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Biwa leaf extract 200 ml


About Biwa leaf extract 200 ml It is an extract that pickled leaves of organic pesticide Biwa from Kumamoto Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Awajishima, in a white liquor for about 10...

About Biwa leaf extract 200 ml

It is an extract that pickled leaves of organic pesticide Biwa from Kumamoto Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Awajishima, in a white liquor for about 10 months. Biwa leaf moxibustion can be substituted for when there is no biwa leaf, or it can be used for Biwa leaf extract compress. Of course you can apply it directly to your skin.

How to use Biwa leaf extract

 ■ hot compress Biwa Leaf Extract Compressing Method is a therapy that utilizes cloth containing loquat leaf extract as a poultice and it is used for pain relief and so on. Amygdalin contained in loquat has analgesic action and bactericidal action, Biwa leaf extract is low back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, rheumatism, pain in knees and elbows, It is considered good for exerciser diseases such as bruises and sprains.
 ■ Biwa Leaf Extraction Method Biwa leaf extract application method is a method of applying biwa leaf extract directly to a place with pain or injury. Amygdalin contained in the loquat leaves has bactericidal and analgesic effects, It is considered effective when used for swelling and extinguishing the whole body. Even a disease in the mouth such as injuries in the mouth, stomatitis, alveolar pyorrhea, throat swelling and pain You can use it. When applying in the mouth, because the stimulus is strong Let's dilute the extract 3 or 4 times and use it. Outside of the mouth, symptoms such as odor, acne, scratch, insect bites, rash, athlete's foot, deep nail It is said to be effective. Because some people cause rash with loquat leaf extract, It is recommended that you perform patch test etc. beforehand.
 ■ Biwa lotion The loquat leaves which have been exerting their power on burns and injuries as a private medicine originally have a high ability to repair a damaged place, It is said that it is good for prevention of various skin troubles if it is used on a daily basis as a lotion. It is also effective for atopy and spots and it can be used after men shaving. · How to Make Handmade Lotion If you add 5 times as much water (extract: water = 1: 4) and glycerin (moisturizing) as you like, It is the completion of handmade lotion. The amount of glycerin should be about 1/100 of the total. Based on this amount, please adjust the concentration as desired with both extract and glycerin. * When diluting with water, preservative effect of alcohol weakens so save it in the refrigerator, Let's run out for 2 weeks as a guide. (About a week in the summer)■ Biwa's leaf bath Boil down the leaves of the liver and put the boiling water in the bath with the leaves. The hot water became so soft that it warmed from the core of the body like entering a hot spring, It is especially recommended for cold persons because it is difficult to cool down. It is also effective for atopy and skin diseases, helping to recover from fatigue.■ Biwa Leaf Extract Temperature Moxibustion Biwa leaf moxibustion seems difficult at first glance, but it is an allowance method that you can easily go even at home. Put a leaf, cloth, paper on top of the skin, apply a bar stick to it from above, and move little by little when it gets warm. Biwa leaf moxibustion is far-red fever of Momogasa, in addition to soft warmth, penetrates the ingredients of the leaves of the living body deep into the body. Recommended for those who are new to Kawashimaya,Biwa Leaf Temperature Moxibustion SetWe are preparing.Electric hot moxibustion deviceAllowance by is more convenient and recommended.

Voice of Biwa Leaf Extract Staff

Biwa leaf extract is favorite as lotion. Since it began to use this, I was surprised that it was hard to make the breakouts I had been suffering for a while. It is faintly fragrant and fresh, I like it very much because it is refreshing. Even when insect bites are stolen, I feel that healing is better if the leaf extract of Biwa is applied as undiluted solution. It is one of our regular products.

 Loaf leaf extract ↓ We also recommend it. ↓

Notes of Biwa leaf extract 200 ml

びわの葉エキス200ml Biwa leaf Warm moxibustion can be easily done, electric moxibustion "Yellow Tea Moxa Nano Platinum" is also recommended. If you have a loquat leaf and a power supply, you can do comfortably alone by the Yellow Orient moxibustion.Yellow Teacup Nano PlatinumThe page of here is here.
 Ingredient name: Biwa leaf whitecar Place of origin: Leaves of organic chemicals Biwa from Kumamoto Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Awajishima (It will be one of the following depending on the season) Contents amount: 200 ml Preservation method: Please save to avoid high temperature and humidity.
 Regarding biwa therapy using Biwa leaves and Biwa leaf warmth moxibustion, Biwa species It is introduced in detail in Yuriko Togashi Yuriko Togetherness Health Company.  Yuriko Doujo You and health companyThe page of here is here.