Koji Fermenter "Koji-kun 115 S" Ikeda Machinery Industry Special - What isIt is the best koji fermenter for making koji.It is a fermentation machine developed utilizing the know-how of brewery...

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Koji Fermenter "Koji-kun 115 S" Ikeda Machinery Industry Special - What is

It is the best koji fermenter for making koji.It is a fermentation machine developed utilizing the know-how of brewery and miso storage in the whole country.With automatic temperature control function, you can easily manage the temperature of kojiEven people who make koji for the first time can make fine koji.

It is a model that many professional use.(You can ferment up to 15 kg of rice and beans at a time.) High density pyrrylene which excels in cold resistance and heat resistance is used for the material.You can use it if you have a household 100V (normal electricity). You can make sanitary and stable quality koji.Recommended for those who aim for koji making on the top level. * This item will be sent directly from the manufacturer.For that reason you can not pay by cash on delivery.Thank you for your consideration. You can use at homeDomestic koji fermentorIs here

Kojiji 15S body and accessories


Kojiji 15 S size

 ■ Product detailsSize: W 970 mm x D 480 mm x H 460 mmWeight: 12 kgMaterial: (outer surface) High density polyethylene (inner surface) ABSCapacity: 80 liters

Characteristics of Kojiji 15S


Kojiji 15S is amazing here

hygienicalSince you can clean up every corner, you can always make koji in a clean state without bacteria.EasyHigh quality koji can be made with a combination of traditional methods and latest electronic control technology.Excellent insulation powerHigh-density polyethylene with high cold resistance and heat resistance is adopted as a material.EasyYou can use it anywhere you have a 100V power supply for home use.
 Please help us to make homemade koji.


About operation procedure

Preparation before work Koji machine body, sensor 1, heater should be sterilized with reverse detergent.Boil sterilize the cloth relation and dry it.Before floor licking work, put water on the bat, put the outlet of the main body of koji machine on, turn on the power and warm the cloth relation.However, since the heater does not turn on when the temperature of the location of the main body of Koji machine is high (28 ℃ or higher), the water of the putt will not warm.Caution: If you turn on the heater without putting water on the bat, it will be empty and it is very dangerous, so please make sure that water is in it.If you are using for the first time use the room temperature sensor 1, container and heater are set so please put water into the container.
 Working PrecautionsWhen pulling in the main body of Koji machine15: 00 ~ 16: 00Please do so.When you bring in this time zone, the next day8:00Because the item temperature is 38 ° C or higher,You can switch back.Please note that if you retract before 15:00, you will have to switch back before 8:00 the next day.


Temperature controller operation manual

1. Kojiji is automatically controlled to always produce good quality koji.2. Since the temperature controller is initialized (below), it is not necessary to set the temperature again. * Default setting statusRoom temperature controller: set temperature 28 ° C (Heater turns OFF when the room temperature reaches 28 ° C) Operating width temperature (DIF) 0.2 ° CItem temperature controller 1: set temperature 38 ° C (Heater turns OFF when the item temperature reaches 38 ° C) Operating width temperature (DIF) 0.1 ° C * Settable temperature Setting temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C Operating range temperature : 0.1 ° C to 5.0 ° C 3. The display temperature at the time of power-Display temperature of controller sensor tipIt will be.
 ※ If the temperature of the room where the Koji machine body is installed is high (over 28 ℃) the heater will not operate so the water of the bat will not warm.※ When steaming seaweed steamed rice is drawn into the main body, the temperature of the steam rises above 28 ℃ due to the heat of steam rice and the heater may not operate. 4. If you want to change the set temperature for some reason, follow the procedure below.


How to care

1. Unplug the power cord.2. After using, I will start cleaning after Koji's inside.3. Pull out all the water in the bat.Please work after hot water has cooled down sufficiently. There is a risk of burning. · Cleaning the inside of the main unit Disinfect the inside of the main body, temperature sensor 1, heater with alcohol spray (sold separately, clean call), wipe with a dry cloth,Or soak the soft cloth into the reverse detergent diluted with water and wipe it well.Also, if you are not going to use for a long time, please remove the heater and temperature sensor and clean it.Please refer to the following for removal method.· Care of accessories After washing the net and bat with dishwashing detergent, sterilize with alcohol spray and wipe with a dry cloth,Or soak the soft cloth into the reverse detergent diluted with water and wipe it well.Removing the heater and pad (installation)


Rice koji ready-to-use amount and amount of rice used

Amount of rice

Amount of finished rice koji (standard)


The finished amount of miso and the amount of materials used

 I will show you how to make detailed rice koji on this page.>>How to make rice koji 

 ■ Recipe using rice koji >>How to make Miso >>How to make salt koji >>How to make sweet sake made with rice and koji 

Koji fermenter "Koji-kun 115 S" Ikeda Machinery Industry special product - notes

Koji fermenter "Koji-kun 115 S" · Throughput: 15 kg (white rice) / times· Main body material: Outside: High density i1 \ Rework chillen inner side: ABS· Body dimensions: 970 W x 480 D x 460 HWeight: 12 kg· Rated voltage: 100 V· Rated capacity: 200 W· Control: quality display / room temperature automatic control function· Accessories: upper net, middle net, bag, cloth, Aspergillus
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