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Samsung Blade|"sum NAGOMI"Maru MARU series The Dai-gohonzon&Petty set


Samsung Blade|"sum NAGOMI"Maru MARU seriesThe Dai-gohonzon&Petty set The world's three major production of blades as the famous Gifu・Seki City.In this area 700 years, and has been passed down the Cutlery...

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Samsung Blade|"sum NAGOMI"Maru MARU series
The Dai-gohonzon&Petty set

The world's three major production of blades as the famous Gifu・Seki City.

In this area 700 years, and has been passed down the Cutlery on the tradition of utilizing high technology in addition to the luxury of time and a lot of time and effort, all of the "Japanese NAGOMI"brand.

It is in Western countries been well received brand, but this time, the domestic market of products and developed this"Maru MARU"series.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

Japanese in the hands of the suits at the top of the comfort and ease of maintenance achieved, and grooming it,even at home use for a long time that a nice knife and more.

Beautiful form and a pleasant sharpness,further sharpening and pride.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

This series from what we deliver is the Dai-gohonzon&Petty set.

The home kitchen is the most heavily used of the IS, cut the ingredients chosen not 三徳包丁 and get a quotation and check Petty knife.

This utility item set of 2 in the morning.

Also as a gift perfect set.

"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series introduction

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

The world's three major production of blades,Gifu Prefecture Seki City

Older than good quality of burning blade soil, Pine charcoal, a wealth of Nagara and 津保川 of clean water, ideally ideal for the land was in Gifu Prefecture, Seki City.

This area in the Kamakura period more excellent sword Smith to gather more.

During the Muromachi period swordsmith is more than 300,
"Break one,bend one,well to cut,"and it was about the Katana, its name nationwide for you.

The Warring States period of the war of the world on some of the many famous swords are born, and of incomparable sharpness is a lot of the warlords loved by the and from.

Then also about the famous Swords of the region as prosperous,where born,700 years from nurtured excellence tradition and technology of modern swordsmith and Blade industry have been passed down from generation to generation.

At present, the world's three major production of Blades also, a number of them,
Many knife manufacturers have lined all the Cutlery process and architecture.

The tradition was born from the original brand"Japanese NAGOMI"

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

"The sum NAGOMI"brand to get the Samsung blade, this Gifu Prefecture Seki City in Meiji 6 years in the business.

Samsung cutting tool is,the inherited sword Smith of tradition, technology,
A long time Western countries a lot of the Cutlery manufacturers of products,a huge expertise has been accumulated.

Its technical capabilities are exhaustively reflected that of the original brand"Japanese NAGOMI"is.

The mainly Western countries in great popularity.

"The sum NAGOMI"with the name of this knife is made with dishes surrounding the family is always kind-hearted healthy smile, full of lifestyle and more,and the hope of it.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

The blade material of the various components of the configuration, the temperature difference depending on a molecular structure level from the material to adjust a lot from the process, “the grandmasters”by the end of sharpening, ranging from
"The sum NAGOMI"brand is a luxury in the time and effort to carefully enjoy them.

"The sum NAGOMI"in Japanese in the home can be used for a longer one to

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

"Maru MARU", this"sum NAGOMI"brand from the Japanese Fit kitchen knife,believed to developed series.

Home in any kitchen, and look very nice as“Japanese modern”theme set.

Beautiful form and a pleasant sharpness,sharpening and features of this series are the property of their respective owners, and provide a variety of ideas have been.

"The sum NAGOMI|Maru MARU"series features

Good sharpness even at home, sharpening and Blade

Recent knife is the trend for“Blade”to be hard, there is a tendency that it is.

It is at first glance, the blade sharpness is long-lasting to make, but in fact the sharpness of the duration is a little stretched just in.

The problem is,the sharpness fell off at the time, and the hardness of the evil, sharpening it is very difficult.

The"Maru MARU"series, The Dare is too hard not blade materials,among them the hardness and raise the technical development was performed.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

Thus, pleasing sharpness, and sharpening and the blade is realized.

Even at home easy to sharpen if you can, your frequency of Use and sharpness, and some each time and clean,long use.

Care while use.
It by the attachment of Muslims, a lifetime of kitchen knives, as for many years to come take care of you as long as it is.

How to sharpen kitchen knivesDetailed introduction

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

Hand and familiar,from the processed beautiful pattern

With clasped hands and a portion of the handle, the grip and excellent of the step was not a smooth shape.

Involuntarily eye-catching,curved and soft forms.

Japanese into the hands of a fit thought out,a lot, through the process of
One of the craftsmen hand work entrusted to it,carefully used.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series ... asthma product list

"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series
The Dai-gohonzon&Petty set

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

"Maru MARU"of the Dai-gohonzon&Petty set,the ingredients for use and convenient all-purpose type of knife, 三徳包丁 and petty knife for 2 books and for use of the product.

The Dai-gohonzon is a good size, meat, fish and vegetables, to cut 万能包丁.

On the other hand, the petty knife is the adaptable Mini Chef's knife, fruit and vegetable peel such as it can also cut the ingredients they choose and I want to cook, or start cooking from how to for one in.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

2 books and also at home in the kitchen of the most frequently used utility items.

How to care and precautions for use

How to care

・After use, remove dirt,moisture and wipe away.
The dirt was left, and the moisture is sufficient to wipe it with,and will be the cause of.

・Sharpness that lasts for,1-2 times a month is sharpening as well.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

Sharpening how to

・Knife in full swing and sharpen if 荒砥→中砥-finishing abrasive in the order of sharpening, which can in the home life and caring for the 中砥 Stone is sufficient.

・Grinding stones with plenty of water, a flat place to put stability,the grinding wheel and the knife angle is assigned if 1 degree (about 15 degrees) is kept constant.

・Grinding wheel and a kitchen knife back and forth slowly to move.
When pressing power,when power is removed.
The blade of the table back the same number of sharpening please.

・Sharpening when in that mush of liquid sharpen the Blades needed sharpening juice can wash away without sharpening please continue.

Please note

・Kitchen knife over the back of the fingers and the palm of your hands directly in the state,power etc.
The back part of the corners in the fingers and palms hurt and fear there.
Pumpkin like hard to hours, on gloves for that, back to the cloth, such as the please use.

・The bones with meat and frozen food or other hard material to cut at a dedicated knife to use.

・Metal and hard as stone but it can not be used on. Can cause corruption.

・First, when using a sponge, such as dishwashing detergent with sufficient rinsing, the rinse well.
・Microwave and oven put in,do not dry.

Gifts for is pleased with it.

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series of kitchen knives is a heavy, luxurious feel, nice Packed in a box and send it to you.

What is important to you as a gift to everyone, and delight our customers.

Cooking lovers,this cookware to gifts the best.

Size / specifications

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁

Product details

Size: The Dai-gohonzon/Overall length 317mm,thin blade kitchen knives 180mm,handle length about 125mm,Bong thickness 2. 3mm
Petty/ Total length 260mm,length more 155mm, a handle length of about 95mm,the peak thickness 2. 0m
Weight: The Dai-gohonzon/ About 180g,Petty/ About 95g
Material: The blade/440A-molybdenum steel (HRC hardness: 58),
The handle portion/laminated reinforced wood stainless inlay
Country of origin: Japan (Gifu Prefecture, Seki City)
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 三徳包丁