What is Organic Guava Tea Tea Pack (Fukueda Orchard Kagoshima Prefecture)Leaves of Guava which is cultivated without Tokushinjima pesticide / chemical fertilizer are dried naturally by sun drying,To make it...

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What is Organic Guava Tea Tea Pack (Fukueda Orchard Kagoshima Prefecture)

Leaves of Guava which is cultivated without Tokushinjima pesticide / chemical fertilizer are dried naturally by sun drying,To make it easy to use, we made 3 g tea packs.We will deliver the packaging in a vacuum condition so that fragrance and flavor, ingredients can be preserved.When opening the seal, the sweet smell of guava leaves smells fluffily. Put a bag in a cup of yakan (1.5 liter), boil and boil for 3 to 5 minutes with a low heat.It is cool even in the summer, and it is delicious if you break hot water whiskey etc in the winter. Guava leaves contain polyphenols characteristic of guava leaves called "Guava leaf polyphenols"It has an effect to moderate sugar absorption in the intestine.Because it is a very effective ingredient for dieting, it is recommended for those who have a lot of greasy meals or those who are on a diet.Since there is also an effect of suppressing the rise of blood sugar value, how about trying to drink one who is concerned about blood glucose level?Vitamin C is also abundantly included, so be sure for beauty as well. Please use natural cultivated guava tea every healthy everyday.

What is Guava?

Origin of guava is tropical America, and even in Japan it is cultivated in Okinawa, part of the Kagoshima region.History is old, in the ancient Inca "priestess" is done prized,In Okinawa and other places such as China and Taiwan, it has been regularly used as a high-class tea from long ago. A particularly useful ingredient is tannin, a polyphenol compound.It contains substances that work similar to the action of insulin used to treat diabetes,The effect of suppressing increase in blood glucose level after meals has been reported.


How to drink guava tea tea pack

Put a bag in a cup of yakan (1.5 liter), boil and boil for 3 to 5 minutes with a low heat.It is cool even in the summer, and it is delicious if you break hot water whiskey etc in the winter. An attractive "guava tea" that can take plenty of abundant nutrients of Guava leaves.If you say guava tea somehow I imagine the taste of the fruit part of the real part,Actually it is completely different from what you did.Basically it is very light and fragrance is not too tight.It can be said that there is not much such as things like refreshing and unique habits.It is a tea that does not make it difficult to keep it long because it is easy to drink.Moreover, because it is non-caffeine it is also recommended for children and those pregnant,It is also best before sleeping. It is recommended to use the watering roll after leaving it in a multi-purpose. Guava tea is recommended to be drunk before meals.Instead of drinking a cup before meal, I started drinking before meals,We recommend that you drink over time while drinking.In particular, rice and bread contain a lot of sugar.Please daily dinner with guava tea before meals ~ meal.

Active ingredient of guava leaves

Polyphenols (guava leaf polyphenols)The famous active ingredient of guava leaves is called "guava leaf polyphenol"It is a polymeric polyphenol characteristic of guava leaves.Weaken the work of digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates such as starch and sugar, so you can reduce the amount of glucose.Therefore, when drinking guava tea when eating a diet containing carbohydrates, absorption of sugar in the gastrointestinal tract becomes gentle,Increases in postprandial blood glucose levels can be suppressed. Guava leaf polyphenol has a function to control glucose absorption and control blood glucose level,It prevents a sudden rise or fall of blood sugar level. It is a component that is attracting attention also to diabetes countermeasures and diet.However, the effect is mild so there is no immediate effect like insulin.We recommend that you drink daily with the meaning of prevention of diabetes.Vitamin C, E, UGuava leaves contain 6 to 10 times the amount of vitamin C of oranges.In addition, because it also contains vitamin E ingredients,It is said that it will expand the blood vessels inside the skin and raise the metabolism and revitalize the skin with firmness.Both vitamins C and E are said to have a high skin beautification effect, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about beauty.Moreover, although I am not used to a bit, I also contain vitamin U ingredients.Because vitamin U suppresses secretion of gastric acid and promotes metabolism of gastric mucosa,It is expected to improve the condition of the stomach.


The efficacy of guava tea

Guava tea has the following four main effects. ● Suppress blood sugar increase● Diet support● Anti-aging (whitening)● Allergic measuresSuppress blood sugar rise... Guava leaf Polyphenols bind with digestive enzymes (such as puff amylase) in the intestine,Since it is possible to reduce the number of digestive enzymes destined for glucose degradation,The amount of glucose entering the blood decreases and it is possible to suppress the rise of blood glucose level.When you eat carbohydrates such as rice and confectionery and take guava leaf polyphenols together,The amount of glucose absorbed decreases and it is possible to suppress an increase in blood glucose level. Therefore,You can create a body that fat is easy to burn, not fat.Recommended for this: sugar is anxious. High blood sugar level and blood pressureDiet effect... sugar is converted into fat if accumulated too much, it will accumulate in the body.Guava leaves have the effect of suppressing absorption of sugar as described above, so it has the effect of making fat less apt to gather.In addition, because it can improve blood flow and increase metabolism by the action of suppressing cholesterol in the blood,It is said that the diet effect is high.Recommended for this: I take sugar too much. I am concerned about weight gain.Anti-Aging... Polyphenols abundantly contained in guava leaves have high antioxidant activity,It strongly repels active oxygen that causes aging.In addition, because Guava leaves contain abundant vitamin C, beautiful skin effect is also high,Anti-aging effect is said to be high.Recommended for people like this: aging is anxious. The condition of my skin is bad.Allergic measures... Since substances called "sesquiterpene" contained in guava leaves have an effect of suppressing allergic reactions,It is drawing attention as it is effective for allergies such as hay fever and atopy.In addition, extract extracted from powder dried leaves suppresses itching and substances that cause sneezing,It is said to have a function to suppress substances that are said to cause bronchial asthma symptoms.Recommended for this person: I am concerned about allergy symptoms. Itchy skin

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Points to note about organic guava tea tea pack

 Name Guava Tea Tea PackRaw material name Organic guava leaf (from Tokushinjima in Kagoshima prefecture)Internal volume 3 g × 15 bagsExpiration date stated in the itemHow to Save Avoid heat and humidity, please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.
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