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Yuan (Scenery) | Exit knife 18 cm


 Yugen (Scenery) | What is a delivery knife? A famous "knife (scenery)" as a knife used by cooks It is an exit knife dressing suitable for handling fish. Used white steel...

Yugen (Scenery) | What is a delivery knife?

 A famous "knife (scenery)" as a knife used by cooks It is an exit knife dressing suitable for handling fish. Used white steel of Yasushi steel for the material. In addition to outstanding sharpness just like kitchen knife, ease of sharpening, easy to handle Combined, it is a kitchen knife you can use at home. With a sharp cutting edge unique to the blade, cut into fish, It is possible to release your breath smoothly and cut off your bones without putting strength. You can use it conveniently when you are handling fish at home, such as three dishes. From chefs to housewives, "Yusuke" who many admire as wanting to use once. Sharp, clean, easy to break, not fragile. For those looking for authentic kitchen knife of such a lifetime, we definitely recommend kitchen knife. This product will be a type of blade length 18 cm.
佑成 出刃包丁


Introduction of Yugen (Scenery)

佑成 出刃包丁
 Yui is a brand of knife that boasts tremendous popularity among professional cooks. Since its founding in Showa Era, through excellent training techniques and tradition in Toyama, I have kept making the best knives.
佑成 出刃包丁 佑成 出刃包丁
 Yusei's kitchen knife is traditionally handed down by craftsmen, with a sincere heart, each one carefully trained, It is trusted as a good arm of the cook, and continues to be loved for a long time.
佑成 出刃包丁 佑成 出刃包丁
 The main is Japanese knife for Japanese food, and there are also many special special knives used by professionals. A wide variety of assortments, besides Japanese beef swords, Western knives as well as boiled swords, Sanchun, Petit Knife There is abundant lineup. Because of its solid quality, not only professional chefs but also housewives have many fans "Yusuke". Not to mention the sharpness of the sharpness of the blade, ease of use, reputation for being unbreakable It is a kitchen knife of a lifetime thing that can be used for a long time if care is taken carefully. 

Outstanding sharpness, full-scale cutting edge


"White steel" material used by professional chefs

佑成 出刃包丁
 It boasts outstanding sharpness. For the material of the blade, we use Yasugi Steel 's Kasumi White Steel. "White steel" is the most widely used material among knives used by professionals, It has high quality, contains a lot of carbon, and features a sharp sharpness.

Excellent stability with a thick single blade

佑成 出刃包丁
 Because it is a kitchen knife for a professional job, the blade of one blade is thick, and it has a solid sense of solidness. It can not be said that it is a light kitchen knife, but when breaking fish etc. Even without putting weight on it, it gets stoned with the weight of the kitchen knife, The sense of stability is outstanding.

This one to handle fish!

 The knife kitchen knife is the perfect kitchen knife for handling fish. When handling fish, peeling off from bones, from breaking of bones and bones, There are also various tasks such as slicing your body. Because of the knife used by the professional, shuffle comes with origami. From a notch at a sharp point, a force cut off, Until delicate work, every work is outstandingly sharp It can do things without stress.
佑成 出刃包丁
 "I would like to choose knives for a lifetime thing but I do not know which to do ..." It is a kitchen knife perfect for those with such problems.


How to Care

 Although it is a sharp knife, it is characterized by being rusty. After use, please remove dirt sufficiently and remove moisture, Please keep in a place with no moisture. Also, when regularly grinding with a grindstone, You can use it without spoiling the sharpness.

It is also pleasing for gifts

佑成 出刃包丁
 You can also enjoy it as a gift. It is ideal for gifts for those who like cuisine, sticking food dishes.

Size / specification

佑成 出刃包丁
 Size: Length 340 mm, blade length 180 mm Weight: 330 g Material: Blade / Kasumi white steel, possession / water buffalo horn Park Producing country: Japan

Usage notes

佑成 出刃包丁
 · When cutting bone items or frozen products, please note that the blade may be chipped or broken. · Because it is a rusting kitchen knife, please wipe off moisture thoroughly with a dry cloth after use. - If you grind with a grinding stone regularly, you can use it without spoiling the sharpness.