A profound feeling of brass, enjoy the casting surface distinctive texture From the "FUTAGAMI", will introduce the Pot was formed by taking advantage of the casting surface of the brass.You...

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A profound feeling of brass, enjoy the casting surface distinctive texture

From the "FUTAGAMI", will introduce the Pot was formed by taking advantage of the casting surface of the brass.You can enjoy the texture of the beautiful form and the casting surface unique. Consisting of four design in Pot series of "FUTAGAMI" is,Brass of the color was likened to each "month", "Sun", "Galaxy", "star". Click here for "sun" which is introduced in the form of a radial irregularities.Beautiful shadow produced by the irregularities, the heat also for us to escape successfully. It is no mistake that the unique presence and appearance with dignity shine in space.Of course it is to spread the pot, you can enjoy as well as the interior of the room.

Adapt to people and places, brass

"FUTAGAMI" is, 1897 (1897) founded, it is the brass of household goods brand brass castings maker "two-up" was launched in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Corrosion resistance is strong, brass that from the goodness of color, have been used in a variety of fields, such as hardware architecture and furniture from the old days.Soft texture with the material, gloss and elegant, also has a long history as a material, such as arts and crafts and Buddhist.And as the surface is oxidized you use it, out of a unique flavor, it is a material that will familiar to people and place. Pot of "FUTAGAMI" is, cherish this brass unique texture, have been made as it is not such as painting.
After casting, so as not to as much as possible to impair the state of the surface (casting surface) of the casting of the remains removed from the mold, was expressed as a facial expression.Brass unique flavor and characteristics, texture, even such as a chemical reaction between the metal and the sand mold that occurs when you cast has been taking advantage of it. Because the addition is not performed is such as by preventing oxidation color stop and clear, texture is deepening matured enough to use by aging, you familiar with the life.

Changing the table of the atmosphere to those fine, presence of brass

While smooth brass of the casting surface of the tactile, there is also a rustic feeling that casting surface unique Zaratto,I feel about the depth of flavor use. This "sun", the forum which was hollowed out a circular center.Radially there is unevenness, thereby beautiful shade has been created.The hole this uneven open in the center, makes good to escape the heat, such as a pot was placed on top.
On the back, comes with a three-point projection, looks like put in without touching directly to the table. When it nestled on the table, while familiar in space, its presence is outstanding.For us one step tastefully elegant changed the place of air. Of course it's'll use it as a Pot, as an interior ◎.Or leaning against the wall, as well as an object placed on a shelf or table, delight the eye. Admire while, want to continue using it important, Pot of "FUTAGAMI".Please by all means to such a gift for loved ones.
In Pot series of "FUTAGAMI", we offer four design.This item is the "sun".Pot-month (photos, top left)Pot-galaxy (photo, bottom left)Pot-star (Photography lower right) 

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size φ150 × H12mm
Raw materials Brass
Country of origin Japan (Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture)
※ depending on the shooting environment and your monitor, image by different color, such as in the same product. Please note.

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