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Samsung knife | "Waga NAGOMI" Maru MARU series Ginkgo cutting board small


Samsung knife | "WAG NAGOMI" "MARU MARU" series What is the cutting board of small ginkgo (small) "Japanese NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series made with luxurious time and time spare time,...

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Samsung knife | "WAG NAGOMI" "MARU MARU" series What is the cutting board of small ginkgo (small)

"Japanese NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series made with luxurious time and time spare time, in addition to high technical skill, making full use of the tradition of knife making in Gifu prefecture · Seki city famous as knife disposal. From this series, cutting boards that use cutting edge ginkgo materials to sustain sharpness of kitchen knife are the emergence of chopping boards.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
Wood of ginkgo (gingko) is excellent in antibacterial effect, thick cutting board can be put upright so it can be dried quickly, it is very hygienic. This item is "small" size (length 30 cm × width 18 cm) will be. If you would like a larger size,"Ginkgo cutting board (large) (length 35 cm × width 25 cm)"please look at.

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Introduction of "WAG NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series

Original brand born from the tradition of Seki "Waga NAGOMI"

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
Samsung knife handling "WAG NAGOMI" brand was established in Meiji 6 in Gifu prefecture · Seki city, the production center of three large cutlery. Seki has been prosperous as a place of production of swords from old days. Born in this place, the outstanding traditional technique nurtured over 700 years has been handed down to the modern swordsmith and cutlery industry. In Samsung knives, we have utilized the traditional techniques of sword-wielding inherited in Seki, produced products of many blade manufacturers from various countries in Europe for a long time, accumulated enormous know-how. The original brand "NAGOMI" is reflected in its technological capabilities. It has been very popular mainly in Europe and the United States. In the name "Wadaga Nagomi", a wish to put a wish to put a smile full of lifestyle is always put in a family that surrounds the dishes made with this kitchen knife gentle and healthy.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
The composition of various ingredients of the blade material, from the many steps to prepare the material from the molecular structure level by the temperature difference, until the last sharpening by "master", the "WAG NAGOMI" brand is luxuriously polite with time and effort It is made in.

"WAG NAGOMI" to one that can be used long in Japanese homes

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
"Maru MARU" is a series developed from this "Wagon Nagomi" brand, thought to be a kitchen suitable for Japanese. It is designed with the theme "Japanese modern" so that you can see it nicely in any kitchen at home. This series of beautiful form and comfortable sharpness, easy to sharpen, has been devised in various ways considering ease of use at various places.

"Wagaku NAGOMI" "Maru MARU" series | Product list

"NAGOMI" "Cutting Board of Gingko in Small MARU" Series

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
"NAGOMI", "MARU MARU" series ginkgo cutting board (small) uses ginkgo's wood.

Why is the ginkgo cutting board good?

It is said to be the best chopping board for a long time, and is a chopping board of the ginkgo tree which is loved also by professional chefs. It is said that the chopping board made of ginkgo is gentle with the blade, hard to damage the blade of the kitchen knife. While cutting boards are used cuts will be cut, in the case of cutting boards such as plastics, dirt and sand will remain behind the scratches of the scratches and the sharp edges of the kitchen knife will hit them, causing the blades to wear I will do it. This will cause the sharpness of knives to be damaged quickly.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
On the other hand, the ginkgo tree is moderately soft and excellent in elasticity and resilience. For that reason, the force that the tree itself brings back works, and deep cuts due to kitchen knife are hard to remain. Also, when used for a long time, that part will peel off and dent, but there will be no dirt accumulation. Therefore, because the kitchen knife does not wear out due to dirt or the like that got in the back of the cut, it is hard to damage the kitchen knife, so it is rare for the cutting board to damage the cutting edge.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
Besides, the chopping board of the ginkgo has the property that drainage is good and dries quickly because oil is moderate. Since thick cutting boards can stand upright, it is also a nice place to dry more quickly. In addition, it has excellent deodorant effect and antibacterial / antifungal action, so you can use it very hygienically.
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
Unique solid wood, fresh scent of wood, smooth touch, beautiful grain. It is a cutting board that makes me want to use it carefully for a long time. 【About the fragrance of ginkgo】 Because it uses natural trees, there is a scent peculiar to ginkgo. Although it may feel that the fragrance is strong at the beginning of use, gradually weakening as it passes 2 weeks passes.※ Since you are using natural wood, it may differ slightly from photos such as wood grain and color taste.

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Care of cutting board

  • · After use, wash well with dishwashing neutral detergent and soap, cut off the water, gently wipe with a dry cloth etc, then dry thoroughly.
  • · We recommend disinfection of the sun for 1 or 2 times a week.
    Apply one sided to the sun for about 2 to 3 hours, please capture when the surface dries.
    If you can not disinfect with Nikko, you can also disinfect hot water. By regular disinfection it is difficult to add mold and darkening.
  • · If you get dirty with mold, food stuff, rust of kitchen knife etc, please remove dirt with citric acid.

Precautions for use

  • · Please do not use cleanser. Particles of the abrasive enter the grain of wood, damaging the blade of the kitchen knife.
  • · Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer. It may cause warping, twisting or cracking.

Size / specification

三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)
Size: length 30 cm, width 18 cm, thickness 3 cm Weight: about 760 g Material: Gingko (ginkgo) Producing country: Japan (Gifu prefecture · Seki city)
三星刃物 |「和 NAGOMI」丸 MARUシリーズ 銀杏のまな板(小)