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Yamahisa stubborn sticking soy sauce sprinkle mouth 720 ml x 2 sets


 Yamaha Stubborn sticking with soy sauce Koi mouth 720 ml From 2007 Heisei name from "no pesticide soy sauce" It changed to "stubborn sticking soy sauce". Using domestic pesticide-free cultivated round...

Yamaha Stubborn sticking with soy sauce Koi mouth 720 ml

 From 2007 Heisei name from "no pesticide soy sauce" It changed to "stubborn sticking soy sauce". Using domestic pesticide-free cultivated round soybean, pesticide-free cultivated wheat as the main ingredient, It is a natural brewed soy sauce that used the highest state Molomi made by the old brewing method in the large barrel of the cedar tree. For cooking such as cooked soy sauce, boiled cooked food etc.
ヤマヒサ頑固なこだわり醤油 こい口


Yamaha Stubborn commitment Soy Sauce Koi mouth Guest's voice

hotlha (Male in his 40's) I have used a variety of soy sauce, but this is delicious. I think that I will continue to use it because I can not use another one any more.
Maeda Hitoshi (30s · male) Soy sauce is a key factor in the taste of dishes. Using this soy sauce, it feels that everything is tasty.
Taki Kenji (40s · male) Although it is a little expensive, you can rest assured that we use raw materials of domestic / organic chemicals. I will continue to use it carefully.
My older generation (40s · female) When I used it for the first time, I was surprised by the strength of the taste, but now it is not enough for other things. It is tasty and very tasty.
Ikue Nishimoto (30s · female) Because the flavor is solid, a taste is decided enough with a small amount. Anyway, after using this soy sauce, you can not use thin oil delivery. It is very tasty, I have been using it for a long time.
Mamoru Omura (30s · female) It is the best soy sauce. It goes well with sashimi.


Yamaha Stubborn sticking to soy sauce spicy mouth of 720 ml commitment

ヤマヒサ頑固なこだわり醤油 こい口
ヤマヒサ頑固なこだわり醤油 こい口
ヤマヒサ頑固なこだわり醤油 こい口


Message from Yamaha

 Especially Shodoshima is a famous scenic spot in the Seto Inland Sea, known for its multiculturalism. About Shodoshima is about 400 years to be made soy sauce in Uchihai Town, Yamaha has consistently pursued the authentic taste from its own stance by "manufacturing method of commitment". Under the management concern that "Before being a producer is a consumer" It can never be achieved by mass-produced national manufacturers We are proud of the history and tradition that have been asking for "a few excellent elite goods". More than anything, raw soybeans are different from wheat. Sticking to domestic raw materials, now few are few, neither agricultural chemicals nor chemical fertilizers are used, By purchasing organic JAS certified ones and using it based on a careful manufacturing method, We are devoting efforts not to take measures to create a healthy taste. This is also the same for salt, I am using only original salt by the solar salt production method. Round soybeans containing oil cause reddish color of soy sauce and original salt It is said that Yamaha is a product feature that delivers subtle sweetness. And there are differences in how to spend time on the manufacturing method. In normal soy sauce making, it takes almost 4 to 6 months, In Yamaha, it is not unusual to spend two years on fermentation. Regarding these manufacturing methods, the technical adviser (former factory director) of the past 50 years on this road, That experience and Kang are unfairly demonstrated, exactly the craftsman's dedication. I am also looking forward to the fact that the polished skill and mind are being handed down to young Kuran as they are. A fragrance of fragrant moromi, if you step on a step, into the majestic masterpiece that has passed through many years. What is there is nostalgic, warm, original scenery of old-fashioned soy sauce making. In the world where everything will take the place of new things, we will return once to nature's conscience, I think that I should look at something that should be brought up to the next generation firmly.

ヤマヒサ頑固なこだわり醤油 こい口

Yamahaza stubborn sticking soy sauce spicy mouth 720 ml Remarks

ヤマヒサ頑固なこだわり醤油 こい口
 【Raw Material Name】 Soybean: Iwate Prefecture Wheat: Aomori · Iwate · Akita · Hokkaido Salt: Mexico produced (solar salt) [Shelf life] Normal temperature 730 days [How to Save] Please save at room temperature away from direct sunlight.