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Loa leaves - Organic JAS certification - (Fukudome Orchard from Tokunoshima Island) Drying type 100 g


 What is leaf tea (Biwa leaves from Kagoshima) of loquat Pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer cultivation from Tokunoshima, ideal for Biwa leaf extract and Biwa leaf tea, And it is the leaves...

What is leaf tea (Biwa leaves from Kagoshima) of loquat

 Pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer cultivation from Tokunoshima, ideal for Biwa leaf extract and Biwa leaf tea, And it is the leaves of the natural drying dry sun drying.
びわの葉 天日干し
 It is cut to about 3 cm so that it can be used directly for Biwa leaf extract and leaf tea leaves. We dried the leaves of Biwa grown in natural cultivation (no pesticide · chemical fertilizer) on Tokushinjima in Kagoshima Prefecture with sun drying. You can pickle it in a shochu to make a leaf extract of a biwa, or put it in a teapot or a pot to make a leaf tea of ​​a biwa. Please utilize the leaves of the natural cultivation for every healthy everyday. Organic JAS certification: Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association accreditation number 209

びわの葉 レビュー

How to make loquat leaf tea

びわの葉には、アミグダリン(ビタミンB17)やクエン酸をはじめとする成分が多く含まれています。 なかでもびわの葉茶は、古来より健康維持の働きが注目、活用されてきました。 びわの葉茶はカフェインを含まないので、就寝前でも安心してお飲みいただけます

【やかんでつくるびわの葉茶】 びわの葉5-10gを約1リットルの水で煮出します。
【急須でつくるびわの葉茶】 びわの葉を大さじ1-2杯程度を急須に入れ、



Material of Biwa Leaf Extract Making

· Biwa leaves (dried leaves): About 150 g
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 · Liquor: 1.8 L (over 35 degrees) We use shochu or whitecar. Please use things with a degree of 35 degrees or more.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 · Bottle container (4 L or more container is recommended) Widget bottle used for plum wine etc. is convenient.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

How to make Biwa leaf extract

Step 1 Place the leaves of loquat into the container

Put the leaves of loquat into the container. /> For loquat leaves we use about 150 grams against 1.8 liters of shochu.
Before putting in containers, leave ingredients of loquat leaves are easier to put out with hands.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 Let's put the leaves of loquat into the container.


Step 2 Add sake to the container

I will put sake in the container.
Please use alcohol of 35 degrees or more so that the loquat leaf extract is extracted firmly.
Liquor or brown rice shochu is recommended only for rice leaf extract.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 3 Mix loquat leaves periodically

Please shake and mix the bottle of Biwa's leaves about 2-3 times a week.
 Once every 2 weeks, if you change the top and bottom of the leaves of the bottle in the bottle, the leaves extract of the liver will be more easily extracted.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 4 Store for about 2-4 months

Seal the bottle and keep it in a cool dark place.
About 2 months in the summer and about 4 months in the winter, a dark green liquid can be made.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 This is a leaf extract of loquat, with ingredients of loquat leaf blended well.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋


Step 5 Remove the leaves of the loquat

After storing the leaf extract of loquat for about 2-4 months, when the color of the leaves of the liver becomes brown, let's take out the leaves of the biwa.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 It is completion of Biwa leaf extract.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋

 It is said that leaf extract of finished Biwa will have several years even if it is stored at room temperature.
ビワ葉エキスの作り方 かわしま屋
 Remove the loquat leaves that you finished, put them in a cloth bag, It is good to put in a bath as a bath agent. Please try enjoying the leaf extract of Biwa easily at home by all means.

About Fukutome Orchard

 Representative Keiko Fukudome has worked on organic fertilizer fruit tree cultivation in Tokonoshima, Ise-machi, a long-lived town, already over 20 years old. "There was a lot of hard work, to be honest, organic organic pesticide cultivation with a lot of insects in a subtropical climate. However, I have done whatever I think is good for crops, supported by the encouragement of my family and friends. In Amami's nature, fruits and juices that have touched the sun's light, We would like to appreciate Biwa and Tea to many people. "
 Loaf leaf extract ↓ We also recommend it. ↓


Loaf leaf tea (leaves of Biwa from Kagoshima) 100 g Attention point

· Name: Biwa leaves · Raw materials: Biwa leaves (from Tokushinjima, Kagoshima prefecture) · Expiration date: stated in the product
It is 100 g entrance. We will deliver it in simple packaging. Regarding biwa therapy using Biwa leaves and Biwa leaf warmth moxibustion, Biwa species It is introduced in detail in Yuriko Togashi Yuriko Togetherness Health Company.  Yuriko Doujo You and health companyThe page of here is here. Biwa leaf Warm moxibustion can be easily done, electric moxibustion "Yellow Tea Moxa Nano Platinum" is also recommended. If you use Yellow emperor moxibustion and the leaves of Biwa or Biwa leaf extract, you can easily and comfortably take a leaf warming moxibustion at your home.Yellow Teacup Nano PlatinumThe page of here is here.