Citric acid is Citric acid and vinegar and a pickled plum from a lemon or orange, Citron and other citrus fruits contain the organic acid (sour components)can. Many of the...

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Citric acid is

Citric acid and vinegar and a pickled plum from a lemon or orange, Citron and other citrus fruits contain the organic acid (sour components)can. Many of the organic acid in the taste of a good thing known,from the old days of cooking, seasoning and accent indispensable, and has been popular. Plum 1 piece is approximately 1G of citric acid,1 lemon, approximately 4G of citric acid is included.Also used for cooking, vinegar is a main ingredient and 5% of acetic acid is included. This acetic acid also enters the body, and citric acid to change. Citric acid,"citric acid cycle", called food energy to the change process is indispensable component. Cheer up in your body to keep the citric acid cycle to run smoothly is not to go.Citric acid is vitamin B along with the intake is the place for you.

Mozzarella cheese how to make


Mozzarella cheese making materials

・Pasteurized milk:1 literPasteurized milk is only fresh available immediately.Normal milk is just stiff, the cheese is made in...... ・Rennet powder 0.1 g(ear one and the same)Rennet is a new shop in free shipping sale. ・Citric acid 1. 5g ・WarmerChafing is not a pot substitute ・BallHeat-proof bowl ready. ・Thermometer ・Heat-resistant gloveAs convenient as・Work gloves・Knife Of bacteria breeding, to keep the apparatus wash the from use immediately.The tools that we use all sterilized by boiling and is safe.

Mozzarella cheese making process

Cheese-making a total of 9 steps. Step 1 rennet to 1 teaspoon of hot water to Melt.Step 2 1 liter of milk in a pot,or chafing in the heat.Step 3 warm milk add citric acid toStep 4 rennet to addStep 5, the solid milk with a knife to cut.Step 6 the card is warmed,the liquid and solid separatingStep 7 whey outStep 8 cards to keep warm and to ferment.Step 9 cards kneading

Step 1 rennet to 1 teaspoon of hot water to Melt.

To use rennet, the amount of rennet types of different.1 liter of milk for the tablet, if 1/8 tablets, about the powder if it is 0. 2g extent is approximate.

Step 2 pasteurized milk 1 liter pot to heat.

Pasteurized milk 1 liter to every into, and slowly stir while on low heat 35 ° C in heating.Milk is 35℃ ~ 40℃may be in the range of,somewhat of a swing is like Okay. Chafing in the case of heating,temperature to 65℃by set.Milk is chilled for the state, and 35 degrees in 2 hours or so.※Heat sink in the heating time for heating in a saucepan is recommended.

Step 3 warm milk add citric acid to

Warm milk to warm the reactor was transferred, and add citric acid, mix well.Mix finished the milk, the temperature of 35℃, keeping for 10 minutes gently place.

Step 4 rennet to add

Milk,hot water to dissolve your rennet to remember!Mix finished the milk, the temperature is 35 degrees or 5 minutes, Quiet Place.

Step 5, the solid milk with a knife to cut.

Milk is 卵豆腐 like a lump or.This solidified state of the milk card and will call.To a knife 2cm square or so, the grid now.

Step 6 the card is warmed, the solid and liquid separating

Card, 5 minutes,40 ° C and more.At that time, chafing to slowly shake the card, and whey(liquid) separates them.Then after 5 minutes place.

Step 7 whey out

Temperature is 40℃or in the state,and ball using the whey out of you.Whey to the heat sink from the card, only to leave the area by using a Staticide wipe or a small brush.Warmer tilt, whey that can be removed.Removing the whey is discarded, without the curry or stew etc.

Step 8 cards and kept warm, fermentation

Heat sink temperature of 35 ° C,30 minutes ~ 40 minutes to ferment.On the way, many times from both sides, altering the ripening period. Fermentation complete how to check the end of the card from the small amount of cards, and 80 ° C in hot water 1 minute from pickled from the stretch only.Pinch the ends,if it extends the fermentation is complete.At this point, the card extends only to affect the state of the case,yet the fermentation is not complete.How they continue to ferment try.PH measuring instrument if the pH value is 5. 2 if fermentation is complete.

Step 9 cards kneading

From this point of the process,work gloves on top of the heat-resistant glove,and attention to continue. Card one more round to it.80 ° C in hot water,stretched out the back so many times, kneading it.The heat from the hot water out of the kneading, or hot water back into the kneading continues, theSurface for stickiness comes out. Card enough tenacity, and the surface is smooth, and ready.
Cheese ice water, and the heat to cool for 20 minutes about it, especially with the delicious mozzarella cheese is completed. Save it into that thin of brining in the refrigerator and save it.1 Week eat more.

Citric acid(cheese making) for 1.5 g×4 packaging considerations

【Citric acid×4 wrapped】Ingredients: citric acidHow to save:avoid high temperatures and humidity,stored at room temperature
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