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Download Download House of natural fermented seasoning"Yojo(such as)"25g


Download Download House of natural fermented seasoning"Yojo(such as)"and is "Down down the house the nature of the fermented milk acid bacteria", the seasoning was utilized as goods. "福島屋"of Toru Fukushima...

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Download Download House of natural fermented seasoning"Yojo(such as)"and is

"Down down the house the nature of the fermented milk acid bacteria", the seasoning was utilized as goods. "福島屋"of Toru Fukushima President,COBO Download Download the house by the developed countries.
"Ajinomoto"in the same way, and in cooking and sprinkled Culinary seasoning and finish please use. One of the dishes,flavor,sweetness, and A mellow taste on the finish. Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo(such as)"is Rice, rice and rice malt made of lactic acid bacteria of the seasoning.
ウエダ家の自然発酵調味料 Yojo(ようじょう)
3 pretend at approximate 0. 1G. Bottle 25g approximate 750 pretendingAnd dishes to use. Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"is, rice and rice malt only from the cultivated lactic acid bacteria in the. Spoon pretending to put it in a copier / Fax / printer and complimentary office supplies are ready to go.

The Voice of the customer

Sweet full taste From a friend recommended I purchased. Soy milk yogurt making is used. Miso soup it taste the way with a variety of dishes you can use to taste it. I want to try.

And your (40s・women)

And my body back. Dairy is not the Constitution, the rice lactic acid bacteria and my body back.

Mother and child in atopic dermatitis Mother and child in atopic dermatitis. Side effects not help.

The body burden without enter Chemical sensitivity, and rice so as to cover the vinyl can react to it, but this powder is the body to burden me with.

(Woman in her 30s)

Skin tone is also good Dozens of years of constipation was. What drink can I had to, in about a week,changed. Every day, the feeling and tone of the skin is also good.

(Woman in her 30s)

*Download Download the House of natural milk acid bacteria used for the customer personal impressions.

Food delicious to the"Koji"of

Koji the power of the koji mold in the production of that enzyme. The enzyme power is great, the temperature humidity etc conditions are met,a few minutes・a few hours in the starch, and of sugar, the Protein amino acid change. Our meal even in a few hours and feel hungry all this is an enzyme in the body, working Starch and protein decomposition products. Yojo rice, rice and rice malt made from, Materials taste of pulling out the seasoning. Chemical sensitivity of allergies in trouble, pregnant at You can use them without worry.
ウエダ家の自然発酵調味料 Yojo(ようじょう)

Yojo's lecture to The participated. 2016 年 12 月 7 日

Natural fermented milk acid bacteria,meat and vegetables and sprinkle only Material taste can come in a lot of recipes I was taught. ↑Photos of you from the rice to"Yojo"
Special lecturer,"the 福島屋"the Chairman's wife,Fukushima Mieko's. And from the atmosphere, and enjoy while talking "Yojo"recipe to lecture us. Mieko is this”Yojo”, using Dishes and, The extra hassle without the addition of a simple can The pursuit and practice it. "Feet not""not""not to mix"with, Subtraction to pursue the idea, The inherent deliciousness and meet at Joy says. "yojo"with a little bit of salt, soy sauce(福島屋 of"up"is used)of pickles is Vegetable"taste"and you can taste it.
I was surprised of the taste, compared. "Of apples, squeezed the juice"and"mayonnaise", and "Yojo"with the addition of and not in addition to all that-- Everyone,"Oh, we""to true", etc Voice of surprise there. "Yojo"a little bit only in addition, the taste of the contour is More material original taste is drawn to it.
I also love the"chestnuts with a"if Usually half of the sugar, And even sweeter, is it not this not Impressed, but it was really delicious.
”Yojo”made jams and pickles, the For more than,3 days later is just a good taste to it. Living lactic acid bacteria,through the taste to pull off. I is a traditional Maori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit, of course, New Year dishes also, From there things seasoning“Yojo”to use your own.

Download Download House of natural fermented seasoning"Yojo(such as a)"diffuse balsam fir oil in an améo diffuser for respiratory and intestinal support

