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Biwa leaves · dry type 1 kg (Hyogo prefecture produced · organic pesticide cultivation)


Biwa leaves · Dry type 1kg (Hyogo prefecture · organic pesticide cultivation) Of leaves of biwa grown in nature-rich Hyogo prefecture upper-county Dry quality parts. It is a dried leaf...

Biwa leaves · Dry type 1kg (Hyogo prefecture · organic pesticide cultivation)

Of leaves of biwa grown in nature-rich Hyogo prefecture upper-county Dry quality parts. It is a dried leaf condensed with abundant nutrients of Biwa leaves. Because it is non-pesticide cultivation, it is necessary for leaf tea of ​​Biwa and leaf extract of Biwa etc. You can use it with confidence.
 When you make tea, pour 1 liter of water into the kettle or pot, Put 10 g - 15 g of this product and heat it, boil it in about 1 - 2 min under low heat after boiling, Please sprinkle with tea leaves while it is hot. The leaves of Biwa contain many ingredients including amygdalin (vitamin B 17) and citric acid. Since ancient times, health maintenance work has been drawing attention and utilized. Biwa leaf tea does not contain caffeine, so you can drink safely even before going to bed

Major indications and effects of Biwa leaves

For Biwa leaf tea, recovery from fatigue, prevention of cold, nourishment tonic, enhancement of appetite, In addition to daily physical disorders such as coldness and summer bite, Gastrointestinal strengthening, prevention of diabetes and cancer, promotion of metabolism etc, It is said that there are various effects indeed. I recommend this hotel · Those who feel tired easily · Those with bad gastrointestinal symptoms · For people with coldness

Ingredients that have abundant leaves of Biwa

· Tannin (intestinal action) Saponin (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory) · Amygdalin (prevention of cancer) · Citric acid (recovery from fatigue) · Broad sugar (Enhanced energy) Such

 【Leaf tea of ​​Biwaku making with kettle】 Boil down 5-10 g of Biwa leaves with about 1 liter of water.
When hot water boils 1-2 minutes with low heat,
It is the completion of Biwa leaf tea.
 【Leaf tea of ​​Biwa making with teapot】 Put the 1-2 tablespoonfuls of the leaves of the biwa into the teapot,
Pour boiling water.
Please enjoy it when it comes to the taste of your choice.


How to make loquat leaf extract


Material of Biwa Leaf Extract Making

· Biwa leaves (dried leaves): About 150 g
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 · Liquor: 1.8 L (over 35 degrees) We use shochu or whitecar. Please use things with a degree of 35 degrees or more.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 · Bottle container (4 L or more container is recommended) Widget bottle used for plum wine etc. is convenient.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

How to make Biwa leaf extract

Step 1 Place the leaves of loquat into the container

Put the leaves of loquat into the container. /> For loquat leaves we use about 150 grams against 1.8 liters of shochu.
Before putting in containers, leave ingredients of loquat leaves are easier to put out with hands.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 Let's put the leaves of loquat into the container.


Step 2 Add sake to the container

I will put sake in the container.
Please use alcohol of 35 degrees or more so that the loquat leaf extract is extracted firmly.
Liquor or brown rice shochu is recommended only for rice leaf extract.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 3 Mix loquat leaves periodically

Please shake and mix the bottle of Biwa's leaves about 2-3 times a week.
 Once every 2 weeks, if you change the top and bottom of the leaves of the bottle in the bottle, the leaves extract of the liver will be more easily extracted.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 4 Store for about 2-4 months

Seal the bottle and keep it in a cool dark place.
About 2 months in the summer and about 4 months in the winter, a dark green liquid can be made.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 This is a leaf extract of loquat, with ingredients of loquat leaf blended well.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 5 Remove the leaves of the loquat

After storing the leaf extract of loquat for about 2-4 months, when the color of the leaves of the liver becomes brown, let's take out the leaves of the biwa.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 It is completion of Biwa leaf extract.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 It is said that leaf extract of finished Biwa will have several years even if it is stored at room temperature.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋
 Remove the loquat leaves that you finished, put them in a cloth bag, It is good to put in a bath as a bath agent. Please try enjoying the leaf extract of Biwa easily at home by all means.

About Producer Fresh Farm Okumoto

 It is a plantation cultivated in non-agricultural chemicals (reduced pesticide) in the upper county of Hyogo prefecture. "We want to deliver safe and safe food to people suffering from atopy and edible education, I am struggling with cultivation thinking that I want to make it together. " Based on the idea of ​​being agricultural chemicals and low agricultural chemicals are committed to being cultivated.
現代農業 表紙
 【Contents / raw materials】 Contents amount / 1 kg Raw materials / 100% leaves of Biwa (Hyogo Prefecture) Producer / Yukimasa Okumoto (Fresh Farm Okumoto) 【How to use】 Pour a pot about 1 liter of water into a pot or kettle, put 10 g - 15 g of this product and put it on the fire. Boil after about 1 to 2 minutes on low heat after boiling, please sprinkle with tea leaves while hot. Leave this as it is, please enjoy it instead of tea in cold divided into several times. 【Sell by】 Described in the product
 Regarding biwa therapy using Biwa leaves and Biwa leaf warmth moxibustion, Biwa species It is introduced in detail in Yuriko Togashi Yuriko Togetherness Health Company.  Yuriko Doujo You and health companyThe page of here is here. Biwa leaf Warm moxibustion can be easily done, electric moxibustion "Yellow Tea Moxa Nano Platinum" is also recommended. If you use Yellow emperor moxibustion and the leaves of Biwa or Biwa leaf extract, you can easily and comfortably take a leaf warming moxibustion at your home.Yellow Teacup Nano PlatinumThe page of here is here.