Pure cultured Bacillus natto - Miyagino natto factory - What isIt is high quality pure cultured Bacillus natto.This one can make 2 kilos of delicious natto. (Use 1 kg dry...

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Pure cultured Bacillus natto - Miyagino natto factory - What is

It is high quality pure cultured Bacillus natto.This one can make 2 kilos of delicious natto. (Use 1 kg dry soybean) It is recommended for those who make natto for the first time. Let's make delicious natto at home. As a high quality bacillus natto factory, it supplies fungi to natto companies throughout the country, and began production of natto and bacillus natto in full scale since 1979. Everyone can easily make it because it contains how to make secret natto. You can make 1 - kg natto of dried soybean in one bottle.Boiling lkg soybeans to make natto makes the weight about 2kg. 2kg of natto corresponds to about 40 natto of 50g pack. Compounding quantity Number of bacteria 166,000 or more Iml (more than 8.33 million in one bottle)

Origin of Bacillus natto

 Threaded Natto has been made from rice straw wrapped in soybean cooked beans from long ago.Bacillus subtilis is one kind of Bacillus subtilis (Bacillus subtilis), especially whether the bat is much living in the base of riceIt is. In modern times, we are making natto with purely cultured natto bacteria. Hygienically large amountIt is to make products of stable.
 The spore size of Bacillus natto is about 1/1000 mm.It will germinate if it cooks for about 2 hours on a boiled stand at around 40 degrees and nutritionIt becomes a cell. As vegetative cells divide and increaseFermentation begins. The size of one vegetative cell is about 2/1000 mm.It will split once and split into two in about 30 minutes.With rich nutrition on the surface of cooked beans at an appropriate temperature around 40 degreesWhile seeing, it grows explosively and produces natto, but SakaeEating cultivation After the fermentation, spores in their own cellsI will make spores like the one I had at first.

For details about Bacillus natto, click here>>In case"What is Bacillus natto"


About Miyagino natto factory

Requested Taisho 9 years, pure culture natto Bacillus,We are committed to offering natto. During the Taisho era when meat and milk were luxury goods,I met Japanese traditional food "natto" with nutrition which is inevitable with these foods,Jiro Miura was the first to make efforts to provide a safe and stable supply. Following that spirit Kaita Miura Kazuo has kept its own Miyagino Bacillus natto recipe for half a century. 100% of pure culture natto bacteria extracted from organic soybeans was used.Even beginners do not fail, Kawashimaya's fine qualityBacillus nattoAlso recommended.
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