Material ・Cucumbers---------240g ・Ginseng-----------60g ・Salt------------3g(vegetables weight 1%) ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--0.3 g ・Soy sauce-----------1 tbsp How to make 1. Cucumbers are 1cm degree wheel cut, carrot is thin to just cut to that. 2. 1 The"served with seaweed salt"to glare, light sum and and. 3. Water came out from the"Yojo"shake it,etc. 4. To make the sauce,etc. If you put them in a plastic bag,lightly through the air and soon the taste including.
Material ・Spinach(Japanese mustard spinach〉---1 bunch ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo" ・Soy sauce ・Dried Bonito-----------appropriately How to make 1. Soy sauce and hot water to cool to a 2:1 ratio mix,"Yojo"a little shake, plus mix. 2. Spinach 1 bunch and wash,easy to eat, cut it to length to. 3.2 1 to 2 tablespoons of hour sauce,dried Bonito does not. Hawk put the nails in the fire, and not to stop the fire.
Material ・You-----------500g ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--0.5 g ・Soy sauce-----------50g ・Hawk's claws----------a little ・Do not---------2 book How to make 1. You eat and set, until soft boiled, to raise. 2. They are the colours well boiled, and diagonally cut into slices. 3. In a saucepan, the soy sauce of the Talon and put the fire on medium heat, toss until boiled"Yojo"to add. 4. To finish, they dissipate.
Material ・Red beans-----------1kg ・Water------------2L ・三温糖----------500g ・Salt------------10g ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--0.5 g How to make 1. Wash azuki beans and water in a saucepan on the fire, and thoroughly and cook until tender. 2. 三温糖 In addition to 10 minutes after Salt addition,water is left out to"Yojo"in addition to one boil for the fire to stop.
Material ・Red kidney beans----------200g ・Water------------600cc ・三温糖----------100g ・Salt------------3g ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--0.2 g How to make 1. Wash red kidney beans and water in a saucepan on the fire, and thoroughly and cook until tender. 2. Add the sugar,10 minutes after Salt addition,water is left out to"Yojo"in addition to one boil for the fire to stop.
Material ・Chicken thigh meat---------300g ・Silken tofu--------1 Ding ・Chinese cabbage-----------1/6 ball ・Shiitake mushrooms-----------4 pieces ・For the----------1 pack ・Enoki mushrooms---------1 bag ・Thread Konjac-------1 bag ・Long green onion----------2 book ・Kelp-----------enemy Declaration ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--0.3 g How to make 1. Chicken thigh meat and cut to size"Yojo"dusted 30 minutes put. 2. The water in the pan Zhang, and kelp put to soak. 3. Vegetables, mushrooms, tofu each size easy to eat and cut. 4. 1 of the chicken in boiling water and boiled under the. 5. 2 of the chicken in the pan with other ingredients,cooked until a boil. 6. Ponzu as well. Like shichimi added to taste.
Material ・Prunes---------500g ・Granulated sugar-------50g ・Balsamic vinegar-------1 teaspoon ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--0.5 g How to make 1. Prunes wash in the middle incision,and turning the seeds are removed,skin intact 1 piece of 8 equal parts in that. 2. In a pot with prunes granulated sugar into the water until the well. 3. The fire in a pan, and boil as you cook over medium-high heat, then cook stuffing. 4. Finish"Yojo"with the balsamic vinegar adding.
Material ・You----------1 piece ・Salt------------1 teaspoon/2 weak ・Vinegar------------1 tbsp ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--1g ・Olive oil------110g How to make 1. Save big on eggs,"Yojo", vinegar, salt, olive oil to put. 2. Bar mix until smooth mixture. In the refrigerator for about 1 Week,can be saved.
Material ・A chestnut candied--------4 Grain ・Sweet potatoes(and Kintoki)--300g ・Sugar-----------30g ・Natural fermented seasoning"Yojo"--0.5 g ・A chestnut candied juice of------50g ・Mirin----------1 tbsp ・Salt------------a little How to make 1. Sweet potatoes are cut into rings about the thickness of the skin to peel off in the water, 30 minutes soak, and much more. 2. In the pan the sweet potato, put to much water is added, and boiling spills. 3. Again the water in the pan with the sweet potatoes, put until soft 20 minutes to braise it. 4. And from your hot sweet potatoes, mashed Chestnut candied juice and sugar and add the Over low heat slowly kneaded. 5. Finally Yojo and salt,and knead to mix,candied chestnuts, put the entire mix to combine.

Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria of the charm

Download Download Home is 10 years,1 thousand to over students Celebrated,natural fermentation of the course and I, for one, do not have the time you can.
It intestinal upset or indigestion on the lot, and No matter how many. Intestinal flora, improvement of Allergies, obesity, diabetes, cancer and depression, etc Modern disease cure cutting-edge medical care and attention.

Why natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria in the gut good?

Vegetable lactic acid bacteria is from ancient times, Japanese people, even as you can. Natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria,the best rice(completely pesticide-free services security)and Starter(spawn without addition of the wild of the brewery with malt),
The only water in the raw material And low temperature environment,long-term natural fermentation used. At low temperature, grow by the bacteria that live in the more Tough environment surviving in the wild of the bacteria using the combined power of all living entities. This process,lactic acid bacteria and yeast (Lactococcus・multipolar budding yeast・extracellular polysaccharide)is a symbiotic or a colony is born. This colony that the Japanese in the bowels of familiar,lactic acid bacteria, the form of it. Download Download House, years of research by natural selection by bacteria and can control the Natural fermentation of the stabilization was successful. (Patent 2014-088640) the lactic acid bacteria colonies(symbiont)living or freeze-dried of Download Download House of natural milk acid bacteria in the.

"Down down the house the nature of the fermented milk acid bacteria"bottled for, so things seasoning it. And head-to-head against a healthy eating. Of the rice lactic acid bacteria,the taste for that. Single Shake,Taste mellow. 2 pretend, and pickled. 3 pretend, and the meat is plenty and. Natural fermented seasoning Yojo such as lactic acid bacteria or not,cooking is fun. Ingredients, beyond imagination, and. Continue almost,from the gut,the body becomes lighter. The table seems to just,let.
■Raw materials:Yamagata pesticide-free services security,naturally grown brown rice koji ■Contents quantity: 25 g-only case ■How to save:avoid direct sunlight store below 25ºC ■Manufacturer:COBO Co., Ltd. CO 4