Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 60g, Premium Grade from Uji Kyoto - JAS Organic, Radiation Free, Made in Japan

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 60g, Premium Grade from Uji Kyoto - JAS Organic, Radiation Free, Made in Japan


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Organic Uji Matcha Green Tea Loose Leaf

Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

KAWASHIMAYA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is a premium grade grounded green tea powder from Uji, Kyoto. It has acquired organic JAS Certification so you can be sure that this tea is cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The highest-grade matcha available, perfect for making traditional matcha with divine taste and abundant nutrients. Enjoy the 100% grounded first harvest green tea with vivid green, authentic, rich & mellow taste. Organic certified & tested for radiation-free tea. Originated from Uji, Kyoto.


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Safe Organic Tea Leaves So You Can Rest Assured

Since powdered tea devours whole tea, we definitely recommend organically certified tea leaves that are safe and secure. Our powdered tea uses tea leaves that have acquired organic certification in a misty mountain tea garden in Ujitawara Town, Kyoto.

Since around 1972, we have been engaged in pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizer cultivation. You can use it confidently since we are harvest and manufacture from pesticide-free tea fields cultivated with excellent care.

Quality Green Tea Checked by Japanese Tea Specialist


Every tea product by Kawashimaya is controlled by an authorized Nihoncha Specialist (Japanese Tea Specialist). It is an official professional qualification in Japan to master tea's manufacturing process, classify the quality tea leaves, and be particular about brewing delicious tea.

We monitor the tea's quality and quantity to ensure you can fully enjoy the genuine Japanese Green Tea.

100% cultivated and packed in Japan.

Difference Between Matcha and Powdered Green Tea

Let's make it simple. It is the difference in the tea that is the raw material. Matcha is powdered Tencha (tea leaves used for matcha), and Powdered Green Tea is Powdered Sencha (commonly drunk).

In the first place, Tencha is a dedicated furnace for steaming tea leaves picked in a covered garden (covering the tea plantation 20 days or more before harvesting the tea leaves, blocking sunlight, and condensing the umami ingredients to improve the color and taste). Tencha is the one that has been carefully dried and carefully selected, and Matcha is the one that is ground into powder.

Matcha and Powdered Green Tea

Powdered green tea is made by steaming tea leaves that have grown and grown in the sunlight, without shading like tencha, and then gradually heating and kneading them to make sencha.

Matcha is rich in theanine, which is a delicious ingredient by stopping photosynthesis, while powdered green tea is rich in catechin by photosynthesis. Matcha is a little more expensive in terms of price because it takes time and effort to produce than others.

Organic Matcha

Our matcha is carefully cultivated and produced in our garden tea plantation in Kyoto Prefecture, and we carefully grind "Tencha" over time. Matcha, which is colorful and has good foaming, can be used as a light tea for the tea ceremony, easily mixed and drunk, or sweets such as cookies and cakes.

Organic Uji Matcha

In addition, we have obtained overseas organic certification, and it has been very well received by EU customers who are in high demand for healthy foods for beauty and health.

Organic Powdered Green Tea

Our powdered green tea is manufactured by carefully crushing sencha and kabusecha, which are carefully cultivated and produced in our garden tea plantation in Kyoto Prefecture.

Tea served in Kyusu leaves about 70% of the tea leaves and is thrown away, but powdered green tea drinks whole tea leaves, so you can get 100% of nutrients, and it is rich in catechins, vitamins, and dietary fiber, and beauty. It is great for your health as well.

Organic Powdered Green Tea

It is an environmentally friendly product because it can be easily made by simply adding hot water (or water), and no tea leaves are produced. You can easily enjoy each idea at any time, such as yogurt or tempura salt, as an accent for cooking and sweets.

To drink, add half a teaspoon (0.5g-0.8g) of powdered green tea to one cup of hot water (about 100cc) and stir until there are no lumps.

Comparative Chart of Kawashimaya's Japanese Tea

Matcha Powder (Ceremonial Grade)

Matcha Powder (Ceremonial Grade)
  • Raw Ingredient: Organic green tea
  • Best for: Prepare with bamboo whisk for traditional tea ceremony matcha
  • How to Brew: Whisk 1.5g matcha powder with 70ml hot water (80℃) until frothy
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • USDA & JAS Organic Certified:
  • Radiation-free Inspection:

Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf

Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf
  • Raw Ingredient: Organic green tea
  • Best for: Hot, ice, and cold brew tea
  • How to Brew: Steep 2-3g Sencha tea with 60ml hot water (80℃) for 60 seconds.
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • USDA & JAS Organic Certified:
  • Radiation-free Inspection:

Genmaicha Loose Leaf

Genmaicha Loose Leaf
  • Raw Ingredient: Organic green tea, Organic roasted brown rice
  • Best for: Hot, ice, and cold brew tea
  • How to Brew: Steep 2-3g Sencha tea with 60ml hot water (90℃) for 60 seconds.
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • USDA & JAS Organic Certified:
  • Radiation-free Inspection:

