Dried brown rice extracted, then Aspergillus-Okayama industries m 100%-(mA Hikaru Ku RA business with 25kg - kawashima the japanstore

Dried brown rice extracted, then Aspergillus-Okayama industries m 100%-(mA Hikaru Ku RA business with 25kg


  Dry brown rice koji-Okayama brown rice 100%-(multi-class)commercial 25kg and is Local Okayama artisan handmade dry it is. The same fungus so as not to break in the air, slowly,slowly,I...


Dry brown rice koji-Okayama brown rice 100%-(multi-class)commercial 25kg and is

Local Okayama artisan handmade dry it is. The same fungus so as not to break in the air, slowly,slowly,I finish it. With a popularity,and a large capacity of 25kg now available. Commercial to be used.* Orders received after manufacturers ordered products will be. * Manufacturers in the production is stopped or if the delivery delay is not on. In that case separately,we will contact. Please note.

Dried Rice Koji (Marukura)

Sweet sake and homemade miso, salt such as manufacturing, etc. as well. Also, bread and cakes of the dough to make the hard changes and fuel.


And a large capacity of 25kg it.



White rice starter with brown rice koji about the difference between

At first glance, the color is different, besides the taste and smell is bad.

White rice koji is to Miso, very sweet, the finish is so sweet there. Its clean and refreshing aroma, coupled with the Japanese hate the one and not in the popular will. Also production of the most accessible and the recipes are also rich in malt for beginners to handle. Brown rice koji, the rice koji like miso and yeast salt,sweet sake-based information.

White rice koji, compared to brown rice specific to the unique sweet taste is attractive. Slightly bitter,the taste left in the mouth in...... This faint bitterness and flavor that the brown rice for a real thrill. Once your order has become "the brown rice koji is"and Studio is also going strong. Smell deeply the want of a dinner table in a very unique presence to the shows.

White rice koji use for fermentation of expertise grabbed, the next one, and I want you and products.

Or koji for the people using the service, even brown rice is a special treat based on the fact that there is no. White rice koji, as well as various dishes to use. Difficulty speaking circulation amount is small, the cut soon as you refill does not work this out.



The purchase of voice of the customer


The rice and coarse salt, using the basic knowledge made.

Handmade the basic knowledge of the day goes to mellow, and delicious time.

Many things to have fun.


I was using it.

I have used some to buy as well.


This starter is note: iHerb does not imply any medical claims from this review.

Cooked rice 150g and 900ml water in a saucepan bring to a boil at 60 degrees koji charged.

The smaller pot into the rice cooker in water bath lid open for 10 hours on the cheeks, it is without fail amazake is one of them.


Delicious is!

As well as,delicious.


This starter made with miso, and this was delicious.

I've been making.


Abroad I bought this shelf life is concerned, but Chan and 6 months there was a

Delicious amazake is one of the spot.


Clean packaging, and the goods of polite commentary, there is a great need.

Koji-making went well, also good.


Dry brown rice koji-Okayama brown rice 100%-(multi-class)commercial 25kg usage

Dry yeast if you use yeast salt and homemade miso, amazake at home easily made. A long-established brewery is over a fine malt with delicious dishes to please take advantage.

Dried Rice Koji (Marukura)


recipe email This product started to order us around,
Yeast salt・ginger・miso recipe
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【Basic knowledge】


Dried koji and salt water, mixed with aged it,homemade yeast salt can.

【Homemade miso】

乾燥麹 味噌

Dry Koji to soybeans and salt to the mix a long time aged if the additive-free handmade miso(a moment), where you can choose to pay real money for some extra items. ※The product in a bag of raw malt in the back as described, the miso during the dry malt is also used.



Dry malt and 60-70 ° C water to the rice cooker, put 6 hours keep warm if the rice just delicious amazake you can.


Organic dried rice malt-Okayama organic rice 100%-(multi-class)
Dry malt and raw malt differences


Dry malt and moisture, skip the dried malt can.

Malt is dry malt and raw malt can live yeast and bacteria to weak on self-fermentation on the quality deterioration of the progress and nature. Therefore, the saved are difficult to. And eliminate the disadvantages of Appeared of dry yeast in. Dried koji is fermented negatively impact bacteria to a strong, self-fermentation can be suppressed.

Dry malt, dry only raw malt taste and almost there's no difference.


Dry brown rice koji-Okayama brown rice 100%-(multi-class)
Multi-line Food message from


Multi-class food, Kurashiki city, Okayama Prefecture in koji・amazake, miso・manufacturing and selling of tea. Domestic sales outside North America, the EU, Australia, Southeast Asia organic food(brown rice amazake, miso paste, 麦味噌,natto, miso, etc.) of exports, resulting in domestic hygiene standards overseas as well as in hygienic standards, very good for our creative growth.

The year before last 11 months the FDA(United States Food and Drug Administration)and American standards of production methods in the food is made whether or not the inspections you want. A very severe inspection was successfully passed can, then smoothly export is continuing.

Japan to overseas is impossible to be imitated a long history with the company you. It demands high our delicious and safe to eat from food can produce a Japanese left on the last road there is the image of a brand revival there......


Dry brown rice koji-Okayama brown rice 100%-(multi-class) - features

  • ・Live koji at a low temperature, dry place,stored for a long time is effective.
  • ・Additive non-use.


Dry brown rice koji-Okayama brown rice 100%-(multi class) note

  • ・25kg ・packaged
  • ・Shelf life:manufacturing six months from the
  • ・Dried starter stored in a hot and humid place to avoid let. Hot and humid a place as the starter the taste and quality of the changes and there you have it. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place(in a cool, dark place or refrigerator)to save time. Dried this water and easier to absorb. When you save a sealed container to use it. Save when such precautions to protect the dry malt taste and quality, without changing the dry yeast to get the most enjoyment out of this game.

Product details

Name Dry brown rice koji-Okayama brown rice 100%-(multi-class)
The contents of 25kg
Shelf life Manufacturing six months from the
How to save Low humidity in the refrigerator and saved.