About Harimaen Organic Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder (Can) 20g The top-quality, ceremonial grade matcha tea by Harimaen has a vivid bright color and mellow taste. Only uses...

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About Harimaen Organic Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder (Can) 20g

The top-quality, ceremonial grade matcha tea by Harimaen has a vivid bright color and mellow taste. Only uses the organic green tea plant that has been shaded-ground for more than 20 days to block the sunlight, thus increase the chlorophyll production and boosts the amino acid content to the tea leaves. The organic tea leaves are then carefully picked by hand and ground into a fine powder.

The colorful and foamy matcha is suitable to enjoy as a tea ceremony grade matcha. It can easily be mixed and drank or used to eat with sweets such as cookies and cakes.


Delivering the High-Quality, Organic Certified Matcha for Your Beloved Ones

Please rest assured because this matcha powder cultivated under Japanese Organic JAS Certification, USDA Organic Certification, and EU Organic Certification standards. So it is very recommended to be consumed for those who want to focus on beauty and health products.

Given the high-quality ingredients, consider having this matcha powder to give your guests the best Japanese-style hospitality or use it as a gift for your loved ones.


In Japan, we usually enjoy the ceremonial grade matcha with traditional Japanese sweets or with fruits. Please enjoy this high-quality matcha, too, by all means.

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Read our exclusive article about "matcha" and "Uji matcha."


Matcha Tea And Its Benefits: Why It Is Good For Your Health?
Matcha tea has been around for centuries in Japan's tea history. But in recent years, matcha tea has become increasingly popular not only because of its taste but because of its benefits for health And beauty effect.
This article will help to answer all your question regarding matcha tea.
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[High-Quality Matcha] Why Uji Matcha has Outstanding Quality Compared to Others?
Uji Matcha is very famous for outstanding, high-quality matcha products in Japan. Uji Matcha is a matcha tea cultivated in four prefectures such as Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, and Mie. However, Uji Matcha products can only be manufactured within Kyoto Prefecture by tea producers from Kyoto.
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What is Uji Matcha,
The Excellent Green Powder from Southern Kyoto, Japan

Uji Matcha is a matcha produce in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, which is well-known for its superior quality of tea from the 1100s. They are considered to have the highest quality of tea cultivation in Japan.


The following processes make uji matcha.

1. Hand-picked the uji green tea leaves.
About two weeks before tea picking, the leaves are covered by the so-called Yoshizu Tana that is a wide rack made by sandalwood so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight.
2. Steamed the picked tea leaves to prevent unevenless.
3. Dried the tea leaves.
4. Break the leaves into small pieces and gently remove the veins.
5. Spread and dry the leaves.
6. Gently grind the dried tea leaves with a stone mill into the finished matcha.


Amazing Benefits of Matcha


In recent years, matcha has become increasingly popular not only because of its taste but because matcha also has benefits for health and beauty effect. Because matcha is 100% finely grounded green tea leaves into a fine powder, it has lots of nutrients from other teas.

In fact, the nutrients in one cup of matcha are equal to 10 cups of green tea.

Here are some benefits of consuming matcha.

Health Benefit 1 Packed with Antioxidants


Matcha is rich in catechins, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) — one of the plant compounds in tea that act as natural antioxidants.

The antioxidants may prevent damage that caused by free radicals, therefore consuming matcha tea could lower the risk of several chronic diseases for your body. A study strongly propose matcha tea as a natural compound that could help to overcome cancer cell resistance to chemoteraphy.

Matcha tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than green tea. That is because every one cup of matcha tea was made with 1 gram of green tea leaf powder containing 143 mg total catechins.

Health Benefit 2 Gives Relaxation Effect


According to studies, the active amino acid (L-theanine) contained in matcha tea induces relaxation effect. L-theanine stimulates the alpha brain waves that could create deep mental relaxation.

This amino acid is responsible to give the umami flavor that becomes the characteristic flavor of tea.

Health Benefit 3 May Help You to Lose Weight


A study shows that drinking 4 cups of matcha tea in 24 hours can enhance fat oxidation by 18% during brisk walking in healthy females. Every one cup is made with 1 gram of matcha tea powder.

