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Biwa leaf noodle (loquat leafy) 12 g × 40 bags


Bottle leaves noodles (loquat leaves) 12 g × 40 bags It is a bathing agent which processed excellent leaves of loquat with original technology and blended with MOTOZU of good...

Bottle leaves noodles (loquat leaves) 12 g × 40 bags

It is a bathing agent which processed excellent leaves of loquat with original technology and blended with MOTOZU of good quality. 100% natural material (60% of loquat leaves, 40% wormwood) It is a bath agent. You can use it safely in your home bath. Considering the garbage problem, we made the packaging as an aluminum vapor deposition bag which will not be in the way. 【How to use Biwa leaves】 Please put this product 1-2 packs as it is in the bath. It will be very fragrant hot water in about 10 to 15 minutes. If you pack the pack with hands or simmer with a saucepan in order to bring out hot water, the adhesive side of the pack may be peeled off. It is safe to put it in a cloth bag etc beforehand when you do such usage. Please rinse well as the bottom of the bathtub may become rough after sending hot water. There is no effect on the bathtub. If you burn twice, color may remain in the bathtub. Cleaning with commercially available chlorine bleach is effective. Since bath tubs and bathtubs are not damaged, use in a 24-hour bath is possible, Since the color may arrive in the bathtub, we recommend that you clean well regularly. ■ "Biwa no yu" is recommended for this person! · Those who are concerned about coldness · those who are concerned about rough skin · skin trouble · dry skin · those who managed to ridiculous bathing rustling · Kayukayu · those looking for a bath agent that can be used safely from the baby to the elderly · old-fashioned Those who want to enjoy "Biwa no yuu" every day at home even if you want to take a health law using Biwa ■ "Biwa no yu" that you can enjoy old-fashioned medicinal herbs easily Biwa trees with vigorous vitality that grew up receiving a lot of energy from the sun and keep vivid green leaves all year round. Biwa leaves have been widely used for folk remedies as medicinal herbs since ancient times in India, China, Japan and so on. One of its various uses is "Herbsu". Wash the biwa leaves thoroughly and finely chopped, and put the hot water in a bath to bathe. It is our "bamboo no yu" that made it more enjoyable to enjoy it like a usual bath additive! 1 ~ 2 bags of tea bag shape, Pon! Just put it in the bath! The inside of the bag blends leaves of roasted roses and Momozu (wormwood). Since it is 100% natural material, you can use it from baby to seniors with peace of mind. ■ It is healed with the scent of nature, and it is warm and friendly to your skin Bathing The bath containing "Biwa no yu" is more difficult to cool down than the usual bath, warming from the core of the body warm. "When you are slowly immersed in hot water, even if sweat naturally comes out wrinkled and you get up from the bath Guests say that they are shining until the night you sleep. It is especially recommended for people who are concerned about cold. Also, it is a leafy leaf that has been used as a paste for skin from long ago. "Biwa no yu" is also recommended for people who are concerned about troubles such as skin. Biwa leaves have the ability to kill bacteria and pyogenic bacteria, so there is no worry that the hot water in the bath will smell. ■ How to use When you start to put hot water in a bathtub. Please put 1 ~ 2 packs together with "Yubiha no yu". After a while, hot water slightly colors, and the comfortable fragrance of natural biwa leaves and wormwood spreads fluently. Raw material name Biwa leaf 60%, wormwood 40% For Biwa therapy using Biwa leaves and Biwa leaf moxibustion, Biwa species It is introduced in detail in Yuriko Togashi Yuriko Togetherness Health Company.  Yuriko Doujo You and health companyThe page of here is here. Biwa leaf Warm moxibustion can be easily done, electric moxibustion "Yellow Tea Moxa Nano Platinum" is also recommended. If you have a loquat leaf and a power supply, you can do comfortably alone by the Yellow Orient moxibustion.Yellow Teacup Nano PlatinumThe page of here is here.