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Samsung knife | "Naga NAGOMI" Maru MARU series cake knife


Samsung cutlery | "WAG NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series What is a cake knife Gifu prefecture · Seki city, famous as the world's third largest cutlery production center. Taking advantage of...

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Samsung cutlery | "WAG NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series What is a cake knife

Gifu prefecture · Seki city, famous as the world's third largest cutlery production center. Taking advantage of the tradition of knife making which has been handed down for over 700 years in this area, in addition to high technical skill, it is "Waga NAGOMI" brand that is made luxuriously with time and effort. Although it is a brand that has gained popularity in Western countries until now, this "Round MARU" series was developed as a product for domestic use this time.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
I realized the best comfort for the Japanese people. Beautiful form and comfortable sharpness, boasts of design.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
The cake knife delivered from this series this time is a beautiful slender blade which gently curved, it is a superior one which can clean beautifully without squashing the soft sponge / roll cake and tart etc softly. It is recommended as an item that adds flowers to a home party, as well as comfortable sharpness. When sharpness falls, use the included sharpening ticket in the box, and usually do not do it at other companies, sharpening the wave blades is also possible.

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Introduction of "WAG NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ

Production area of ​​the world's three largest cutters, Gifu prefecture · Seki city

Gifu Prefecture · Seki, Gifu Prefecture · Seki-shi, which is rich in old quality grinding soil and pine charcoal, blessed with clean water of Nagara river and Tsugawa river, ideal land for swordsmith. Excellent swordsmith gathers in this area from the Kamakura period. In the Muromachi era, the swordsmen exceed 300 people and the sword of Seki who is said to be "not broken, does not bend, will shred well" will spread its name across the country. Many famous swords were born in the world of warfare in the Warring States period, and that unparalleled sharpness was loved by many warlords. Since then Seki prospered as a place of production of sword, born in this place, and the outstanding traditional technique nurtured over 700 years has been handed down to the modern swordsmith and cutlery industry. Today, it is also counted as the world's third largest cutlery, and is famous as a knife disposer where a number of knife makers line up eaves.

Original brand born from the tradition of Seki "Waga NAGOMI"

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
Samsung knife handling "WAG NAGOMI" brand was established in Meiji 6 in Gifu prefecture · Seki city. In Samsung knives, we have utilized the traditional techniques of sword-wielding inherited in Seki, produced products of many blade manufacturers from various countries in Europe for a long time, accumulated enormous know-how. The original brand "NAGOMI" is reflected in its technological capabilities. It has been very popular mainly in Europe and the United States. In the name "Wadaga Nagomi", a wish to put a wish to put a smile full of lifestyle is always put in a family that surrounds the dishes made with this kitchen knife gentle and healthy.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
The composition of various ingredients of the blade material, from the many steps to prepare the material from the molecular structure level by the temperature difference, until the last sharpening by "master", the "WAG NAGOMI" brand is luxuriously polite with time and effort It is made in.

"WAG NAGOMI" to one that can be used long in Japanese homes

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
"Maru MARU" is a series developed from this "Wagon Nagomi" brand, thought to be a kitchen suitable for Japanese. It is designed with the theme "Japanese modern" so that you can see it nicely in any kitchen at home. This series features a beautiful form and comfortable sharpness. In addition to the ease of use, ingenuity is done in every place.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ パン切り

Beautiful handle familiarly in hand, beautifully processed smoothly
 The part of the handle that becomes a hand grip is a smooth shape with no step with excellent grip feeling. It is a soft form with beautiful curves. It is thought out to fit the hands of the Japanese people, passed through many processes, one by one is handed to craftsmen's hand work, and it is made carefully.

"Wagaku NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series | Product list

"Waka NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series of cake knife

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
The cake knife of "Maru MARU" is a beautiful slender form that gently curved and draws a lot of eyes. Fluffy soft cake sponge and contents filled roll cake are cleanly cut without crushing. Meanwhile, in the cake a relatively hard tart fabric and so on are surprised and blades pass through.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
Not to mention the comfortable sharpness of course, its beautiful curves are sure to add flowers to the home party and special anniversary places you want to celebrate with the cake.

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How to care and precautions for use

How to Care

  • · After use, please remove dirt and wipe off moisture well.
    If there is dirt left or moisture is not fully wiped off, it will cause rust.
  • · When sharpness falls, please return to Samsung cutlery using the free sharpening ticket included in the box in the box.
    I will sharpen it.

Precautions for use

  • · Do not put in force while putting your fingers or palm directly on the back of the kitchen knife.
    There is a risk of hurting your fingers and palm at the corners of the back.
  • · When cutting hard objects such as bone meat and frozen foods, please use special kitchen knife.
  • · Do not use on hard objects such as metal or stone. It may cause damage.
  • · When using first, rinse thoroughly with a dish detergent, such as sponge and rinse well.
  • - Do not put it in a microwave oven or an oven range and dry it.

It is also pleasing for gifts

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
"Kaze NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series kitchen knife is packed in a nice box with a heavy, luxurious feeling. Even as a gift to those who are important, we are pleased with everyone. It is ideal for gifts for those who like cuisine, sticking food dishes.※ The photo is Sanfuku kitchen knife, but we also send the cake knife in the same gift box.

Size / specification

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ
Size: Total length 260 mm, blade length 155 mm, handle length about 95 mm, peak thickness 1.5 mm Weight: Approximately 75 g Material: Blade / 440 A molybdenum steel (HRC hardness: 58), handle part / stainless steel inlaid with laminated reinforced wood Producing countries: Japan Prefecture · Seki City)
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ ケーキナイフ