Hello cooking wine PREMIUM (Premium) - Ohki fee Yoshimoto store rich purport opening pure rice - The The nutrients of the material is pure rice sake of cooking wine that...

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Hello cooking wine PREMIUM (Premium) - Ohki fee Yoshimoto store rich purport opening pure rice - The

The nutrients of the material is pure rice sake of cooking wine that takes advantage as it is.Rice in the contract field rice "five Hyakumangoku" 100% use. In order to make use of the material of the taste, such as raw materials rice and koji, were charged in raw 酛 (Kimoto) system liquor mother,Sweet, acid, bitter-effect has caused a Unbleached of taste that melted together. Natural amino acid is source of taste is also 10 times the normal of liquor,Without sugar and mirin us pull out the ingredients of flavor and sweetness. Normal cooking wine is added sodium chloride, the concentration is about 2-3%. Is surprisingly the salt content is high.Hello premium cooking wine is salt with no additives. It is as it is to drink delicious cooking wine. Only a small spray which are in the bottle is in, such as grilled fish sprinkle a little taste of the difference will understand clearly.

Can be seen if you use, hello cooking wine of ability

In fact, to use in cooking, but I thought that enough in cheap sakeWhy do not you burn the cooking wine a little shake to fish, not only the smell has disappeared,Flavor was surprised increasing Gunto. When asked in the brewery, and the amino acid is included in abundance. It is by far compared with the cooking wine of sake and other manufacturers. So amount of use are also from the normal one-third may be about 1/5. Koji-building and fermentation temperature masterpiece of cooking wine, which was built up by research.

How to use Sajikagen

Tips to use Hello premium cooking wine a very well is Sajikagen. Home cooking will change the taste of the restaurant in one Sajikagen. Compared with the general cooking wine, because the flavor is KoAtsushi,Although the smell of cooking wine as "fluoride" will be set when sprinkled with cooking wineDo not worry because we'll take you after a while. However, the overuse Please note. Especially in the case of poor material flavor working masking effect is to reverseThere is a fear that break the balance. It has been introduced to the general recipe book of the amount of "sake"Please think from 1/3 1/5. It is also not forget to fewer also seasoning used at the same time at that time.

Features of Hello premium cooking wine

Finish, the material soft- or salt etc. take the vinegar excessiveKok, to up the flavor- boiled hold the collapseAnd flavor is upTurn off the smell of meat and fishScent, to improve the flavor· Give Teri· To improve the penetration of taste

Hello cooking wine - large tree bill Yoshimoto store producer information

Of long-established it's stuck in the "old-fashioned delicious sake-making" on the Fukushima Prefecture Nishishirakawa District Yabuki-machi brewery "Ohki bill Yoshimoto shop".Founded the brewing industry by Keio first year (1865) the primary large tree Daikichi. Again and again across the country sake Kan Review Board gold medal is the inscription 醸蔵 that has been awarded.

Hello cooking wine - large tree bill Yoshimoto store Overview

[Capacity] 720mL Ingredients: rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice)[Shelf life] without relish for alcoholic beverages deadline [vendor] large tree fee Yoshimoto store- How to save room temperature [dispatch method] normal temperature [JAN] 4971346001937
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