Fukuraijun 3 Years Matured Hon-Mirin 500 ml

Fukuraijun 3 Years Matured Hon-Mirin 500 ml


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About Fukuraijun 3 Years Matured Hon-Mirin

It's a hon-mirin with has rich fragrance with elegant sweetness.
It will give a clear, and mellow sweetness that richen the taste of your dish. The mellow taste will spread throughout your mouth.

The Fukuraijun 3 Years Matured Hon-Mirin is a mirin acknowledged by many professional cooks, used in many restaurants to bring the umami of their dishes.

You can use it in various dish, from Japanese traditional cuisines and sweets, to Western cuisines.
Please try it in many dishes by all means!

For the raw material of this product, we only use glutinous rice that could bring umami, rice malt (koji), and shochu.
It was made by mixing the rice malt (koji) with sea salt and a mixture of glutinous rice and shochu.
The mixture then slowly squeeze in 2 days.
In addition, it was matured/aged for 3 years.

With this method, a golden colored hon-mirin that has rich aroma with a clear and elegant sweetnees is completed.


What is Mirin and What is the Good Substitute for Mirin?
When you visit a Japanese restaurant or read a Japanese cuisine recipe, sometimes you will notice that there is the word “mirin” in the dish.
So “What is mirin, anyways?” Here, we would like to learn more about mirin - discover the right mirin's substitute, types of mirin, how to use mirin, and tons of useful information about mirin in one article!
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The Manufacturer's Commitment Towards Malt (Koji)


"We will do our best for quality improvement"

Mirin, unlike sake, didn't made by fermentation process.
Mirin was made by saccharification and aging process that used the enzyme power from malt (koji).
So the finished product of mirin changes greatly depending on the quality of the malt (koji).

Because we really understand the importance of koji, we use the koji made carefully with selected Japan domestically grown rice which is suitable for making mirin.
The koji is then carefully bred for 2 days.

As the koji bacteria is alive, we perform the temperature control in 24 hours system.
The care is essential because the koji are all handmade koji.

It is no exaggeration to say that Fukuraijun Mirin is delicious even if you drink it, and it will make excellent taste if you use it for cooking because the mirin is made with such hard work.

This is the proof of the importance of koji.

Source: Hakusen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Official Website

How to Make in Pursuit of Quality

Production Method

Mirin often thought to be made with the fermentation process, but it actually made with saccharification process.

The main ingredients are rice malt (koji), glutinous rice and authentic shochu. Steamed glutinous rice is mixed with rice koji and authentic shochu.
We don't make our mirin in a different way, but we are just continuing the usual production method that has been passed down from ancient times.

That's why the original and traditional taste of traditional Japanese mirin remains intact.

The production process is carefully built with time and human hands which decides the authentic mirin's true flavor.


Moromi (Mash)

The mirin mash is the result of mixed steamed glutinous rice with rice koji and authentic shochu.

After the mirin mash is completed, we will turn the mash's surface after 4 days preparation around 30 cm thick (changing the surface and the inside) in order to prevent mash's surface dryness and to control the growth of various (unneeded) bacteria.

After that, the mixture could go through saccharification.
We will check the mash periodically while changing the surface until we can squeeze it.


Quality Check

If the enzyme power of koji is too high, the rice will dissolve quickly and the quality is not good

Conversely, if the production time takes too much time, the flavor of the mirin changes and the quality drops.

Slowly reduce the temperature from 30°C to 20°C over one and a half months, and the flavor will remain the same.

At the time for changing the surface of mirin's mash, we work while paying attention to the quality of the mash, temperature of the mash's surface and inside, the viscosity, the taste and the smell of the mash.



Instead of using the modern squeezing method, we squeeze the mirin in the tank (fune) like the traditional way.

When squeezing, we use bags and fold them one by one carefully.

The slowly squeezed mirin turns into a white, glossy, and good quality mirin without losing its taste and flavor.

Freshly squeezed mirin has a white color, still has the aroma of shochu, has an elegant sweetness and fresh taste.


The matured/aged mirin loses its flavor and taste, and has a bright amber (yellowish-orange) color.
It has a rich and complex flavor resulting in a gentle sweetness that the aged mirin can only have.

If the mirin is aged for 10 years, the taste and color can change greatly. It has a black color and has a various aroma such as plum, chocolate, and vanilla.

With the complex sweetness, mirin is use as Western Liquor.

Source: Hakusen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Official Website

The Characteristics of Fukuraijun 3 Years Matured Hon-Mirin


The traditional mirin, which has been created to protect the traditional manufacturing method, is delicious if you drink it as it is, and it is characterized by a rich and mellow sweetness.

If used for cooking, it will bring out the taste of the ingredients without breaking the original taste and will give a shiny look to the food.

The Fukuraijun Matured / Aged Hon-Mirin (Authentic Mirin) that made in traditional manufacturing method is recognized by food professionals and used in various stores.

We will work with our soul for every product in manufacturing for the sake of our customers who used mirin for regular cooking.

Source: Hakusen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Official Website

Product Details

Contents 500ml
Alcohol Contents 14%
Raw materials glutinous rice, rice koji, shochu
Manufacturer Hakusen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Kawabe City, Gifu Prefecture)

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