Each other (and your health farm special no pesticide, no fertilizer cultivation), 110g and isRare organic natural cultivation of cereals, 3 types of blends.Material can be unglazed or. Snacks like...

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Each other (and your health farm special no pesticide, no fertilizer cultivation), 110g and is

Rare organic natural cultivation of cereals, 3 types of blends.Material can be unglazed or. Snacks like the crunchy texture it. Salt sugar oil is a no no. The natural cultivation of true elegant taste to enjoy. ・White soy ---female-isoflavones contains many savory are rich in protein..・Green soybeans ---and rare Japanese green soybean vegetables more nutritional value is high, and the flavor and sweetness is exceptional.・Black Sengoku ---large black beans are among the many precious tiny grains soy. Isoflavones・polyphenols rich. Millet is high in protein,vitamin B1, B2, Niacin, vitamin E, iron, calcium,Such as magnesium is rich.These are fatigue and skin atopy, such as improvement of the most effective nutrients available. Of children, and one such as a wide range of eating facilities.On natural farming home-made healthy granola is.
Granola as a child and even sugary goods are widely soldFood additives-free and even sugar taking too much is a worry. and for the health of the plantation"cereals granola"and"Just-Eat"is seasoned without a unglazed food.Over the years the soil clean or no fertilizer natural farming from seasoned withoutThe taste of the material just enough to be able to compete food Cultivation features 20 years around more than long,organic fertilizer for farmland resuscitation hydrogen in water, soil resuscitation, andOwn seed to use the seeds for the ultimate natural cultivation of millet in it.
Invasive species of weeds to be careful not to touch the sore eyes to meet,Although these spines there are carelessly to the touch and even hurts the eyes to meet.Although weeding is not available from us. Soybean flowers, 5 mm most of the small flowers,cute way.
Green soybeans germinated after day 14 of the figure,at the same time weed buds big made.
Rotary switch in far as possible weeding,weeds, soil from weeding task.Later, the grace of rain most of the bigger you'll grow,

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A crunchy texture in the extra seasoned it is, theCan't wait to see what the material it is of delicious taste.Simple it is to eat course and facilities.

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PhilosophyThe goal is to"disease, you the creation of the world"Therefore, no fertilizer, naturally grown produce to the pure dining table to deliver a healthy and happy home and society. the This "Any pesticide-free, herbicide-free"Seeds from the stage of harvest any agricultural chemicals use in the "no fertilizer, non-use of"Chemical fertilizers Bokashi fertilizer, livestock manure compost any use in the "soil purification"I residue only to plow into from the outside of organic matter, etc., the Bringing of any natural ecosystem cycles to the important sat and cleaned all(The production process that occur in rice hulls rice bran is processed to do some of the plots to dispose of.) "own seed base as you."Years own seed to do, seeds to the remaining chemicals, fertilizer ingredients, non-toxic savingHealthy seeds and leave things in mind.

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Your grains through your edges, and gratitude. This millet is the pesticides and fertilizers they use no farming"fertilizer natural cultivation"of the soybean.From the Earth, springing in to life force to exert the time and effort and affection as raised.Family Health and longevity wishes for your stay here. So our distant ancestors time immemorial,and Global Change and Chance overlap miraculously caused it.The sun and the moon and the Earth fusion energy the fertilizers and pesticides etc. are not also not exist. Such a long history of events from modern farming methods such as the insignificant history to us.It 浅知恵 by the technology of modern civilization is built in...... Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit of the tree,Do not eat food for mankind is the blood pollution bad occurred,and the Old Testament I have no idea why. The Forbidden Fruit of the tree,and it is pesticides or fertilizer, but not.Do not eat eat mankind is contaminated,cancer of various incurable diseases suffer from such...No. Such sorrow to predict,"mokichi Okada"by the advocate of natural farming is. Pesticides and fertilizers also, without the rice grow...This insane thought that farming is now quietly spreading. I am 26 several years ago the family in order to protect nature started to grow.Natural cultivation overlaying soil is cleaned and the Earth's energy is transferred to the Eat, who is gradually the health of it.Now the various troubles have started for many families to help feel happy. The natural conformist and anti-nature...this is you and your family's life that affects the selection and ... Why, if"human beings are all made"from.

Each other (and your health farm special no pesticide, no fertilizer cultivation)80g notes

Product name: so itPlace of origin:contract / entry levelIngredients: black Sengoku・green soybean and white soybeanContents: 80gHow to save:direct sunlight・avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity,and store in a cool place please save.Summer is just refrigerator storage is recommended.
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