂糖 · Once it is cold and solid, it is a sweet and tasty brown sugar finish.黒砂糖 


Pure brown sugar (brown sugar from Tokunoshima - pure sugar -) Remarks

 · Name: brown sugar (pure brown sugar)· Raw materials: sugar cane (from Tokunoshima)· Contents: 200 g × 3 bags- Expiration date: About six months· Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, please save at room temperature.
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