What is Organic Three Years Maturation Chauchi?Organic three-year maturation chaeba is made by Kyoto Uji tea garden "Harimaen garden tea"It is the highest grade 3 year old tea planted with...

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What is Organic Three Years Maturation Chauchi?

Organic three-year maturation chaeba is made by Kyoto Uji tea garden "Harimaen garden tea"It is the highest grade 3 year old tea planted with organic pesticide, chemical fertilizer.
Blended tea leaves and stem bars aged for about 3 years, and decoctioned just before shipment.It is perfect for when you want to relax with a refreshing and mild taste.Because caffeine is rarely included in the third year tea cup and there is no chilling of the bodyYou can enjoy pregnant and small children safely. Traditionally, a large amount of pesticide is used for tea cultivation.Harima continues to be said to be reckless from tea producer fellowsAfter over 20 years of trial and error I completed the finest tea by organic cultivation.
 Organic farming is a very troublesome weeding work,It takes a lot of work to grass the tea field in the summer.
 Please enjoy the exquisite tea that tea craftsmen have made fruit for a long time.It will be pleasing as a baby gifts and a comfort celebration because it is kind to the body.
* Organic JAS certified products


What is 3 years old tea ceremony?

Common tea such as Sencha, Tea ceremony, Hojicha etc. uses sprouts.On the other hand, the third year old tea did not use sprouts and grew for about three yearsIt is characterized by using oysters and old leaves.The harvested leaves and stems are stored for a long time at room temperature and aged.
 By going through a long period of aging period, stimulant components such as caffeine are broken downA fragrant and gentle taste is born.
Even if you are the first time tea ceremony for 3 years, so that you can enjoy 3 years old tea with confidenceI will enclose the instructions for how to make tea ceremony for three years free of charge.

三年番茶 レビュー


How to drink tea ceremony for three years

【When you are in a teapot】Put tea leaves in teapot about 5 ~ 8g,Pour boiling water. Let's keep it for 2-3 minutes.Keep the teapot so that there is no remaining hot water, as evenly as possibleLet's pour out separately.Please adjust the amount of tea leaves as you like.
 【In case of kettle · pot】Put 1 liter of water into the kettle · pot,When it boils on the fire add 10 to 15 g of tea ceremony for 3 years,Boil down for 2-3 minutes with a low heat.Stop the fire if it becomes the darkness of your choice,Please remove tea shells and drink by tea strainer etc.(If tea leaves are put in a tea-leaf pack and boiled out, cleaning of tea shells is easy)
 【When drinking with ice】If you make the finished third year tea cold in the refrigerator,It will be delicious as an ice three year old tea.
 [Tips for drinking more delicious tea three years]In order to drink three years old tea more deliciously,It would be good to pay attention to water and kettles, ignition of boiling. 1. waterWater used for the third year tea is domestic natural water of tap water and soft water passed through a water purifierEtc. are recommended. Foreign mineral water of hard waterThere are too many minerals, so I do not turn it very much for the 3rd year old tea. 2. A kettleFor kettles that will boil three years old tea cereal, a pottery object such as a jar is recommended.You can eat delicious without spoiling the flavor. 3. IgnitionThe fire reduction when boiling the third year tea ceremony,First medium heat. When boiling, it is a point to boil down slowly with a low heat.Let's be careful as the flavor will fly when boiling lag.


Third year coffee raw material

  • Organic green tea tea leaves (Kyoto, Nara, Mie prefecture)

Message of the 3rd year coffee producer Harima Masumoto

It has been more than 20 years since I started cultivating organic pesticides for 3 years.Before that it took two whole days to spray all the tea plantations with pesticides,We have produced general cultivated tea that spread it seven to eight times a year. Also, spraying the pesticide was a heavy burden on the body.Showa 47 · In the summer, in self-park tea gardens himself collapsed during medicine spray during pesticide application,Doctor "If you continue to spray agricultural chemicals in light clothes during this hot day,It is said that the liver has trouble and you also have to stop drinking.Somehow thought that it is not possible to cultivate tea without pesticideI made a major decision to convert to non-pesticide-free chemical fertilizer cultivation.
 Initially the harvest drastically decreased, I regretted in some cases,While being told that my friends around me can not have tea with organic pesticide,"For the health of ourselves and our families to produce, and for those who drinkI will fulfill this cultivation method "and,Although it could not be withdrawn later, a very severe period continued for a long time,Over the course of trial and error, the tea tree also became stronger gradually,The harvest has also become stable.
From last ten years ago it was finally comfortable and safe for consumers and around peopleIt was evaluated and converted to non-pesticide-free chemical fertilizer cultivationI am satisfied that it was good.有機三年番茶Harima-en Garden tea Harima Masumoto


How to drink healthier than three years old tea

【Umeshicha tea (Ume Sho-chan)】-effect-It enhances metabolism and has an effect to speed recovery from fatigue.It also improves anorexia, stomach pain, abdominal pain and so on. - How to make -· Place one piece of Umebosba in the cup together with the seed.· Add 1.5 to 2 teaspoons of soy sauce and 2 to 3 drops of ginger oyster juice· Crush Umeboshi with chopsticks· Take out the seeds of Umeboshi· Pour 3rd year old tea into the cup, stir it 【Sesame salt tea】-effect-Improvement of menstrual pain and insomnia - How to make -· 1 teaspoon of sesame salt in a glass· Pour 3 years coffee tea boiled


Three year coffee tea Key points of JAS standard

  • Do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years in production or manufacturing
  • Do not use gene recombination technology
  • Distinguish it from other general tea from tea field to processing and shipping, that it is recorded

Three years old tea About radiation test

Kawashima'sThree years old teaWe have already done radiation test.

 Radioactive substances were not detected.

 You can use it without any worries.


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