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Bearing 400 grains (Biwa seed tablet)


What is 400 grains (Biwa's seed tablets) crowded We dried, roasted and powdered seeds of domestic loquat and processed it into easy-to-drink tablet type. In addition to eating with water...

What is 400 grains (Biwa's seed tablets) crowded

We dried, roasted and powdered seeds of domestic loquat and processed it into easy-to-drink tablet type. In addition to eating with water and hot water, you can also enjoy crispy and chewy as it is sweet and soft.

How to eat

As a healthy food, please take as much as 10 adults per adult, 2 to 3 times a day, with water or hot water. Children are particularly popular because there is a faint sweetness. * If you take too much at once, your stomach may become loose.

Features of 400 cubes (Biwa Seed Tablets) crowded

Loquat is a plant of the family Rosaceae, plants flowers in the cold winter, keep green on that leaf all the year round, It has been said that vitality is vigorous, its green leaves have long been working for the gastrointestinal tract, cut sputum, and suppress cough. The ingredients of the leaves of loquat are glucose, sucrose, fructose, maltose, starch, dextrin, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, amygdalin, tannin, saponin and so on. Among them, a substance called amygdalin has been said to have a cancer control effect and it became a hot topic. In addition, according to Kochi Medical University's research, it seems that there is an effect of activating liver function in the loquat seeds. (Reference: liver function improved with loquat seeds) ■ "Biwakaru" which domestic bean seed became easily drinkable tablets The raw diabetic species are bitter and difficult to eat, but if you roast this it will be easier to eat. "Biwakaru" means to dry, roast and powder the seeds of the trees of trees grown in lush green domestic farms, It is a health food processed into easily drinkable tablets. ■ What is "Vitamin B17" and "Amygdarin" included in the Biwa species? What? Biwa species contains "Vitamin B 17" "Amygdarin". Vitamins are an important nutrient essential for a healthy life. Wild animals know this with instincts and take "vitamin B 17" in nature. "Amygdarin" is a component contained in natural plants and is being studied as a component useful for maintaining health.

Voice of staff

It is slightly sweet and small, so it is easy to drink even if you drink it as it is. I feel it is in good shape since I started drinking, so I continue drinking it. Atopy and rhinitis were alleviated.
 According to Professor Yuriko Togashi Natural Therapy Researcher, It seems that the species of loquat contains 1,200 to 1,300 times amygdalin (vitamin B 17) of loquat leaves. Amygdalin is said to have a blood purification action anticancer action analgesic action bactericidal action, It is said that when you eat seeds of loquat, the blood becomes beautiful and smooth for various diseases prevention and treatment. It is said to be good for hay fever and allergic rhinitis.Biw seed powderProducts are also recommended

Points to note about 400 cubes (Biwa seed tablets) crowded

 ■ Product Name: Bending ■ Name: fish processed seed food ■ Ingredients: Loam seed powder, reduced maltose, lactose, cellulose, sucrose ester ■ Preservation method: save avoiding heat and humidity ■ Publisher: Tea S · Eye ■ Country of Origin: Japan ■ Contents: 250 mg (400 grains) Regarding Biwa therapy using Biwa leaves and Biwa leaf moxa, Biwa species It is introduced in detail in Yuriko Togashi Yuriko Togetherness Health Company.  Yuriko Doujo You and health companyThe page of here is here. Biwa leaf Warm moxibustion can be easily done, electric moxibustion "Yellow Tea Moxa Nano Platinum" is also recommended. If you have a loquat leaf and a power supply, you can do comfortably alone by the Yellow Orient moxibustion.Yellow Teacup Nano PlatinumThe page of here is here.