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Samsung Blade|"sum NAGOMI"Maru MARU series gingko cutting Board large


Samsung Blade|"sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series gingko cutting Board (large) is The Cutlery Department and of the famous Gifu・Seki City Cutlery based on the tradition of utilizing high technology in addition to...

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Samsung Blade|"sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series gingko cutting Board (large) is

The Cutlery Department and of the famous Gifu・Seki City Cutlery based on the tradition of utilizing high technology in addition to the luxury of time and a lot of time and effort, some "Japanese NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series. From this series,The Knife's sharpness lasts, the blade and the Ginkgo material using a cutting Board comes in.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
Ginkgo(Ginkgo biloba)Wood is antibacterial and excellent, or a thick cutting Board will stand it in as fast as they can be directly mounted on the moulding machine for quick drying and space saving,very hygienic. This product is a"large"size (length 35cm x 25cm)and more. Small size if you wish,"Gingko cutting Board (small) (length 30cm x 18cm)"Please visit.


"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series introduction

The tradition was born from the original brand"Japanese NAGOMI"

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
"The sum NAGOMI"brand to get the Samsung blade, the three blades of the region,Gifu Prefecture Seki City in Meiji 6 years in the business. About the older more famous Swords of the region are thriving as you can. In this area, born 700 years from nurtured excellence tradition and technology of modern swordsmith and Blade industry have been passed down from generation to generation. Samsung cutting tool is,the inherited sword Smith of tradition and technology, a long time Western countries a lot of the Cutlery manufacturers of products,a huge expertise has been accumulated. Its technical capabilities are exhaustively reflected that of the original brand"Japanese NAGOMI"is. The mainly Western countries in great popularity. "The sum NAGOMI"with the name of this knife is made with dishes surrounding the family is always kind-hearted healthy smile, full of lifestyle and more,and the hope of it.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
The blade material of the various components of the configuration, the temperature difference depending on a molecular structure level from the material to adjust a lot from the process, "the grandmasters"by the end of sharpening, ranging from the"sum NAGOMI"brand is a luxury in the time and effort to carefully enjoy them.

"The sum NAGOMI"in Japanese in the home can be used for a longer one to

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
"Maru MARU", this"sum NAGOMI"brand from the Japanese Fit kitchen knife,believed to developed series. Home in any kitchen, and look very nice as“Japanese modern”theme set. Beautiful form and a pleasant sharpness,sharpening and features of this series are the property of their respective owners, and provide a variety of ideas have been.

"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series ... asthma product list

"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series of the gingko cutting Board (large)

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
"The sum NAGOMI""Maru MARU"series of the gingko cutting Board (large), the Ginkgo wood used.

Gingko cutting Board is better and why?

From the old Board is a great and professed cooks, we also love being of the Ginkgo tree Board. Ginkgo is made for chopping,the blade the IS and of the knife blade, damage to,and around the world. The cutting Board is your to the surface incision is about, such as plastic cutting Board, if that gaping wound in the back of the dirt and sand left on it, a knife, the sharp blade of the blade is the wear time. This is the knife the sharpness of the earlier loss as the cause of it.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
On the other hand, the Ginkgo tree is moderately soft, elasticity and resilience to excellent. Therefore, the wood itself has on the back the power to work, the knife and deep cuts are to survive this. Also, the long use and pieces of it flake off and fall to the only dirt you're not. So, off the back of the eye into the dirt in the knives wear, without knife wounds to make a cutting Board in it less.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
Besides, gingko cutting Board oil is reasonable because the water and quickly dried and the nature of it. Thick cutting Board in an upright place, the faster can be dried of as well. Furthermore, the deodorizing effect and antibacterial and antifungal action due to the very hygienic to use.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
Solid wood is a refreshing scent of wood, smooth to touch,beautiful grain. Long used carefully I want to make you feel like your Board. 【Ginkgo learn about the scent of nature, using trees as Ginkgo specific aroma is available. Get started with the aroma is strong and may feel 2 weeks or so and gradually weakened it. ※ Because we use a natural wood,wood grain, color, etc. the photo and are subject to change without notice.


Cutting Board care instructions

  • ・After use, dishwashing detergent or soap to wash well,drain off the water and then dry with the cloth and gently wipe, then dry well please.
  • ・1 ~ 2 times a week of sunlight disinfection is recommended.
    On one side the sun around 2 to 3 hours, and the surface is dry from too?
    Sunlight disinfection is not possible, boiling water disinfection is also fine. Regularly disinfecting the mold and blackheads with it.
  • ・Mold and food application,kitchen knife of the service, etc. if the stains citric acid is a clean.

Please note

  • ・Cleanser, do not use. The abrasive particles of the grain into the knife blade is damaged.
  • ・Dishwasher and tableware dryer do not use. Warping, twisting, cracking, etc. may occur.

Size / specifications

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)
Size: length 35cm,side 25 cm, thickness 3cm weight: about 1,200 g ingredients: Ginkgo (Ginkgo) country of Origin: Japan (Gifu Prefecture, Seki City)
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(大)