This proves that 4 cups of matcha tea’s composition is sufficient on the metabolic responses during exercise (*but please note that there are individual differences for matcha's maximum consumption limit per day due to its caffeine content).

So consuming matcha to start your day might make your workouts and diets more effective.

Health Benefit 4 Gives You Energy


Chlorophyll is a natural green pigment contained in all green parts of plants, including matcha tea.

As chlorophyll creates energy for the plant, they can provide energy to your body.

The energy does not get absorbed in the body but travels through digestive track instead. So it makes you fuller longer and prevent overeating.

Message from The Uji Matcha Producer - Harimaen

We have been doing organic tea cultivation for more than 20 years.

Before that, we took two full days to spray all the tea fields with pesticides. And so we were producing the general agriculture tea that sprayed with pesticide seven to eight times.

One Year in Showa 47Th Year, Summer -. I collapsed in the tea plantation when spraying the pesticide. The doctor said that if I keep spraying the pesticide in hot weather with light clothes like this, eventually I could damage my liver, or I can not ever drink any liquor.

That said, the pesticide will give a heavy burden on anyone who consumes any food with it.

Therefore, we decide to make organic tea cultivation that is pesticide-free and non-chemical fertilizer cultivation.


At first, we had a difficult time with organic cultivation. The harvested tea is decreasing, and other people told us that it is difficult to grow tea plants without pesticides.

But we keep doing the trials and errors for the sake of ourselves, our family, and people who continue to consume our product.

With this motive, our tree becomes more robust, and the harvest is gradually stabilized.



Harimaen Seicha's
Mr. Harima Yoshiyuki

I am satisfied to deliver this organic cultivation matcha powder to everyone. It is our pleasure to bring safe, healthy products for more than 10 years. Please enjoy Organic Uji Matcha that is carefully made without any pesticide cultivation.

How to Enjoy Uji Matcha Deliciously


The most traditional way to serve matcha powder. It is very condense but contains lots of nutrients. You could taste the rich and elegant taste of matcha like in the Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.
Cooking Time1minutes

 What to prepare

・Organic Matcha Tea Powder
2 tablespoons/2g
・80 degree celcius Hot Water
60 ml
・ Small bowl / tea bowl
・ Chakoshi (hand sifter) to mix the powder faster
・ Chasen (bamboo matcha whisk) to mix the matcha better.


Filter the powder with chakoshi.
Place 2 tablespoons of Organic Uji Matcha Powder to the bowl.
Add hot water and stirs it quickly with chasen.
Stir about 10-15 seconds.
Finished it with fine bubble. And the matcha is ready to serve.

Matcha Latte

Everyone's most favorite way to enjoy matcha. Who doesn't love to enjoy matcha with milk? You can also add honey as sweetener or cocoa powder at your own preference. Enjoy it hot or ice!
Cooking Time5minutes

 What to prepare

・Organic Matcha Tea Powder
2 tablespoons/2g
・80 degree celcius Hot Water
60 ml
・Streamed milk
・Honey (optional)
・Chasen (bamboo matcha whisk) to mix the matcha tea powder.


Sift matcha tea powder into a cup.
Melt matcha tea powder by adding 60ml of hot water, stirs the matcha quickly with chasen.
Pour 170ml of steamed milk into the cup.
Add melted matcha to the milk.
Sweetened it with honey (optional).
Matcha Latte is ready to serve.

Important Points on How to Store Tea

● Store in a cool and dry place before and after opening. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

● Freshness is important in tea. Please consume after opening as soon as possible.

● Any kinds of tea are susceptible and could change in quality due to temperature, humidity, and light. Please ensure to use an airtight container to store the tea after opening and store it in a cool, dark place.

● Tea leaves have the property of absorbing odors, so be careful of scents when storing them in the refrigerator. We recommend storing in the freezer for long-term storage, but be cautious of water droplets when taken out. However, it is best to drink as soon as possible so you can enjoy the freshness of the tea.

Product Details

Name Harimaen Organic Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder (Can)
Contents 20g
Raw Ingredients Organic green tea (Kyoto)
Production Area Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Expiration Date About 10 months
Preservation Method Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

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