Homma Mitsuyoshi Store Bamboo made "tea shoji"Established in 1951, Niigata ken Hamamasa Ito (Honma Kazuo) shop located in Sado IslandIt is a bamboo tea ceremony that preserves traditional way of...

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Homma Mitsuyoshi Store Bamboo made "tea shoji"

Established in 1951, Niigata ken Hamamasa Ito (Honma Kazuo) shop located in Sado IslandIt is a bamboo tea ceremony that preserves traditional way of making by craftsmen. I am also stuck with raw materials and I use bamboo from Sado Island. This tea cake is made of natural materials and has a rustic taste.Since eyes are clogged tightly, fine tea leaves etc are also wrapped. About 8.5 cm in diameter and about 9 cm in height, plenty of tea leaves come in size.Because it has height, it can be used for deep teapot etc. We preserve the traditional way of handed down on Sado IslandI finish it by hand one by one by a craftsman. There is warmth unique to handmade,There is a rustic atmosphere of bamboo that is different from metal ones.
 Hara Hisashiro's store is mainly using Masaketsu and Awake-bam from Sado Island. This is said to have excellent durability and resistance to bending force,Even if you put your strength and push the tea strainer, there is hardness that hardly changes shape. Commitment to the quality of raw materials, one item carefully made by craftsmen with long-standing skillsIt is hard to break even when you use it day by day, you can use it for a long time with attachment. Beautiful shapes completed considering ease of useIt is a tea ceremony with good quality that is durable and long-lasting made carefully. ※ Because it is manufactured by hand, some errors may occur in size. Each one has a slightly different form. Please note.
Photo courtesy: Mr. Ito, Ryokan inns at Sado Island 

What is Homma Itsuke Shop?


Bamboo work protecting the tradition of Sado Island
 Homma Isaki store located in Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture,Established in 1951. Currently by craftsmen living in Sado Island,I inherited the traditional manual processBamboo crafts and bamboos, pot laying etc are made. As far as possible we stick to domestic materials,Mainly handled bamboo, straw bamboo, straw etc. from Sado IslandI'm using.

 It was made by hand by protecting the finished technology over a long period of timeWhy do not you put high quality products in your daily life.

Honma Masayuki store working landscape gallery

※ Click to enlarge.Photo courtesy: Mr. Ito, Ryokan inns at Sado Island

Homma Itsong shop "Tea cake" point of note

· Because it is made by handwork, there are slight differences in size, hue and shape.· Because we are using natural materials, bamboo fiber and scrubbing will come out. We use bamboo of natural materials, so if you use it you get the taste of yourself.Bamboo which remains blue and hardness at the beginning, colors and shapes become familiar as we use it. It is active at every day's table and embeds it, it becomes deeper after the passing of yearsPlease enjoy the taste peculiar to bamboo products.

Homma Itsong shop "Catch" Maintenance

For ordinary maintenance, wipe it off with water or dry it and keep it.If it gets dirty, thinly put the detergent (because it is easy to absorb) lightly wash,Please dry in a well-ventilated place.
 Homma Takeshi store 【Tea strainer】Manufacturer: Honma Isao ShopSize: diameter about 8.5 cm, height about 9 cmProducing area: Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture
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