Houttuynia powder 100g (Kagoshima Prefecture natural grass - pesticides and chemical fertilizers not used) and isAnd carefully hand-picked the Houttuynia that carefree To grow up healthy in the mountains of...

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Houttuynia powder 100g (Kagoshima Prefecture natural grass - pesticides and chemical fertilizers not used) and is

And carefully hand-picked the Houttuynia that carefree To grow up healthy in the mountains of Kagoshima Satsuma-cho, was in easy-to-use powder in a dried and freeze-drying process. The Yamano grass contamination was naturally grew up without the life force of the sun is full. You can as it is taking a universal nutrients of Houttuynia. Of course, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used. Since the powder type, Oyuyamizu, drink to easily mix, such as milk. In addition, you can arrange freely depending on the idea.
Houttuynia is the panacea that has a lot of efficacy, also known as the houttuyniae (executive). Ancient times to try from China, was spread in Japan as a folk medicine. And a strong odor when the leaves, but it is easy to drink almost disappeared when drying and heating. The Houttuynia and detoxification, strengthening of blood vessels, pacing, stomach, improvement of swelling and poor circulation, prevention of arteriosclerosis and diabetes, has been that there is an effect of detox, such as. Further, if external leaves, acne prevention, whitening effect, atopic dermatitis improvement, etc. are to be different efficacy. Since it is a powder of the leaves of pesticide-free cultivation, it is possible to take the very best components of Houttuynia with peace of mind, you can compensate for the usually scarce nutrients.

Taste of Houttuynia powder

If the smell of Houttuynia is not good of the leaves is also seen many, but here there is a fragrant smell of slightly grass since it has completely dried in the sun, but there is no unpleasant smell. Such as smell and bitter taste is not, because there is no habit, it is perfect to drink every day as Houttuynia tea for health.

How to drink of Houttuynia powder

The you drink mix to your water or tea is the most easy and continued easy. - 1 teaspoon a little less than about placed in a cup as a warm Houttuynia tea, pour hot water, please drink from stir well. - cold tsp 1-2 a (2.5 ~ 5g) degree placed in a 1-liter your water as Houttuynia tea, please drink from stir well. - easy to drink mix, such as the drink of green tea everyday ※ This is an example, it does not matter if I have to adjust the amount of your choice. ※ intake is a measure of about one day 5g.

Freeze-dried and is

Freeze-drying is, the food and raw materials containing water rapidly frozen at minus 30 ℃ about, says that dried in a vacuum state after reducing the pressure. When in powder, usually but triturated were allowed to dry heat, nutrients Houttuynia will cause decreases when treated at high temperatures. However, since the freeze processing without high temperature treatment, not escape enzymes and nutrients, we smell can also be processed into powder almost intact. By this time taking this method, it is now possible to deliver to your hand nutrients and flavor significantly, without compromising that is included in the Houttuynia. In addition, excellent in restoration and solubility, in order to very soluble in water, it can easily drink.

The main efficacy of Houttuynia

Houttuynia is the herb that the Ministry of Health and Welfare has allowed and may be sold in pharmacies. Leaves not only, flowers and stems, it is all grass roots, etc. can be used. The tea of ​​Houttuynia, enzymes and chlorophyll (chlorophyll), flavonoids, and the active ingredient of minerals such as potassium, magnesium is included in the wealth. detoxification (detox) blood vessels to strengthen, prevent heart disease and high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis toning eliminate gastrointestinal constipation antioxidant action, to purify the aging of prevention blood, edema, poor circulation improvement of it is to be effective in such.

Tips of Houttuynia

Classification: piperales saururaceae Houttuynia Genus Scientific name: Houttuynia cordata English name: Lizard tail, Chameleon plant Origin: East Asia (in Japan Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu and the Ryukyu Islands), Southeast Asia such as plant classification: perennial plant height: 10 to 30 cm

Producer is of Hisashi Kayoko Kimoto

"We deliver from Satsuma-cho in Kagoshima. My mountain is the mountain of treasure. Was named the earth field. In addition to the familiar of herbal tea and konjac, such as chestnuts and persimmons are also shipped."

Houttuynia powder 100g - Notes (Kagoshima Prefecture natural wild grass pesticides and chemical fertilizers not used)

- stored at room temperature is possible, but please keep in place to avoid direct sunlight. Ingredients: Houttuynia (Kagoshima Prefecture) Contents: 100g Production: Kagoshima Satsuma-cho Manufacturer: Hisashi Kayoko Kimoto Shelf Life: Nikanshimashite natural therapy that uses a one-year Houttuynia have been introduced in detail with you and the health company Yuriko Tojo's books of you. Yuriko Tojo you and your health, Inc.The page here.
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