Biwahanoyu (loquat Hayu) 12g × 40 bags

Biwahanoyu The (loquat Hayu) 12g × 40 bagsWas processed at excellent loquat leaf proprietary technology, is a bathing agent was wormwood and a blend of good quality.100% natural materials (60%...

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Biwahanoyu The (loquat Hayu) 12g × 40 bags

Was processed at excellent loquat leaf proprietary technology, is a bathing agent was wormwood and a blend of good quality.100% natural materials (60% loquat leaves, mugwort 40%) is a bathing agent.It can be used with confidence in the bath of your home. In consideration of the garbage problem, the packaging has an aluminum vapor-deposited bag that does not get in the way. [Biwa Yu use of leaf]This product one to two packs should be put in the bath as it is.In about 10 to 15 minutes it will be good very fragrant hot water.It may If you or boiled in a pot Dari massaged by hand pack adhesive surface of the pack is peeled off in order to give a dark hot water.When such usage is, it is safe to put such in advance cloth bag. Please wash that it may grainy the bottom of the bathtub after flushed with hot water.There is no impact at all on the bathtub.When you fired twice it might be a bathtub remain color.It is effective cleaning of a commercially available chlorine bleach.Since there is no damage the tub and bath boiler, but is also available in 24-hour bath,That it may color the bathtub arrive, it is recommended to be cleaned regularly well. ■ "Biwahanoyu" is recommended for those who like! · Sensitivity to cold is better, rough skin, skin problems, dry skin of the direction and the bath rising anxious rustling anxious, somehow the direction and those looking for a bathing agent that can be used with confidence to the elderly from baby-old-fashioned the Kayukayu "Biwahanoyu" and those who want to incorporate the health method using the direction and Biwa want to enjoy easy even in your home every day easily enjoy the old-fashioned herbal hot water ■ "Biwahanoyu" ofGrew up full response to the energy of the sun, all year round bright green leaves the store up the life force strong loquat trees.The leaves of the loquat is, India, China, and has been widely used in folk medicine as a medicinal herb since ancient times and Japan.There is a "herb hot water" as one of its various usage. Minced Wash well the leaves of the loquat, a warm bath and put in a bath what was decoction, thing called.It like a normal bathing agent, is "Biwahanoyu" the case for our shop was to enjoy the more easily!One to two bags of tea bag shape, pop! Just put in the bath! The contents of the bag, roasted processed leaves and moxa (mugwort) a blend of loquat.Peace of mind because it is 100% natural materials, you can use from the baby to the elderly. ■ be healed in a natural scent of, the warm bath skin-friendlyBath containing the "Biwahanoyu" normal hot water is less likely to cool Compared to the bath, warm up and warm from the core of the body.And is immersed in "slowly hot water, sweat naturally came out the wrinkles - Tsu, also up from the bathYou Welcome customers that warm "until the time sleep at night. Cold is especially recommended for those who are worried. In addition, loquat leaves of which have also been used as a bonding agent to the skin for a long time. "Biwahanoyu" is recommended for those who trouble, such as Re skin is a concern.Since the Biwa leaf has the power to kill bacteria and pyogenic bacteria, do not worry about the hot water of the bath is stinking. ■ How to useWhen you begin to put the hot water in the bathtub. Please put the "Biwahanoyu" together 1 to 2 packs.And hot water is faintly colored After a few moments, pleasant of natural loquat leaves and mugwort scent will continue to spread fluffy. Ingredients loquat leaf 60%, mugwort 40% loquat leaves and leaves of the loquat moxa, regard loquat therapy using the loquat speciesIt has been featured in more detail in you and the health company Yuriko Tojo books of. Yuriko Tojo you and your health, Inc.The page here. Leaf moxa of loquat can be with ease, electrical moxibustion "Kiteikyu nano-platinum" is also recommended.Loquat leaf moxa by Kiteikyu is, if there is a loquat leaves and power, you can comfortably carry out alone.Kiteikyu Nano PlatinumThe page here.

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