Sakuranoen Sakura Black Tea (Koucha) 60 g

Serenely harvest, indulge in a gentle taste of Japanese Black Tea Pesticide-free・ From Kumamoto Prefecture "Sakuranoen" tackling the creation of tea for non-pesticide / fertilizer cultivation. It is an original...

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Serenely harvest, indulge in a gentle taste of Japanese Black Tea

Pesticide-free・ From Kumamoto Prefecture "Sakuranoen" tackling the creation of tea for non-pesticide / fertilizer cultivation. It is an original product of Japan, Japanese black tea which is easy to drink. It is a Nibancha or in other word the second flush that we made completely fermented without using any use chemical fertilizer or pesticide at all. Tea leaves are picked from the same tree as green tea. This tea is the main blend of Yabukita and the native species. Compared to foreign-made tea, even when drinking it on its own, there is sublte sweetness, that end up with a gentle and smooth taste. It is very classy to drink tea. Even as an iced tea, it is delicious.

In the land of nature-rich Minamata

Sakuranoen is located in Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture, surrounded by nature. Since the opening of the 2nd year of Showa era, it has been handed down to the present generation that continued to value the traditional native species. With the idea that tea will be a blissful connection between people, the tea making has been handled by a conscientious family.

No pesticide / chemical fertilizer cultivation

"Sakura tea" is cultivated in pesticide-free chemical fertilizer in this tea plantation at Sakuranoen. It is a cultivation method that has been practiced from the thought that things are more familiar to nature and even for our body.

Thorough fermentation of the same tea leaves as green tea

The tea leaves are picked from the same tree as the green tea cultivated in Sakuranoen. The type of tea is distinguished by the time of tea picking, size, manufacturing process, and finishing process. "Sakura black tea" is made by completely fermenting through nibancha (the second flush raised without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Gentle taste, faint sweetness

"Sakura tea" is the main blend of indigenous "Yabukita" and native species. Compared with foreign-made tea which many claims to have a strong fragrance or taste, this Japanese tea have a very gentle taste. Even without sugar or any mixture, there is subtle sweetness, less astringency, very easy to drink tea. From the name "Sakura tea", some people think that“Sakura tea” has the scent of cherry blossoms, but in contrast cherry blossoms are not included at all. Sakura black tea is the product that named after "Sakuranoen".
“Sakura black tea” is made with care by human hands without using any agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers. It is an organic tea that you can consume safely with a piece of mind. Please enjoy it once.

Product Details

raw materials Fermented tea
Internal capacity 60 g
Producing area Kumamoto Prefecture
Preservation method Avoid high temperature and humidity, please note the lingering scent after opening

How to brew delicious "Sakura black tea"

Temperature: 100 cc of hot water per cup Amount of tea leaves: 1 teaspoonful Steaming time: 1st cup / 15 sec, 2nd, 3rd cup / 10 sec ※ In case of brewing at once: tea leaf / 3g, hot water / 300cc, Time / 2 minutes 【When you enjoy with iced tea】 Change only the amount of tea leaves on the above recipe to 2 cups or less, combine 1 to 3 cups, pour onto 200 g of ice

Product line-up

Tea for "Sakurano Garden" is available in a wide range of sencha (green tea), houji tea (roasted green tea), black tea. Please choose according to your preference.

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