Chinese noodle that the skilled craftsmen carefully finished Yong Long (Yong Long) has carefully produced by hand each craftsman handling steamers for over 10 years.It is a set of lid...

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Chinese noodle that the skilled craftsmen carefully finished

Yong Long (Yong Long) has carefully produced by hand each craftsman handling steamers for over 10 years.It is a set of lid and lid that is optimum for 1 to 3 people.It is useful when you want to serve side dishes or when you do not want to take too much table space.

Delicious and short

The main advantage of Sairo is that it can be plus one item in the table in no time.Put the surplus vegetables in the refrigerator and steam for 10 minutes, the finished delicious steamed vegetables with colorful coloring.Moreover, as it can be put on the table, it does not increase extra washing.

Light and firm

It is made of bamboo material.Also do not use nails for fastening parts, use natural materials.By strengthening with a frame made of stainless steel, we made it strong so that you can patronize long.

Steam it deliciously

The lid is knitting bamboo in the net. Extra steam will escape from here, steaming deliciously without food ingredients becoming watery.

With private cooking seat

There are 50 convenient cooking sheets when steaming Shumai and dumplings. The steam hole is open and it can steam efficiently. Instead of a cooking sheet, it is also possible to substitute leaves such as cabbage and Chinese cabbage.

Taste of sweetness · sweetness as it is

"Steamed vegetables" are more sweet and different from a vegetable that I have eaten up to a bit.There is no watery feeling like when boiled, and there is no unevenness in the texture when you chin in the range.Ogawa is also a specialty area of ​​Wataru. To the finish of rich moist cake.

Steamed dishes do not miss nutrients

By "boiling" method you can remove extra taste such as bitterness and germination.At the same timeWater-soluble vitamins and minerals also escape into hot water. Water inside is always saturated with steam inside.As a result, the moisture of the ingredients is kept and it can be prevented from hardening.Furthermore, the fiber becomes softened by heat and it becomes easy to be digested.

From baby to senior citizens

Since steamed vegetables using bouillon do not use oil, they are easy to gastrointestinal and are ideal for baby's baby food and elderly meal. Sweet potatoes and carrots are sweetened by steaming and you can fully taste the raw materials themselves without attaching anything.

Easy to use anyway


1. Wet the water with water

Wet the water with water before use.

2. Boil water

Boil plenty of hot water in the pot.(※ Pot of image uses Tiffer saucepan 20 cm, weight is big size)

3. Set steam and steam

Set the food containing the ingredients and steam it.Please be careful not to burn yourself with steam.

4. Maintain a sufficiently steady increase in steam

It keeps the ignition which steam rises sufficiently. At this time, I will be careful not to let the fire out of the pot. (Because the burning burns down)The extra steam will get out of the lid, so the ingredients will not get watery.

5. Check the steam condition

I will use bamboo skewers to check the steaming condition of ingredients.

Care is simple

Immediately after use, scrubbing etc. will scrub.When the dirt is small, just wiping with a wet cloth is enough.After washing, please shade in a well-ventilated area.Failure to dry thoroughly will cause mold growth.

Product line-up

It is a product list of "Yong Long". Please purchase according to usage. Since the height is uniform, it can be stored refreshed even if the size is aligned.

Convenient and convenient "steamed plate"

You can use the pot in a pot at home.If it is 1-2 cm smaller than the diameter of the waterproof pot, you can put it as it is OK. However, in the case of a pan of the same size as the bouillon, it is dangerous as it gets attached to the pot.In such a case, it is recommended to use "steamed plate".
 "Steamed plate" also to prevent burning of buds Because the boiling water boils, high heat is the basis.Therefore, there is a case that the edge burns when using it with the bamboo sticking from the pot.If there is a steamed plate, there is no worry of burning the end of the bamboo grass.
 · Large size (29 cm) 3400 yen (excluding tax)· Medium size (26 cm) 2400 yen (excluding tax)· Small size (23 cm) 1900 yen (tax excluded)

What is Yong Long (Yong Long)?

"Yongkang" is made at Soshinago Studio located in Fujian Province.Soshinago Studio also produces cooking utensils that are also used by chefs from leading restaurants that have acquired Michelin in the USA.
 "Yongaga" has a thought that customers want to extend the range of cooking loved long forever.

About Nagayon no Yui selling at Kawashimaya

Nagakaba's Chinese noodle selling at Kawashimaya is a trustworthy product that has been approved by submitting food import notifications to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Report reception number: 24062637322
 The price changes greatly depending on the material, but steaming does not give much difference.Ei Yong Dragon, even compared with other companies' brands, is easy to handle with high quality materials, strong, affordable is attractive.

Before ordering

Since this item uses natural bamboo, the wood grain and color taste etc. differ one by one.Especially about wood grain, there are cases where each item varies greatly.Moreover, there are times a spot and a scratch, a distortion, a crack, a chipping, etc. as shown below, but please do not worry because there is no problem with use.永龍Although there are cases like the above picture, there is no problem in use, so please be relieved.About the smell of waterproofOften you get a voice saying that smell of bamboo is good, but there are times when the smell is worrisome. (There are individual differences.) If you are concerned, steaming in the sky (steaming without putting anything inside) smells out quickly.About the storage of budsPlease keep it in a place with breathability after drying it firmly. Failure to dry thoroughly will cause mold.

Product Details

size Small · 18 cm
Material Bamboo stainless steel
Country of origin China (Sho Shun factory)
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