How To Brew Matcha Green Tea

  1. If you use bamboo whisk, dip the bamboo whisk in hot water in a bowl to soften it.

  2. If the matcha powder is clumpy, use a small strainer to sift the matcha.

  3. Add 1~1.5g of matcha powder to the bowl.

  4. Pour 70ml hot water to the bowl. The water temperature should be 75°C~85°C (167°F~185°F)

  5. Whisk front and back fastly with a bamboo whisk until frothy. You can also use a milk foamer to mix.

  6. Remove the big foam bubbles from tea. Delicious matcha is ready to be served.

How to Enjoy Matcha Green Tea Powder

Uji Matcha Powder

Matcha green tea powder can be enjoyed in so many ways. You can mix it with water and drink as it is, or you can upgrade your dessert by adding green tea flavor with this matcha powder.

Looking for inspiration for your matcha recipe?

We proudly present a variety of creative recipes on our blog that you can use as a reference. Kindly refer to our recipes below for a variety of interesting matcha recipes!

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Matcha Health Benefits

Matcha Health Benefits
  1. 1 cup matcha nutrients equivalents to 10 cups of green tea

  2. 137 times more antioxidants (catechins) than green tea

  3. Active amino acids (L-thianine) that give relaxation, focus & calming effects

  4. Chrolophyll & Caffeine for excellent energy source

  5. Natural detox for our body

  6. Zero-calorie tea that boosts metabolism and burns fat, ready to support your healthy diet

Find Out More About Matcha

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Customer's Voice

Following are the Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder reviews from our beloved customers on Amazon.

Perfect matcha!

I’ve been ordering matcha for a while now. Mostly organic from Japan. This one is just fantastic. Delicious, no bitter after taste. You probably wont even need to sugar at all. I like mine both and hot. I personally think, green tea latte is one of the greatest gift you can give yourself. Don’t forget to try it as ice cold! My all time favorite. At our cafe, I always go for ice matcha latte and now I am being able to do the same thing at home. Yummm!!!

I will absolutely recommend you to get this brand. Im already telling everyone whom I talk to. I love it!
(NJ Product Reviews)

Premium Organic Uji Japanese Match Green Tea Powder-30 Gms. Sweet, Vegetal Taste

I love tea and the benefits of green tea are becoming more widely recognized by nutritionists. This is a top quality resealable Premium Organic Matcha Japanese Green Tea Powder. The Japanese have cultivated and used green tea for millennia. They have very strict standards which is reassuring when I quaff a lovely bright green cup of this fresh, vegetal almost sweet green tea. The freshness date is there (30/09/22) and reassuring. This tea powder whisks to a bright green frothy tea that is lovely.

Although this can be used to make a green tea latte if one wishes, it is intended to be used by itself. I recommend buying Matcha Tea in small sizes and refrigerating it once opened to keep the freshness and antioxidant potency at a peak. I really loved this tea for the fresh taste. No green tea bag can compare!

I Highly Recommend this KAWASHIMAYA Brand Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Premium Ceremonial Grade First Harvest from Uji Kyoto - USDA & JAS Certified, Radiation Free, Made in Japan by Kawashimaya 1.06oz (30g). Lovely Japanese Matcha Tea for my daily use!

I hope you’ve found the information and my review helpful.
(David Rocks)

Finely powdered, umami predominant

This matcha doesn't come with brewing instructions, so I mixed half a teaspoon with eight ounces of water at 180 degrees, and shook well.

The tea has the nori flavor/scent that I associate with good matcha. There is some fresh grassy taste (not the slightly aged "vegetal" one sometimes finds). There is minimal bitterness.

The matcha powder is fine and suspends well. The liquid is a bright jade green.

Nice stuff.

A Story From Our Tea Manufacturer

Tea Farmer
A Story From Our Tea Manufacturer "We started earnestly working on organic farming in the year 1975”

Organic farming takes a lot of time and effort. Our tea manufacturer in Uji, Kyoto, has been working hard to keep the tea quality for more than 20 years and has been working on organic farming ever since 1975. They are very proud of the cultivation.

One day in the summer of 1972, the current head of the tea farm collapsed in the tea plantation when he was spraying the pesticide. The doctor said that if he keeps spraying the pesticide in hot weather with light clothes, eventually, he could damage his liver.

With health in mind, our tea farmer decided to make organic, pesticide-free tea cultivation and doesn't use any chemical fertilizer. They have been putting effort and successfully cultivating their tea organically ever since through trial and error.

Product Details
Ingredients Green Tea
Quantity 60g
Place of Origin Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Storing Guide Store in a cool and dry place before and after opening. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Freshness is important in tea. Please consume after opening as soon as possible.
Organic Uji Matcha Powder

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