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Nanbu Ironware Ogasawara Land trillion gallery


What is Bonin Ogasawara

Born in Iwate Prefecture Mizusawa in 1929, deceased in January 2012. Representative of Southern Iron Casting Factory "Okashiba".He spread the modern design of the southern Ironworks and was also active as a writer. We are handling various ironware such as frying pan, iron bottle, objetEven though his later years celebrate his willingness to produce, he continues to make works until the end. While giving the heavy thickness peculiar to iron material and tasteful depthIronware with a high designality that also passes even today is highly appreciated overseas.

Benefits of using Iron Bottles of Land Bridge Ogasawara Nanbu Ironworks

- I can absorb a lot of ironIt is famous that hot water boiled with iron bottle contains a lot of ironIron that dissolves from the southern ironware is easily absorbed into the bodyRecent studies have revealed that there are many divalent irons. By ingesting ironAnemia, also called modern disease, and prevention of AlzheimerIt is said to be effective.· The hot water boiled in an iron bottle melts in tasteHot and hot water boiled in iron bottle is delicious! It is said thatIt is included in tap water by boiling water with iron bottleIt is because it kills the kalu. Hot water that blows kalchi has good textureIt becomes a mellow taste very tasty. Of course it means that hot water will be deliciousTea using delicious hot water will also be delicious.

How to use and care for the iron bottle of the southern Ironware Ogasawara Land trillion

· When using for the first time1. When starting to use for the first time, rinse lightly with water, then put water inPlease try the boil. 2. Would you like to use the boiled hot water immediatelyPlease transfer to a thermos bottle or a pot 3. After use, remove the lid of iron bottle and skip the moisture in preheatingAlways keep it dry. 4. Since the handle is fixedPlease do not defeat it. 5. The inside gradually turns brown,Do not wash it off and do not worry about using it as it is. 6. When boiling hot water with gas, IH, etc.,Please boil it gently from low heat to medium heat not high heat. · How to care for iron bottlesWhen rust can be seen, put the tea into the tie packPlease boil about 20 minutes. Please wipe the iron bottle with a wet cloth while the outside is hot.Also, put the iron bottle water in a cup etcIf it is not rusty, you do not have to worry about continuing to use as it is. By continuing to use rust will stop.

Iron Bottle Ogasawara Land trainee iron bottle is a lifetime thing

Iron cooking utensils are still durable in their attractiveness. Electric kettles and the like are certainly very convenient and many are reasonably pricedAs it is still an electrical device, if the wiring and the switch breakThere is no choice but to repair it or dispose of it. Iron bottle is long lasting because it is an analog cookerAnd attachment will spring up steadily with attachment. Of course it is possible to use it over several generations as well as family membersIt might be the charm of an iron bottle.

Nanbu Ironware Ogasawara Land trainee iron bottle Q&A

【Q1】 Does the iron bottle correspond to both gas stove and IH heater?
It corresponds to both. Not only gas range but also charcoal fire is fine.IH case IH heater may not respond if the bottom of the iron bottle is 14 cm or less.If you are concerned please contact your IH heater manufacturer. * When using with a 200 VIH cooker, please use "low heat → medium heat" in order to raise the temperature in order.Ironware has a possibility of bending, deformation, cracking due to rapid temperature rise.
 【Q2】 I left the hot water in the iron bottle and I had rust.
Let's simmer with rice tea after dropping rust with toothbrush etc.Stuff the tea stuff in the soup picking pack and boil down until the interior becomes black.After that boil water a few times until hot water is clean, throw it away Please use repeatedly.
 【Q3】 Is it a specification that the hand does not move?
It is designed not to move in order to prevent the hands from falling over the body and getting hot while iron bottles are on fire.It is also a function to prevent scratching when the handle hits the main body.
 【Q4】 Is the enamel (enamel) inside?
This product is not subjected to enameling inside.We are making rust by making oxide coating by kettle burning.Iron is contained in boiling water.
 【Precautions for use】· Do not give a shock to drop it from a high place. · Do not touch heated bottles with bare hands. · Even if the inside rusts, please do not wash it with scrub. · Do not fill water to the edge of iron bottle fullPlease shift the lid slightly and boil it · Because the possession becomes considerably hotPlease be careful enough. 【Product Specifications】Size: Width 180 x Length 155 x Height 210 mmSize (without lid): diameter 155 x height 105 mmBack side size: diameter 107 mm
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