Egoma grain of Anzakaya plantation Sesame oil of Anzakaya plantation is made using "Egoma" containing abundant nutrients made from safe lands. Crops are made using the natural natural power, so...

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Egoma grain of Anzakaya plantation

Sesame oil of Anzakaya plantation is made using "Egoma" containing abundant nutrients made from safe lands. Crops are made using the natural natural power, so we do not use pesticides, fertilizers, but also herbicides. The bamboo grain of Anzakaya plantation is made under a strong philosophy of wanting to deliver safe and safe crops to people all over Japan.

Enriched a Linolenic acid

Linolenic acid abundantly contained in rice grains is an essential fatty acid characterized by strong antioxidant power. a It is said that linolenic acid has an action of lowering neutral fat in blood, an action of preventing thrombus formation, and an action of preventing high blood pressure. Because it is a component that can not be made in the human body, it is regarded as a component that must be taken from food.

What is the quality of grain grain

The quality of grain is determined by the quality of the soil to be produced.Since the seeds seed connects life to the next generation, it seems that we store what we need for growing in seeds and eliminate harmful ones. However, for harmful substances (such as artificial radioactive substances, heavy metals, chemical substances, etc.) that do not exist in nature, the function to eliminate often tends to collect in seeds. In the production of eggplant, it is said that it will be done in good quality land that is not pollutedMaking high quality sesame oil is an important factor.

Sasakaya plantation soil

Crops of Anzakaya plantation are made in Chikuhi village in the mountainous region of nature rich Nagano Prefecture Higashikuima gun. Mr. Kitasato, a producer who moved to this place as a result of nuclear accident, has a strong belief that he wants to make soil that can be confidently handed over to the generation of children.We stick to organic fertilizers and fertilizers and create rich soil while coexisting with nature. We continue to make particular crops on safe lands without worry of soil contamination and radioactive contamination.

How to use grain of grain

Eruk grains can be eaten as raw, but it will be rich in flavor and taste by roasting. If you consume it continuously every day you need a method that does not get tired.※ Because grains are hardly digested, let's chew and eat well. ● go to riceIf you mix roasted roasted rice with sesame salt and put it on rice, you can eat it deliciously.The flavor of salt and roasted sesame improves appetite.● To the calendarThe roasted roasted vegetable is also useful as a sprinkle of chicken.It looks well, please go to the accent of the dish.● Sauce of grilled meatYou can use it as a condiment in addition to sauce of grilled meat.Koku comes out, you can eat meat more delicious.

Product Details

type Grain grain - black and white
material Egoma (from Chikuhi-mura, Nagano Prefecture)
expiration date 12 months from date of manufacture
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, please save in cold dark place after opening.
Country of origin Japan
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