Robert Herder (Roberto Heada) bread knife KB / plum TheFamous German Robert Herder as a "knife of the windmill" (Roberto Heada) company. By traditional methods that have been handed down...

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Robert Herder (Roberto Heada) bread knife KB / plum The

Famous German Robert Herder as a "knife of the windmill" (Roberto Heada) company. By traditional methods that have been handed down for many years in the land of Solingen, Germany, by the hand of the craftsman, one by one, is carefully handcrafted bread knife "KB" series. Stunning sharpness that bran thought thoroughly to cut the bread. From soft bread to hard bread, you can cut surprisingly smoothly. Enough to adorable off beautifully without stress even when slicing a loaf of bread. The hand has a rounded using the natural wood of the plum. To familiar with the hand nicely, adorable design. This item is, in the line-up of Roberto Heada's bread knife, is the type of moderate length of the handle.

Robert Herder (Roberto Heada), Inc. The

Roberto Heada, Inc. was founded in the land of Solingen, Germany in 1872. World-knife brand known to its name with a knife making. The motto "good knife is a hand-made", by traditional methods that have been handed down for many years, in the hand of the craftsmen we are one blade with one. Blade of a cross-section craftsmanship has produced is thin as possible, boasts exceptional sharpness. In addition, the smooth luster of the sharp blade with a surface to achieve by tradition backed the blade with the technology, the people referred to as a "knife of the windmill", it has been popular for many years. In addition, Roberto Heada's knife, received a high evaluation in its design, and has won numerous design awards in Europe.

Sharpness in pursuit of bread, Well Rui possession of natural wood

Until the hard bread from soft bread. Stress-free cut

When cutting the bread, I want to thinly slice, Kusha from the softness of the body, difficult to cut a Pecha, and cut put the forced power there, or there is no experience that the cross section is in tatters .... Those concerns, the bread knife is for us to solve. Blade is by tradition method of Solingen, Germany, it has been handmade by one by one craftsman. Also it features anything, its thinness. Thinly as possible the blade of a cross-section technique has created the craftsman, boasts exceptional sharpness precisely because thin. Excellent and the more resilient and bend with your fingers, and there is also a strong and durable. This thin blade, from the soft bread to hard bread, you can cut surprisingly smoothly. Even when slicing the bread, beautiful cross-section, stress off without, in the feeling of use will be with the adorable.
Indeed, a tool that survived thinking that cut the bread. Praised first-class chefs and specialty stores of Germany, is the sharpness of the evaluation is high for also convincing from a professional.

One by one, carefully decorated with sharpening

Sharp-edged thin blade is, by kind exceptional sharpening of technology have called a tradition that has continued to protect from the old days in Solingen, Germany "Zollinger-Deyunshurifu", to handle part, will be firmly inserted. Thus, even with a thin blade, rattling and caused by the movement of the blade from the possession and continue to use, less likely to be missing such as accidentally happening, you can receive your frequently a long period of time with confidence.

I'm happy to go familiar with the hand enough to use, Well Rui possession of natural wood

The possession, we use the natural plum tree using the old tree in the orchard. This tree by cutting rather than Maaru, was trimmed to fit nicely in the hand. Because they use the natural wood, the texture of the tree also changes as you use it, you can enjoy even in the eyes. I think that your serving as a kitchen and dining lovely interior tool.

Size / Specifications

Size: total length 356mm, blade length 225mm Material: rice cake hand portion / plum tree, blade / stainless steel producing countries: Germany

Notes on use

For-rice cake hand portion is the use of natural wood, wood grain is different one by one. Please note. • Since the blade is very thin, when sharpening Please note. Without the use of a sharpener to sharpen, to recommend that you use a grinding wheel.
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