180 g of enzyme crumb (Supplement of dried koji enzyme · Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice 100%) What is god or special product From the Edo era "Otami" of Kujiriya keeping...

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180 g of enzyme crumb (Supplement of dried koji enzyme · Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice 100%) What is god or special product

 From the Edo era "Otami" of Kujiriya keeping tradition,It is a no-added enzyme supplement born from rice koji seriously developed as a culmination of it. An enzyme that is naturally derived and very nutritious. The biggest weakness of such enzymes is weakness to 'heat' and is very delicate.However, trying to make it into a supplement, you must compel the heat. How can we deliver high-quality enzymes as supplements to everyone? Tadami repeatedly trial and error, repeated low temperature drying using proprietary technology,Make a super-finely pulverized powder with stone mill so as not to break the ingredients, blend it, add maltose to itIt was hardened with powdered oil and fat and succeeded in processing into a granular supplement while maintaining the enzyme. Finally it was completed from a hot feeling "I want to deliver the best enzyme to our customers!"Odds and specially made "enzyme lumps (dry koji enzyme supplement)". Please try 'natural enzyme of rice koji' naturally derived and highly nutritious.


What is "enzyme"

 Recently, "enzyme" attracting attention in various fields such as health and beauty.Rice koji is a topical ingredient now containing a lot of this enzyme. So what is an enzyme in the first place? A major role of the enzyme is to help decompose and digest food. But not only that, it protects your body from breathing, waste discharge, and virusesIt also plays a major role in improving immunity. Furthermore, because it also has the effect of producing oligosaccharides etc., which are favorites of "good bacteria" in the intestine,It helps to prepare intestinal environment (intestinal flora). As the enzyme, vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid,Biotin, molybdenum, etc. It has the function of generating vitamin B group. Vitamin B group helps cell metabolism, keeps hair, skin, nails, etc. healthy,It helps fatigue recovery and prevention of anemia. Thus, enzymes are indispensable for maintaining human 'life force'. However, since enzymes in the body decrease with age,It is said that it is necessary to supplement the missing enzyme firmly from the outside. Tadashi's "Tsuba of the enzyme", so as not to lower the enzyme titer,Because it processes carefully at low temperature drying, the power of the enzyme is exhaustedIt can be incorporated into the body.


Voice of staff

The taste of Mr. Tadashi 's "enzyme neck" is the raw material "rice koji". Many of the enzyme supplements extract enzymes from various foods,Tadashi's san's enzyme is made with sticking to taking from "rice koji". Because it is a traditional long-established store like this, it is a non-additive enzyme supplement.


180 g of enzyme crumb (Supplement of dry koji enzyme · Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice 100%) Oatama and special use recommended method

 Please consult about 20 ~ 30 grains per day as a guide.Would you like to drink with water as it is, melt in your mouth like a ramunePlease get a meal. Because it comes with a special bottle, carrying is very convenient.Even when you are on a business trip or traveling, you can quickly put it in your bag and drink it anytime anywhere.


About 180 g of enzyme crumb (supplement of dried koji enzyme · 100% Yonezawa rice produced in Yamagata prefecture) About tatami and special producer "limited company god"

  Tadami was founded in Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa in Tenpo 3 years (1892)It is a long-established fermented food manufacturer with "Akihabara miso brewing" in its roots. "Traditional technologies" and "Excellent craftsmanship" that have been handed down since its foundingEven now it is handed down to the generation of the present age, and its technology continues to evolve constantly. But what does not change whether the times change ...What we say most importantly is "people's warmth and affection".That feeling has never changed, both in the past and now. Snow Country Yonezawa's pure water and nature's blessing.We will deliver genuine taste.


180 g of enzyme crumb (Supplement of dry koji enzyme · Yamagata prefecture · Yonezawa rice 100%) Odds and special notes

 · Raw materials: rice koji powder, sake cake powder, maltose, powdery fats and oilsCapacity: 180 g (containing about 1,000 particles)* Warm period around April to September, especially discoloration, please preserve in refrigerator to prevent pests.※ Please avoid high temperature and humid place.
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