The three states plum wine 720ml isMikawa marinated the Ome in mirin is a two-stage charge plum wine of «sugar additive-free». Flavor and natural sweetness of fresh plum by long-term...

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The three states plum wine 720ml is

Mikawa marinated the Ome in mirin is a two-stage charge plum wine of «sugar additive-free». Flavor and natural sweetness of fresh plum by long-term aging melt into, finished in a mellow mellow taste. It is a liqueur of built boast of the sum of the mirin devoted to the goodness of aftertaste of pulling stand out. Mikawa mirin of Bunjiro Kadoya shops, with plum and Mikawa mirin of pesticide-free, is a plum wine made without sugar. Sugar Unlike plum wine using, refreshing aroma, it is a liqueur of the sum of the characteristic smoothness of the cool throat. Raw materials plum ... Nara Prefecture special cultivationGlutinous rice ... Saga JA Midori Saga special cultivation (decrease agricultural chemicals and decrease chemical fertilizer) of glutinous rice (varieties Hiyokumochi), special cultivation glutinous rice of Aichi Prefecture, and special cultivation of Hokkaido the (reduced pesticide) glutinous rice I am using.Koji Yone ... Aichi Prefecture JA Aichi center other. Kaori varieties Aichi.Full-scale rice shochu ... Bunjiro Kadoya shops of its own Minatohon the town storehouse. Domestic rice 100 percent use. Atmospheric 圧単 distillation. This manufacturing method plum two-stage charge new manufacturing method. Charged glutinous rice, rice construction work in the full-scale rice shochu as a first stage, after fully pull out the sweetness of glutinous rice, is a two-stage charge of new manufacturing method for charging aged Ome were washed as a second stage . Three years footrest aged from initial charge. Filtration (30 micron filter) and then bottled in. KoAtsushi type are made at a rate of Ome 800 ~ 1000g and the Mikawa mirin 1.8 liters. Dry type KoAtsushi type 6: are made at the rate of full-scale rice shochu (alcohol concentration of 20%) 4. Sugar and sweeteners do not use at all. Of course food additive additive-free. ● How to drink fruity aroma with soft, and the acidity of mellow plum without undue, sweetness of good glutinous rice of elegant and crisp and the skip has a well-balanced harmony, the natural effect of having the rice of depth is To integrally ringing, and it finished with a lightly soft drinking. This plum wine that refreshing of the After the mouth stand out. Sanshu plum wine 10 (KoAtsushi type)Alcohol concentration of 10%. As "liqueur of the sum" that take advantage of the rice taste. As aperitif of Japanese cuisine, to unwind, soft drink port goes well. Straight in please feel free. Also on the rocks to enjoy the melting little by little smiling ice is how. In addition, the taste of the three states plum mirin wine is that brings out is hot water allocation. You can experience the goodness of the aging of the foot hold three years from the initial charge. Please enjoy the sweetness and aroma hanging in tea also. Taking advantage of the good sweetness of the draw, perfect for cocktails.
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