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Tokunoshima Produce "Drop of Yuushimi Island" 500 ml


 Tokunoshima Proclamation "Drop of Hikari Island" Boiling down the Tokonoshima seawater, it is a natural one with salt removed, It is rich in natural minerals and is the highest class bittern...

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Tokunoshima Proclamation "Drop of Hikari Island"

 Boiling down the Tokonoshima seawater, it is a natural one with salt removed, It is rich in natural minerals and is the highest class bittern with distinctive bitterness. For dishes such as simmered dishes, miso soup, cooked rice, etc. for health maintenance Drink a few drops in water and drink it, a few drops in a bath as a bath agent, You can use various ways.
徳之島産にがり ゆらしぃ島のしずく


Tokunoshima Produce "Drop of Yuushimi Island" Customer's Voice

Mr. Efo (40s · female) I put it in rice, I put it in miso soup, I drink it every day.
Akina Red Wada (Female in his 40's) When you cook rice, drop a few drops, you will cook deliciously deliciously. Mineral intake balance will also improve.
Girl friend (30's · female) I am dropped in cooking and drinking water. It will be delicious if a few drops are added as a hidden taste in the salad.


Tokunoshima Produced "Drop of Yuushimi Island" Manufacturing Method

 Pick up mineral abundant seawater from Tokunoshima and slowly boil down with a cooker. Removing natural salt from boiled sea water and remaining liquid is "bittern".
徳之島産にがり ゆらしぃ島のしずく 

Tokuunoshima Produced "Drop of Hikari Island" Recommended Usage

 [To mineral supply] Let 's drink water nigga every day. How to make bittern water Add 1/4 teaspoon of bittern (20 drops) to 1 liter of water and go to the refrigerator. Drink six or seven times and drink that day. If you make it once, please make one glass of cup (200 ml) Mix 1/16 to 1/11 teaspoon (5 to 7 drops) as a guide and drink about 3 times a day. 【To diet】 Drinking with meals! Let's add 6 to 8 drops to the dish at the time of a meal. Maximum 20 drops per day. If you drink a cup of bittern water just before meals, you can reduce appetite to some extent and reduce the amount of meals. When you take it with seaweeds and vitamin B1, the effect increases. 【Skin Care · Beauty】 Even if you just continue drinking, there is an effect, but if you apply directly to the skin the effect will be upgraded. Let's make bittern lotion. Water (ideal to use refined water sold at pharmacy, but also tap water OK) to 100 ml Add 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon (20 to 30 drops) and mix. Please try at the beginning from a thinner. [To health] Natural luster contains more than 80 kinds of minerals. Some of the symptoms that our modern people have are caused by mineral shortage. By ingesting natural bittern, symptoms can be recovered. Sprinkling water is the best way to make full use of the health effects of bittern. Let's drink it everyday and get effects. 【To improve constitution】 Let's drink grueling water. Allergic constitution such as atopic dermatitis and hay fever, There are many examples that natural symptoms were improved with symptoms. You can use it with gargle and dental care. 【To cooking】 Nori is said to be the "sixth seasoning". You can put rice in miso soup or when you cook meat, it is perfect for meat dishes, vegetable dishes and fish dishes. If you use it for the bottom boiled, the taste becomes easy to stain for each material, and when you cook it will give you a deep taste. Instant and retort which can be eaten easily with easy cooking tend to be short of mineral ingredients. Just add a few drops of bittern, you can supply minerals and you can eat deliciously. 【To alcohol】 Boring promotes the decomposition of alcohol in the liver, making it difficult to hang over. It also has an effect on the recovery of a hangover. 【For gardening and family garden】 There are many examples that plants became energetic if you give bittern water. Give it a thinner than water to drink. It can be used as fertilizer, If you dilute it to about 100 times and shatter it into soil, it will also improve soil. 【Pets】 I would like to use bittern for pet health as well. It looks like shiny fur is coming out. However! Small body pets differ in mineral balance from humans. Be sure to talk to the vet before giving up.


Tokunoshima Produce "Drop of Yuushimi Island" Points to Note

徳之島産にがり ゆらしぃ島のしずく
 ※ Please do not use absolutely in stock solution. ※ Please drink not only for drinking, but also on the skin. ※ Please observe the daily intake. · Please store at room temperature. · Shelf life: 2 years 
徳之島産にがり ゆらしぃ島のしずく
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